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  2. I dont remember anything about my one trip to Murfreesboro in 95 or 96. I went to the university to have a meeting with a prof that I wanted to study with for what i thought was going to be my PhD.
  3. Apparently I need to move to Murfreesboro because they just have everything. If this was 10 years ago, I was in that town every weekend. Now the only time I ever go there is if I have dental surgery Might need to carve out some time next week to go to these stores, since I just did 20 hours over time last week and that's a real nice paycheck.
  4. The Great Escape occasionally gets stuff, but you pretty much have to be a regular because of numbers. They opened a Murfreesboro location a while back. (Haven't visited there, yet.)
  5. Maybe something to do with the US title.
  6. The interviewer, Chris Latchem was also diagnosed with leukaemia as Roman Reigns leukaemia came back.
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  8. That's certainly one of the cleanest knees to the skull I've seen. Ouch.
  9. ****1/2 for Rollins/Styles and the Men's MITB Ladder match by Meltzer. I went same way.
  10. The charisma was practically oozing out of the ring with Dream/Breeze in it. I would totally love for them to form a stable. Delinquent Shirai would be totally dope.
  11. The DDP reveal and subsequent promo was great, I'll give you that. But everything that came before it and after it was just shit, I'm sorry. Owen/Kanemoto doesn't really do anything for me. Aren't these years of New Japan generally considered the dark ages or whatever? Their junior division just seems really lacking, but maybe I've been spoiled by the talent they've had in that division for the past handful of years, which is where most of my NJPW viewing comes from.
  12. Hard pass. Those 2 should be like Zayn and Owens - As far away from each other as they can, need at least 2-3 years to let that rest. Also what's all this "DDP as the Stalker sucked" hot take BS. The angle was great, Page was a legit shocker & the reveal/promo is still one of the most surreal home runs WWE ever hit. Sure the booking went to shit but the choice of Page was perfectly fine.
  13. First time I've seen that Jericho fall. In his first and best autobiography, Jericho said he'll never watch it back knowing how it could've turned out for the worst.
  14. I always assumed he saw himself as slimming back down to junior size.
  15. 2019 has given us some great KOs: Coralles coming back to KO Pico in Bellator. Pettis Superman Punch to Thompson. Hometown fighter Till getting starched by Masvidal. Cejudo stopping Dillashaw in 32 seconds was my most satisfying. @DreamBrokenas well. Andrade's hell slam to Thug Rose.
  16. That always seem strange to me as well. Clarke was in WWE for about two years, but Adams had been there since 1990 with breaks in between for re-packaging and getting arrested. Wouldn't WWE know what they were getting bringing them back?
  17. If that's true, hell yeah. It's been said many times before, but Ziggler was good by comparison before there was much athletic talent in the company, then when the real deal started showing up in NXT or whatever, he was completely exposed. I enjoyed the Truth stuff, but I really enjoy Truth. Whole belt 24/7 thing is still trash, though. Becky/Bayley stuff was cool. Ali/Andrade was also kicked some ass. I just auto-fastforward Roman regardless, so this one ended quick. But Elias singing a cheap heat song about how the town sucks always gets a giggle out of me. Not gonna be surprised if Brock cashes in on Kofi if they need that for Roman/Brock when the FOX thing rolls around, but who really knows or cares.
  18. I wouldn't be shocked if he cheered for the Raps for 3 games and then removed his jersey only to reveal a Warriors jersey underneath at the championship celebration.
  19. Honestly that's better than I expected. I find RT has a real anti-horror bias if it's not made into 'art' somehow (high concept, especially strong directing, etc.)
  20. Owen Hart working people like Fujita and Bob Sapp in the early-to-mid 2000s NJPW would have been... something.
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