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  1. Athena's Eclipse is supposed to be a Stunner, no?
  2. With ya there. Every once in a blue moon I will find one for something I need and it will be lacking any sort of bullshit, loud obnoxious host, excessive length to monetize, etc. Just a video of how to do what I want to do - kind of thing that might bring a tear to a cynical old eye.
  3. I saw the broken link and wondered if that was the case. Those bastards! I guess that's why I could only find the FPW reenactment?
  4. In this thread? I just looked through pages 1+2 and... nope? Unless this board is being extra fucky which is absolutely possible. That or I'm losing it. 50/50
  5. We can't invoke The Great Antonio without Bill Burr describing it - although the main clip on YouTube is over a Fire Pro recreation https://youtu.be/h0QEizjh-4k
  6. My wife wanted to watch Hocus Pocus 2. I... was in the room. After all was finished, I asked her how she felt about it, as a fan of the original (and the right age for full nostalgia): "I watched it." I think that says enough.
  7. Finally started Hollow Knight. I will NOT try for that plat awesome game though...
  8. Maybe I was in the minority but, when Black mentioned unfulfilled promises, I immediately thought of WWE telling Thea they'd put her and Tommy on the same brand if she came back, which ended up being total bullshit. He didn't seem to be talking only about his AEW time. You're right about perhaps too many folks signed but the names mentioned were mostly enhancement talent so I was mainly thinking of them when I posted. Meanwhile we live in a world where Miro is sitting on his hands so yeah, there's clearly SOMETHING wrong.
  9. Literally nothing has come out in the years of AEW's existence regarding financial strain, budget issues, etc. and yet there's always somebody saying such and such talent should be let go for what I can only assume is freeing up money. Baffling.
  10. Luigi Primo did a Reddit AMA and apparently came off as both an anti-vaxxer and somebody that protects abusers. Mama mia!
  11. I'm assuming it's not considered a spoiler but from what I've read, Starks/Hobbs went on well after midnight so if the crowd seems weak it's likely due to exhaustion.
  12. If TK gets a spirit guide, better be the dude from Reservation Dogs...
  13. I guess I'll be the only person here to express my annoyance, but yeah this kinda fucking sucks and drastically reduces my desire to get the new shit.
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