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  1. Wow, that host is an incredibly annoying-to-look-at human being.
  2. So we can change our PSN names now. Goodbye, reminder of my old band where I don't talk to half the guys. Hello, last name and birth year. Coletti81
  3. I'd love to see Kingston get a late-career run in NXT. He's been in it as long as dudes like Samoa Joe, right? So why not? Also I second the whole "not being into Josh Briggs" sentiment. Something about him just puts me off. It's like he's playing INTENSE but totally not pulling it off. He's like NXT Baron Corbin but with better hair and not a shred of the "charisma."
  4. Exactly, but then the Dudebuster looks pretty bad. Hell even some of the ancient animations dating back to X Premium look better than some of the new stuff. Just weirds me out.
  5. Third person action adventure Star Wars, yes please.
  6. It's really weird how some of the new moves - DLC or default game - look so incredibly smooth and others seem to have a bunch of frames missing. I'm not huge on that inconsistency but it is what it is apparently.
  7. Not to be that guy, but how about no Louis CK memes/gifs since homeboy is pure garbage? ...although he's practically an angel compared to many of the "boys in the back" so who the hell am I to judge, being somebody who pays for the network? Being a wrestling fan is mentally exhausting in so many ways, man.
  8. Dickinson does a lot with Beyond Wrestling, no idea about Jaka which sucks because I love that guy.
  9. I watched from the beginning of the pre-show all the way until Becky was handed both belts. I feel like I've leveled up or should have unlocked some sort of PlayStation trophy. All my thanks go to the 11 Miller High Lifes.
  10. Anybody feel like they gave away the result of Kofi/Bryan when before the match we caught glimpse of what was obviously the other belt under the crushed velvet sheet?
  11. Considering the amount of "home grown" wrestlers who have gotten over in NXT (main roster floundering aside), I definitely don't see the crowd as being completely catered to with indie trends, with Velveteen Dream being the current shining example.
  12. Didn't Cole sub for Fish when UE defended against Strong & Dunne?
  13. Anybody else run to look up the NXT Championship lineage when Mauro said 11 former champs were competing at Mania?
  14. Said it in the past but Matt Riddle played up the douchey bro aspect as a heel in Beyond against Joey Joey Janela, he's definitely more than capable of it (although ultimately the jock douche kings are UE so where would he fit?).
  15. Word up to Fandango failing to send me the notification for tickets presale even though I signed up for it. Good thing people are already bragging on Facebook about getting theirs...
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