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  2. I have a Redrix's Broadsword so I'm not worries about getting PR kills in the IB where I'm probably going to be one of the highest LL players in the match. Oh, don't even get me started. I was in an Ordeal Nightfall last week where I was the only player with Unstoppable Rounds on my Loud Lullaby HC and I also had Unstoppable Melee on my Dreambane Chest armor. The other team wasn't prepared and we wiped like five times in a row to the Unstoppable Ogre on the bridge at the very beginning of the Scarlet Keep strike. It was awful. I usually meet my maker when I am in a Control match trying to push and cap a zone. I start off with three or four players moving with me and I am under the foolish assumption that they're coming to assist.. Then suddenly no one is around to help me cap once I start engaging the other team.' I hate that shit. I never use the Heavy Drops if I don't plan on invading aka if I am wearing task specific armor in Gambit Prime that is not red. I save the purple for the guy going to the other side to make a mess. If Heavy drops from enemies that's perfectly fine, but winning GP matches depends on your team's ability to get rid of invaders and your own invader's ability to keep you in the match so I don't screw that up by grabbing dedicated heavy drops when I don't plan on invading.
  3. Get the Fuck Off my tv aka Shane McMahon heat
  4. Arrow is seemingly starting with Crisis right off the bat. Considering how that episode ended it will be interesting to see when the Flash team notices. Flash was fun though it will be even better when they start going all in on Crisis. Right now its bit more on the side though what we got was nice enough. That was easily the darkest scene they have done in Supergirl and one of the more disturbing moments we have seen in CW's DCU. It makes me even more curious to see how Lena's story is eventually settled because that felt like a moment they can't really come back from unless this all erupts before Crisis and Crisis alters shit.
  5. With the ALCS rainout today, there’ll be an ALCS game on FS1 on Friday night. Just to mess with ratings for that night a little.
  6. When it comes to Mike Kinnellis, if the guy is going to be miserable for the next five years, why not just let the guy go? It's not like the guy has so much untapped potential that a company like AEW would benefit off of WWE's loss. This guy isn't going to be a main guy in too many major places around the world. To me, it seems like the guy just wants to work more, so I say let him do it. Like others have said, if they want they can keep Maria around because it's clear she has always been the focus since they returned. Let him go and have fun working for ROH or Impact or MLW.
  7. “Studio wrestling TNA“ is probably an idea they should have considered for Impact Wrestling at some point. (Although to be honest, not every wrestling show in a TV studio has been considered studio wrestling... example: the Worldwide tapings from Orlando)
  8. The problem there is twofold: 1) The WWE roster is too good right now. Like, everyone on the roster, top to bottom, is just good enough, and the indies are just hot enough with enough landing places for talent, that even the very worst people on the roster have a fighting chance to make WWE rue the day they let those guys walk away. 2) Despite that, ultimately it goes down to even if everyone in the world has a Ph.D, the world will still need garbagemen. WWE has a really good roster filled with talented performers...but they still need someone to be the jobbers too. No matter how much talent you bring in, SOMEONE has to lose to all that talent- and eventually with a roster like this, it's going to be good talent losing these matches. If you capitalize on the potential for someone unhappy, then you have to make someone else be the jobber to lay down for that person, and then that new jobber will be unhappy, and it becomes musical chairs until you're either back to square one with the first unhappy people or you find someone willing to be the jobber. Even if you say "well, bring back jobber squashes", that helps at the beginning, but eventually you need a name vs. name match some time, and then you'll have to have the same decision of where they are on the totem pole.
  9. Robbie E. is in nxt as Robert Strauss. I take issue with Homicide and Kingston being labeled TNA castoffs. They were indy legends before they ever got to TNA. They didn't make their name in TNA/Impact, whereas the rest definitely did, save for Kennedy/Anderson.
  10. I don't think either of those dudes are inconsistent, that's what overwhelmingly average looks like. Kirk Cousins is inconsistent, those two dudes just aren't very good.
  11. Bad Juju worked well enough for me. The only annoying thing in Nightmare Hunts are the Unstoppable Ogres. I've yet to really need my Unstoppable HCs because those fuckers don't even feel the need to put up those shields like Barrier and Overload Champions. Hoping in vain is something that happens far too often to me in Crucible. I've had teammates who could have saved me and themselves by just turning the fuck around to help with the guy who eventually kills us both. This is why I generally avoid taking heavy ammo outside of the Primeval fights. Just doesn't seem sensible if you aren't invading. EDIT: Nothing helps getting over a loss quite like an overwhelming force/merc win.
  12. Fitz Magic is back And is starting against the Bills God bless the Dolphins
  13. Cheap heat is the only heat these days I'm afraid.
  14. Jericho still morphing into Michael Hayes slowly.
  15. Say “The House that Ruth Built has no roof built” five times fast.
  16. I don't think anyone is expecting FOX to get rid of Smackdown immediately but two weeks in and you can see the trajectory. Lost a million viewers last week and it was a draft show which are usually strong. I'd expect the number to fall further this week and we don't know what the floor is.
  17. It's such cheap heat and I wish they would find better ways to rile up the crowd (and who they're referencing doesn't help either) But I did like their trip to Mexico though the second match was a bit on the boring side for me. I would dare say that Selina and Josef's backstage bit was by far my favorite part of the show. It's stuff like that I just adore and I can't wait to see how this plays out leading up to the PPV.
  18. Today
  19. Usually ROH uses their YouTube channel for old matches, to advertise their subscription service. But they put the Taven vs Rush World Title match up on there right soon after it happened. Any thoughts as to why?
  20. I bet you if the ratings for Smackdown are down, they’ll announce that Vince will “Make an announcement live on Smackdown”.
  21. On the contrary, I fully understand that not everyone plays the same way I do, but things that sabotage or directly disrupt match play really suck and I'd rather that someone jet from the lobby rather than leave their team short handed during an active game, especially in D2 Crucible play where team shooting wins matches. Even I have had those moments where I have to quit early to walk the dog or talk to my daughter on the phone or something, but that is just life being life. I'm not botting or deliberately going inactive to ride the event out at the expense of my team and I expect other players not to do it as well. For those who do, they get reported, blocked, or both depending on the severity of the offense aka how badly they piss me off. As far as quests go, I can play to win and still complete quests and bounties. Ironically enough, whenever I try to play to meet bounty requirements like precision final blows, they NEVER come easily. I find it best just to run my hustle and as you said, let the chips fall where they may. Eventually I will tick off a headshot requirement or final blows requirement or whatever and that will come along on its own on the path to helping my team secure victory. And if playing to get wins means that I'm playing like a dick, then I guess I always play like a dick. Tokens and XP will always come along in the course of playing the game, but win streaks won't.
  22. WWE castoffs? Nay, lad. Those were TNA castoffs. A label you could arguably (or definitely) also put on Aldis, Anderson, J Storm, Kay, Drake, Kingston, Homicide, Latimer, Konley... where's Crazzy Steve and Robbie E? Bring in Rob Terry while you're there, he can't talk or work very well but he looks great standing still.
  23. In other Taika Waititi news, he's confirmed that Korg is returning for Love & Thunder.
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