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  2. Basically it’s just one big bet on the roulette wheel using money he saved on the side. But like I said, he’s gonna find it all super uninteresting. Like is he really a fan of pro sports? He seems like a guy that likes athleticism, but not much else. ...And we gather anything from the past, he knows jackshit about the rules if you remember the RAW Bowl.
  3. I did like someone's suggestion of Maury Povich...
  4. From SI: McMahon offloaded 3,204,427 shares in the company at $84.87 each, meaning the sale netted him just under $272 million. The SEC filing says McMahon plans to invest the money in another company, Alpha Entertainment, which he created in 2017 when he began planning the relaunch of the XFL.Mar 28, 2019 Which means he has two years of complete disaster before he burns through that money. To your second point though, he's a billionaire and this is all funny money.
  5. Season 4 started today on Samurai TV. New episodes will air on the first and third Friday each month. Funny to see English and Japanese subtitles at the same time when Spanish is being spoken.
  6. If you don't I will. I almost watched it the other day but Shudder started acting up (as it has been doing, I hope it's just my laptop)
  7. I am starting to feel like I need to rewatch Best Worst Movie and bonus review it
  8. A friend of mine in Milwaukee got to see that, the lucky bastard. I caught the OG cut of Deep Red at the theater last year and found that I preferred it greatly to the extended one. A film I thought was kind of lackluster and drawn out immediately tightened up into a clockwork piece of suspense.
  9. BTW - Meltzer notes that due to visa and travel related things - a lot of the roster will be working their old brands when going to Australia
  10. Oh hey, Tales from the Crypt '72 is airing on AMC early next Friday morning, I think it said around 11 or so, maybe earlier. DVR that shit.
  11. Jurassic World had the benefit of being a four quadrant movie, PG-13 and playing in places like China where I'm sure it racked up a ton. It also has the benefit of 90s nostalgia like The Lion King and all these awful remakes that are being made. It also had the benefit of a monster opening weekend of $200M in the middle of the summer and summer weekdays which are always higher than October. People can say what they want but the box office run is impressive and it's going to be a contender during awards season, it won at Venice and finished 5th at TIFF while Phillips finished 2nd for directing at TIFF. Obviously a ton of people think this project worked.
  12. It is against the "unwritten rules of baseball" which was the original story came out was the point that Boone and the team made (you can have your own opinion of the unwritten rules but that is a different story) And if you think the Astros fans have never booed their own team - then you live in a different reality than I do. Or you could read this thread from last year about Stros fans constantly booed Ken Giles
  13. Stealing signs isn't against the rules. The Yankee fanbase is classless if they are going to boo their own team.
  14. Dezmond Xavier is the other guy doing the backflip. I don’t know who the guy sitting on the top rope is.
  15. BTW - I am cranky because I think we are now on Day 4??? in this town of WHO SHOULD THROW OUT THE FIRST PITCH BEFORE GAME 3????? Grr.... this fucking town.
  16. Houston is winning because they are the best team in baseball That doesn't negate my point which was that The Vile One clearly thinks Aaron Boone bitching about violations of the unwritten rules of baseball (which is a whole different pile of bullshit) is classless when the team he is rooting for was acknowledged breaking actual rules. (Or at a minimum - violating said unwritten rules of baseball) And I love how the new thing is to mock all fan bases for leaving blowouts early. Because all the Nats fans need to walk home next week because the missed the last train - otherwise be labelled as "not true fans"
  17. Every single person in that match is now on the SDL roster Or do you actually believe Charlotte is winning Which BTW - the WWE women bitching that Charlotte is going to win something on social media has become the modern day version of Foley's "cheap pop"
  18. This link below will explain: https://arrow.fandom.com/wiki/Earth-15
  19. I recognize Eli Drake but I don't recognize the other two people
  20. Today
  21. Despite having almost no memory of that movie, I'm pretty sure that post is sarcasm. But I genuinely can't tell.
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