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  1. Been thinking of getting it just for Beyond. I hate that they tape on Wednesdays because it doesn't jive with my work/family hours, so I already have this over-arching feeling of missing a good thing. Maybe watching it on my TV will alleviate that?
  2. Fuck, all this edit talk makes me wanna contribute but Fire Pro always falls by the wayside. I made a bunch of edits for the community back during the initial release of Returns but I wasn't into any other real gaming at that time. Now? I have a seriously absurd backlog, currently taking my time with Dying Light. I remember initially wanting to make a bunch of Beyond Wrestling guys but I just haven't had the inspiration. Looking forward to some AJPW edits though!
  3. My kiddos used to come with me to Evolve/Beyond shows but both grew out of it I think the boy will be back one day, though.
  4. I'm getting super confused with people saying folks are shooting dope and others are saying a logo is dope. I'm a driver, do a good amount of trips to the Midwest or NY, but I got no trucker speed. #boringoldguy
  5. Apparently a number of Stardom wrestlers are recording voice samples for DLC.
  6. Bushwick Bill is gone, 52 years old.
  7. I'll be playing it too. Always had a soft spot for Lego games and this looks fun.
  8. Re: Psychonauts 2 - Oh wonderful, I was already a little concerned at the end when we didn't see what systems Edit: Doublefine says it's on PS4 on Twitter
  9. I blame the contrarian nature of this board. "I learned it from watching you, dad! ...I learned it from watching you."
  10. Right on, that's what I was thinking. Also I was looking at a supposed timeline for Drake's age throughout the games. He meets Sully as a 14-15 year old and Drake's Deception occurs 20 years later. So if they start with Holland between those ages, it could work just fine.
  11. I was thinking the first two, especially since I'm wise enough not to subject myself to Crystal Skull
  12. As a huge fan of the game series, I wonder if they're gonna dip their toes into some of the more fantastic/mystical elements. I mean, Indiana Jones flicks pulled it off so maybe it'll work again?
  13. Can't Taker do something else within the company? Surely dude has a mind worth picking.
  14. Was it ever said explicitly that Vince was bringing the XFL back because of the angry white dudes screaming about kneeling black men, or was that coincidence? If it was a specific move to capitalize on such an audience, maybe homie can start a separate WWE brand to put all the Lars types and get those bigoted fucks off my TV screen...
  15. Re: taking Martha's word with a grain of salt, considering her completely inaccurate description of the move Owen used, you might wanna take her word with a salt lamp-sized grain...
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