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  1. Grim Fandango has to be one of my top five favorite games ever, just such a great fucking story.
  2. I decided that after finishing Ghost, I would play something drastically different and fired up Heavy Rain which is something I got for free, so no money down. Can anybody tell me if the story is good enough to deal with that absolutely awful control scheme? I truly hated using r2 as a walk button and the right stick for actions, just completely unnatural and backwards in my mind.
  3. Just got the Platinum for Ghost of Tsushima, and I have to give the game props in yet another department - all but two trophies came naturally as I played through and explored the world, only had to look up two hidden ones and they weren't anything crazy. Good game til the very end!
  4. I use Stitcher because I have the premium subscription but honestly it's not that great of an app and they seem to have lag time between some shows being released and them actually appearing on the app. Consider that an anti-recommendation.
  5. I recently finished it and now I'm in the process of getting 100%, but holy hell what a game! Easily in my top five best PS4 games.
  6. ...OR we could strip the shame from any kind of sex work, especially something as simple as making pics and videos. I'm friends with a few women who are on OF and while they do have to deal with a good amount of creepy dudes, when do women NOT have to? Otherwise they love the option. There's no need to consider it sleazy for people to engage in OF.
  7. As a drummer, somebody who's muscle memory is key, this is 100% true and why I have to stick to one serious game at a time unless the controls are similar. Even something like the change up in Arkham City's use of the triggers to Arkham Knight and I'm all fucked up and lost. Considering that they're discontinuing the ability to buy PS3 games via the website which means using the cumbersome console dashboard on the 3, I think it's safe to say that Sony considers 3 to be completely dead.
  9. I know it's far more serious than this, but every time I hear these stories about online trolls sending death threats to people involved in the video game industry (or other forms of media) I think fondly about that part in that Jay & Silent Bob movie where they go around kicking the shit out of message board assholes. In a just world, people would be afraid to be so hateful because they know it would get their teeth knocked in. The same could be said for racists and vile misogynists but what can you do? Viva internet anonymity
  10. WWE doing everything they can to fuck over talent, change/eliminate stuff people like, and double down on "brand over everything else" at a time both when fans are growing restless with their stale output AND a rising, legitimate competitor is gaining traction? Is there anything MORE simultaneously predictable and surprising?
  11. This is a good thread. I think that near the end of the year we should also have one where we say the good things that actually happen in this otherwise garbage year. Put a pin in that idea.
  12. Unlike the class action lawsuit from a while back regarding former talent and concussions, you can't help but think that if such a lawsuit fighting these bullshit contracts made it to courts that it wouldn't be a slam dunk for the talent. Honestly I was hoping somebody like Miro would go for it considering how he felt about WWE and the business, but I truly wish that some of these men and women lawyer up and fight the hell out of this because nothing will change otherwise.
  13. Andrew Yang The Anti-WWE Crusader isn't something I figured I needed until it happened.
  14. ABZÛ is a very mellow palate cleanser between bigger, more serious games - or something to play now and then to chill out. Shit, I should fire it up after the week I've had...
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