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  1. Question: is online worth getting into if you're not a well-seasoned player? My son picked up the game on my PS4 and likes to just fuck around and play some single player, and I fully intend on playing through the story. However, while the concept of online seems cool, so far all I see is shitty fuckers everywhere just constantly ruining my son's good time. Seems like no fun, and now I'm wondering if I should even bother.
  2. I haven't seen or read anything about other video services, so hopefully it's just specific to YT.
  3. I heard that was exactly the case, that they had to work out the bugs, so hopefully it's just a matter of time.
  4. Just throwing it out there, but the YouTube restrictions thing is affecting a lot of different types of channels, with LGBTQ content being widely reported as suffering from ads being stripped away and videos hidden. Apparently this whole thing started with folks getting pissed that videos dealing in hate speech were being preceded by an ad for something like Coca Cola. Google tweaked their algorithm and as a result MANY other types of content were affected.
  5. Bray's a huge fan of Nak, so I'm sure he'd bring his working boots if he had the chance.
  6. This is that glorious time of the year when I find myself thankful for never wasting time making certain folks in Fire Pro Returns.
  7. Simon Gotch has been released. Edit - missed it by THAT much.
  8. It could've been dealt with fairly simply: let's say the current tag champs are on Raw. Smackdown teams get first crack at the belts. Mini tournament, get your #1 contenders, have a match at a PPV. If Raw wins, then the next contenders come from Raw. If SD wins, Raw gets their obligated rematch but if they come up short, SD defends next against a fellow SD team. Doing it this way keeps things interesting and gives the roster reason to compete, and it gives the viewer more reason to be invested in the title hunt by watching both shows. But hey, instead let's have a hundred titles that all look the same and basically mean nothing.
  9. Also, didn't beating up Steve Williams give Bart Gunn a career in Japan? I certainly wouldn't call that a bad thing, considering how limited he would've been here in the US.
  10. I dislike Pantera and have always had a soft spot for Kilgore as they're from around here (RI) and are super nice dudes with a couple great records. Used to go see them quite often. Jay, their singer, still plays out in a variety of projects.
  11. Has it been figured out yet if Maddox is the person who's leaking things? If so, holy shit does homeboy have a righteous beatdown bus driving his way.
  12. The fact that a bunch of consenting adults, who constantly tour together through thick and thin, had sex with each other? After beating themselves up in the ring on a nightly basis? Jesus fuck, let these people have their thing. It's still massively more respectable than pulling dude's eyes out during bar fights or tossing boulders through McDonald's windows.
  13. I learned katakana to help me with that damn series... As for the learning curve to gameplay, people shouldn't be too intimidated. My 10 year old has played FPR for maybe two years and sometimes he can whip my "started with X Premium" ass. Simming is whatever, I don't tweak CPU logic but, when making edits, I'd usually use a default character with a similar style/moveset as a base. Hopefully there's either enough variety amongst the 30 defaults or a bunch of preset fight styles.
  14. Omega would be all Strong Grapples, Woods's a ton of taunts, and Stevie would spam superkick. Simple enough.
  15. I'm pretty psyched about the idea of potentially downloading edits of guys like Kenny Omega, Xavier Woods, and Stevie Richards made by the wrestlers themselves.