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  1. Wasn't this mostly due to him letting Roderick Strong go HAM on him, since he'd known Roddy for ages and it was Strong's biggest WWE showcase at that point?
  2. So what Roman is saying, and absolutely proving, is that if a wrestler has a good feeling about developing their character organically, it's probably gonna end up way better than if some failed sitcom writers do it? The heck you say.
  3. That was SUCH a fast takesie-backsies, I can't help but wonder why the hell they thought doubling the cost was the way to go as opposed to even like a $10-15 per year price hike. Just baffling...
  4. My kids loved the Jason Segel Muppet movie as well as lots of the digital shorts, Muppet Christmas Carol and - per my intense nostalgia for it - Muppet Family Christmas (complete with original commercials!). Still, I don't think even they would enjoy The Muppet Show... but you know what? They don't pay for Disney+, I do! Also, hearing about all the Looney Tunes on HBO Max makes me seriously miss when Cartoon Network aired the classics non-stop for NYE...
  5. I don't think Hangman should join the Dark Order, I think it would be a much more satisfying if they just told him they have his back and they're his friends no matter what. They're obviously moving away from the whole cult thing and there's no reason Page needs to join to be an ally.
  6. I'm happy to get back to the day-to-day politics where you're not constantly on edge because of possible Tweetstorm, and the push for progress isn't smashing up against a narcissistic wannabe fascist fake billionaire manchild, meaning we can focus on more important things like our beloved pro wrestling
  7. I wanna know what Blade was like as a preteen, damnit!
  8. Wow, Manch-Vegas is not a term I'd ever expect to hear on this board, but here we are. For those wondering, it's basically something only people from here in New Hampshire (and surrounding areas) call the city of Manchester, with not entirely obvious origins, some believe having to do with lots of illegal gambling happening in the city years ago. Certainly a lot better than Manchganistan, which seems to come from the spoiled yuppies in nearby towns like Bedford
  9. That's weird as hell... Like, they aren't on your list even if you look through the system itself? I know there's sometimes a lag between getting the trophies on the system and seeing them on the app.
  10. Cap is easily my favorite character in the MCU but I don't like the idea of him coming back. They completed his story arc, as well as Tony's, pretty perfectly in Endgame... but I guess it's a good thing they showed in that very movie a way to de-age somebody, if needed (running time though Scott vs running Scott through time).
  11. Playing the Scott Pilgrim game is definitely more enjoyable if you're a fan of the comics and/or movie - both of which I like, specifically the movie. Otherwise yeah it's just a beat em up
  12. A few years back Sylvain Sylvain did an acoustic tour with Glenn Matlock, my band and another band of friends got to open up. Both dudes were really nice, friendly, humble, etc. Bummer to hear he's passed...
  13. AND ANOTHER THING... Can Tully take a bump? I honestly forget, but he's been such an asshole that he's due for a punch in the face.
  14. It's probably been said before but goddamn it is stupid as hell to have all of the face wrestlers at ringside singing along to Judas. Hell, I saw the Top Flight dudea grooving along - y'all should be BOOING that/these assholes! Danny Limelight getting a chance to shine on the main show was cool to see. That was the best Brian Cage has looked so far, and basically the role he should be filling - just brutalizing machine who has to make a mistake to be stopped. Loved the table spot as it was not telegraphed at all, just came out of nowhere which made it seem all the more violent.
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