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  1. Caillou is legitimately terrible. We lucked out and our younger ones were the perfect age for when Yo Gabba Gabba came out.
  2. Best episode yet. My wife, who follows the MCU but has never read a comic, was cursing Walker out as soon as he went to grab that last serum vial. Then THAT ending. Fuck. Two more episodes - and seemingly 3-4 still unknown characters showing up, if the end credit placeholders can be believed...
  3. True but Sony has been extremely indy/small game friendly for a few generations now and the gist of the current "controversy" seems to be that one studio couldn't make one game, while Days Gone - a game that had a pretty mild reception - isn't getting a sequel as of right now. Sounds like a lot of smoke for very little fire.
  4. For real, Sony only wants mega-blockbusters like Kena, Returnal, Sifu, Stray, Ghostwire Tokyo, Little Devil Inside, etc.
  5. I would assume the shield thrower just wouldn't throw it as hard if aiming at a human they didn't want to kill. I mean, I can toss a ball to my son without always whipping it at him full force...
  6. Kingston on commentary makes it a must-watch. I could listen to that dude read a dictionary.
  7. American TV this morning had quite a bit on it. 99 years is a goddamn good run.
  8. I got called for jury duty late last year but put up a fuss about covid so they put it off until this July. I'm not super psyched about it but I'm not going to try to get out of it, because god forbid I'm ever on the other side of things and hope to have a decent human being help decide my fate.
  9. I'm sure if you are well off enough that you could even think about spending that much money on video games, you could probably donate it to a local charity.
  10. Having the Inner Circle come out for a promo and then cutting to a commercial break is a perfect example of throwing away TV time that can go to anything more productive. Baffling decision but I guess we need everybody singing that song, right? Rest of the show was decent, skipped the main frankly because I was tired but also I really don't like the Bucks and reading on here it sounds like I made the right choice! The Drake/Allin match was the highlight for me. The last time I saw Drake he was in Evolve and wearing little red trunks that were incredibly not complimentary, so I'm digging
  11. Fantastic country music podcast Cocaine & Rhinestones FINALLY returns on April 20th.
  12. I'm not big on the Inner Circle suddenly being babyfaces because they got their asses kicked and then came back and kicked ass. They were all total dickheads before, with the exception of Sammy walking away from everything. Two heel factions fighting works just fine in AEW, so hopefully it goes that way but I guess we'll wait and see. Show looks pretty fucking great, psyched to see it.
  13. Interesting, because with so many matches going through a break, it feels like it's eating up more time on the show despite technically taking less. Maybe it's a formatting issue, or an often mentioned point in that several matches have similar spots throughout the night with dives, out of the ring battling, etc Either way, you could easily shave off a minute here and there, tighten up the matches and in just an additional five minutes per show you can add several promos, hype segments, or interviews.
  14. Cody's a solid mid/upper-mid card dude who presents and books himself as a main eventer. AEW does not have a bloated roster, it's problem is thinking nearly every match has to go over 10 minutes and through at least one commercial break.
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