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  1. Talked to Shayna Baszler yesterday at a show and she said she doesn't know if she's in it yet, but WWE has all her info.
  2. Went to Beyond today, super bummed with Riddle/Keith Lee, started fine but the ending sucked. However they announced a Beyond/PROGRESS double header for August, might have to attend...
  3. More footage~! Won't let me delete the second video repeat.. hm...
  4. Originally they were saying the game would launch with about 80 new moves, but I'm pretty sure in this day of downloadable content that there will be added moves as time passes.
  5. I am normally not one for online gaming, or even buying a game day one, but I'm definitely breaking both of those habits for RDR2. That said, I'll be looking for a posse on PS.
  6. So NXT is Hunter's "giving back" a la the Leary Firefighters Foundation? Works for me, and something I always think about when Leary comes up - at least dude's done some good in the world. Hicks was ranting on some Alex Jones type shit near the end, kinda puts him in line with lots of crazy-ass retired wrestlers.
  7. Beyond just announced Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee for 6/24 in MA, which is gonna be me and my son's first BW show. Fucking psyched!
  8. I'd take Owens on my side in a bar fight over lots of other dudes on the roster, especially with his top notch shit talking.
  9. Question: is online worth getting into if you're not a well-seasoned player? My son picked up the game on my PS4 and likes to just fuck around and play some single player, and I fully intend on playing through the story. However, while the concept of online seems cool, so far all I see is shitty fuckers everywhere just constantly ruining my son's good time. Seems like no fun, and now I'm wondering if I should even bother.
  10. I haven't seen or read anything about other video services, so hopefully it's just specific to YT.
  11. I heard that was exactly the case, that they had to work out the bugs, so hopefully it's just a matter of time.
  12. Just throwing it out there, but the YouTube restrictions thing is affecting a lot of different types of channels, with LGBTQ content being widely reported as suffering from ads being stripped away and videos hidden. Apparently this whole thing started with folks getting pissed that videos dealing in hate speech were being preceded by an ad for something like Coca Cola. Google tweaked their algorithm and as a result MANY other types of content were affected.
  13. Bray's a huge fan of Nak, so I'm sure he'd bring his working boots if he had the chance.
  14. This is that glorious time of the year when I find myself thankful for never wasting time making certain folks in Fire Pro Returns.