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  1. I was gonna say something about Chris Masters showing us that ANYBODY can become a better pro wrestler if they put the work in, then it made me wonder what other folks started as real channel changers and eventually became capable to DAMN GOOD performers - and how much of it was environment/learning from wrestlers around them?
  2. Currently going through backlog games only. Started Nier Automata and it's very fucking cool, but got distracted by Sifu. I'm generally not a fan of roguelikes but boy, if you get into that flow state and you're just WRECKING rooms of thugs with your kung fu? Immensely satisfying, but sometimes you're just as likely to mistime something and boom, you're getting your ass handed to you. Still rules. Videogames rule.
  3. We liked the season as a whole and actually looked forward to more after the last episode. OH WELL.
  4. Danhausen as a confirmed Bane fan makes my New England Hardcore heart skip a beat
  5. I know that fiction never really displays childbirth accurately but good Lord, that was fairly ridiculous. It was also already weird watching Ellie give birth to Ellie, so to speak. Murder rampage Joel in full effect, next season should be interesting to say the least. Really liked this, as did my wife who has never played the game.
  6. Occasionally I'll visit Reddit for wrestling stuff and boy oh BOY just that experience alone tells me I would take DVDVR broken to the point of only being able to read it via Virtual Boy over ANY other place on Lemmy's internet.
  7. This is where we need a gif of Willow saying how women bleed every month so GTF over it
  8. Most people are assuming it's a release date for the video game but maybe it's Switchblade?
  9. She had a guest spot on Sabrina The Teenage Witch in '96, I was 15 and definitely went to look her up on my Netscape Navigator
  10. Is it considered a spoiler to say whether or not there are mid and or post credit scenes? Just so people don't feel like they're wasting time waiting... No actual spoilers in said spoiler above.
  11. Super Mario Bros 3 was $50 in 1990, which is about $115 today. It's honestly shocking how LITTLE video games have risen in cost, considering inflation.
  12. Social media reviews are out there for Quantumania and the overall vibe is it's weird, it's uneven, Kang rules and this is a proper start to the next phase.
  13. Wouldn't be so wild, since they did something similar with EVOLVE in the past. Just going to a couple shows in MA I got to see Adam Cole defend the NXT NA belt against then-unsigned WALTER and the now disgraced Velveteen Dream wrestle Orange Cassidy.
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