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  1. Maybe I'm too kind but I'm willing to give anybody jumping to AEW a fair chance. It's a vastly different environment and we've already seen a few folks thrive there versus their previous place of employment. Plus nobody's ever going to force anybody to watch matches they don't wanna watch. Free will, baby.
  2. Normally I wouldn't like the whole "banging somebody in the back" stuff but Britt's been an asshole to Ruby since day one, taking shots at her. You set the tone, you may just get it back. Overall perfectly okay show that I think felt lacking from some of the real big ones they've had lately, and are building to.
  3. And similarly... https://thehardtimes.net/culture/tattooed-barber-excited-to-give-everyone-that-one-haircut-today/ I was in the local punk scene for a good chunk of change and new at least 3 barbers, not so many chefs
  4. I remember a while back, and forgive me if I'm incorrect, but there was a story about WWE not allowing Joe Hennig to use his family name because they felt that he hadn't "earned" it yet. I don't know if that was ever confirmed, but it does seem like a very WWE thing to do, and wildly fucking offensive especially in the case of Joe who had to sit home without a father most of his childhood and then lose that father way too young.
  5. I could see Don Callis causing a disqualification of some kinds, which would further the tension between him and Omega. That'll be kind of a bummer for the live crowd but they will have two more hours to sit through afterwards, might help them conserve some energy.
  6. Rosario Dawson was there. A million billion stars
  7. WOW, was there any heads up announcement??? I definitely don't recall one... Such a bummer.
  8. To keep it somewhat clean, basically Caster was saying they all have sex together, you can look up the term for more specific details.
  9. Regarding wrestlers only having a few matches here and there, I think that's perfectly fine as long as they keep rotating talent. Most MMA fighters have only a couple fights a year, so why shouldn't top-tier wrestlers maybe perform once a month? Especially champions... Combine that with the lack of house shows (and taking indy bookings at their discretion) and you'll really keep these men and women rested and drastically reduce wear-down and potential injuries. Meanwhile you've got the YouTube shows to season the younger, less-experienced talent. Overall it could be a GREAT model for the long run. And if people are unhappy with their station? Maybe TK can be the anti-WWE yet again in releasing talent who want to move on.
  10. Yo, you HAVE to take time for yourself. Besides being one of many folks on here who've been in your position, I'm also in the unique place of having a disabled kiddo who, even as he grows older like his two half-siblings, may not be able to be brought to the theater and will always require supervision just so the wife and I can have time alone. It's not easy but once you do it a few times, you'll see that it's beneficial for everybody involved if y'all get a break once in a while
  11. I suggest you search "milana vayntrub body harassment" for an answer.
  12. Another thing that really killed the MJF stuff for me, as well as most times a heel is directing insults at somebody in the audience, is that the intended targets completely no sold the barbs. With the assumption that the non wrestlers are in on what's going to happen with them, maybe at least ask them to look upset or pissed off or annoyed? Anything besides mildly smiling...
  13. Okay cool, yeah I'm in a miniscule-yet-somehow-expensive hotel room in lower Manhattan for the night and the TV sound isn't spectacular so I'm happy to hear others have got a better experience!
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