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  1. Andy "The Butcher" Williams. His own IG is pretty great too.
  2. I initially read the Teddy Hart stuff as Teddy Long and was a little more than shocked.
  3. I have talked at length about my backlog for the PlayStation but here I am, trying to keep calm and relaxed during the pandemic with my 7yo Minecraft world started on PS3. I mean, I had to go find some bees, you know? Got to get that honey.
  4. One of those dudes had a revelation of a run in Beyond Wrestling recently, Thomas Santell, a sort of George McFly/Stu Hart hybrid. Good shit.
  5. Flipside: I loved Uncharted 4 and thought it was a great end(?) to the series. My son will like Dirt Rally so hey, still a good month for us - even though the last thing we need is more games.
  6. Apron grapples are seriously underutilized, especially in this day of everybody doing movez on THE HARDEST PART OF THE RING~!! But aside from finisher-level moves, you could have the enzuigiri every other guy does when caught outside on the apron, or roll the opponent outside to the floor and hit the running soccer ball kick. Foley's hip buster elbow as I've mentioned... Diving cannonball from the apron to standing opponent... Shit, probably exactly how they would have setup a Kevin Owens apron powerbomb. So many possibilities for a neglected position.
  7. From an outside apron grapple, sure, probably a lot of work but I could picture it.
  8. For sure, which is why my heart is mostly set on simple stuff using already existing animation. Stuff like a diving dropkick, corner to center Yakuza kick, and springboard lariat should be easy compared to something like Pete Dunne's finisher, for example.
  9. Well they did add a second diving double stomp that looks right, at least. Plus the moonsault double stomp looks boss as fuck. It's CRAZY that a lot of the animations haven't changed since the SNES games! I mean, some still look spectacular - I've always loved a Fire Pro brainbuster - but many deserve an update.
  10. I think that's exactly the case: lots of people do an Exploder these days and it looks to have zero impact - there's no point to it.
  11. Yup. There are so many simple moves I want to see/make that, frankly, should have been in the game since forever ago. Dives are a big one for sure. Gimme a proper dropkick from the top! Springboard lariat! Stuff like that. I also think corner-to-center moves could be hugely fleshed out, and more apron grapples please (perfect place for Foley's Nestea Plunge for example).
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