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  1. It was all the njpw stuff plus promoter and the upcoming suda51 extension. I have a bunch of PlayStation store codes from having a Sony rewards credit card so I used that for the Stardom pack and will use for the next one.
  2. I mean if you're anything like me you have spent hundreds of dollars to import the game in years past, so another 20 bucks to keep it current sounds alright to me since this is the first thing I'm getting not covered by the season pass.
  3. Gulak vs Bryan is now a possibility and that's literally the only thing that matters after the draft. Put that shit right into my veins.
  4. When the Sesame Street crew shows up was a total mark out moment as a child. I watch it with the fam every year and I still get misty-eyed when Jim Henson shows up at the end.
  5. Muppet Family Christmas (complete with original broadcast commercials as one can find on YouTube) > Muppet Christmas Carol
  6. PlayStation 5 announced for November 2020. Guess I should maybe work on clearing the ol' PS3 backlog... https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/10/08/an-update-on-next-gen-playstation-5-launches-holiday-2020/
  7. Just gonna throw this out there but "right-friendly dude gets demonetized by YouTube" means jack shit when soooooooo many LGBTQ channels get the same because simply being queer is apparently considered too sexually explicit for Our Google Overlords.
  8. Especially that deadlift German suplex throw by Riddle. I had to rewatch it a few times, it was the absolute perfect combination of slick and out-of-control-looking.
  9. Legion did indeed wrap up it's story at the end of this third season and apparently was never intended to go longer, so yeah there's ample room on FX for a new comic book show.
  10. Beyond Wrestling held a show today quite literally on a beach in RI. I really hope it ends up on IWTV because it looks like a total blast!
  11. This is made all the more absurd by Janela being just a tad more physically intimidating than Marko Stunt.
  12. I know I'll regret this, but why does the "race" of the superhero/villain matter? I mean if they make Magneto a Kree then yeah that's fucked up but...
  13. Corbin is fucking great, it's just the booking and poor writing that's the problem. Him and Gable have had great interactions in NXT and we know Gable can hit the O'Connor Roll German on him so the match should be fine. King of The Ring is always better for heels, so I'm down for him winning.
  14. Speaking of Dreamcast, there's a fairly new podcast called How Did This Get Played? You can guess by the title what it's about. This week's episode is none other than Seaman!
  15. I feel like getting high with him, let alone the entire New Day, would lead to a broken rib or two from the uncontrollable laughter.
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