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9 hours ago, Casey said:

That S1 suit is pretty bad, though. I much prefer the black getup than the season finale red suit.


6 hours ago, Zimbra said:

I liked the S1 suit even though it suffered from the MCU "everything has to be weirdly textured" thing.

I preferred the black suit though I liked the Daredevil S1 red suit. The new red suit halfway in Daredevil S2 fixed issues with the first: a much better mask, a bigger suit and baggy pants like the black had. I like the gloves more on the S2 suit also.


Daredevil S1 red suit and worn in first half of S2.


Daredevil S2 red suit, second half.

I hope Daredevil gets a new and better red suit. The red suit hasn't nailed DD's look unlike Captain America's had with the Super-Soldier Suit and his suit in Avengers: Endgame (wish it had the white armbands) and Thor in Avengers: Infinity War as examples of.

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A leaker who had a full leak of accurate plot details for WandaVision like 6 months before it was released posted just now on the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit saying that She-Hulk has been pushed back to either very late 2022 (November/December) or January 2023.

If that’s true, I wonder what we get after Ms. Marvel.

EDIT: Someone on there theorized that maybe it’s Ms. Marvel - I Am Groot - What If? S2 - Werewolf by Night special - GotG Holiday Special

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She’s clearly stretching in some of these shots. Here’s to hoping that the braclets break by the end of the show and she absorbs their power or something.

But it looks real fun, I can’t wait.

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The CGI is really bad, hopefully they're still working on that. The face is incredibly weird looking, whereas Smart Hulk looks good (as usual). Weird stuff.

100% getting Daredevil in Yellow & Red in this, though.

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