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  1. How has Antony Starr not gotten all the awards?!
  2. The key is to focus on what you like. Focusing on the negative just isn't good for anybody's peace of mind. Find your inner DEAN and let loose!
  3. For real, I think no matter what we're going to have a show that's mostly bangers even if the build-up wasn't to people's desires. Expectations are the death of enjoyment, so I'm just going to sit back and expect a whole lot of fucking great wrestling.
  4. TK said it was legit on this week's Unrestricted podcast
  5. If folks can use the internet to keep track of quarter-hour ratings, who's maybe released or not, what people like SRS and Meltz have to say, etc., they sure as fuck can Google who Tomoaki Honma is.
  6. @eikerirI definitely simplified it, your explanation of it is much better!
  7. Random thought: I really like how AEWs babyfaces and their factions work together. BCC working with not-LAX, Best Friends working with FTR who just worked with Punk. It's like they actually got each other's backs because they're all good guys. I don't know if that's NJPW fanboyism as I don't watch New Japan but know it's faction-packed.
  8. Finished up the show today, skipped the main event last night because bed called but also, not huge into the Bucks but the match was excellent for a ladder spot fest! Especially liked not seeing the pained, slowwwww cliiiiiiimbing and reeeeeaching that other ladder matches often suffer from. I'm not gonna say a thing about Jamie Hayter's pants. Newp. Dax rules. Mox rules. Despy looked teeny but I marked out. Y'all thought Jericho was gonna get shaved? Come on, his brutally-thinning long arrid hairdo is PERFECT for aging alcoholic rockers!
  9. Sasha could also pull a Bray and opt out of wrestling for a while. She's got options.
  10. He's not wrong. I felt the same thing watching last night.
  11. This is how I feel about pretty much everybody in that company. I don't wish them any ill will - get that bag, buy a house with it, etc. Still, I miss seeing these incredibly talented performers and hope that in time they leave Stamford and head to Jacksonville.
  12. My Plus subscription runs out on Sunday so I'll probably grab a year of the middle tier. My backlog weeps.
  13. Ooooooh ZSJ has such a smug, annoying face, perfect for getting his fucking head kicked in
  14. Totally posted in the wrong thread last night. Here we go... "Everything Everywhere All At Once" is available for digital purchase, not streaming yet. The wife wanted to see it so badly that we spent the $20 and it's easily worth way more than that. Fucking GREAT.
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