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  1. I posted about it in the AEW thread already, but Every Time I Die is no more. Apparently there's a huge falling out between Keith Buckley and the rest of the band. Very much a bummer.
  2. I guess we'll be seeing The Butcher a lot more because apparently Keith Buckley went off the deep end and cut of all communication with the rest of Every Time I Die, so Andy and the others have announced a breakup. I was a huge ETID fan for a good while and still think their music rules, but I haven't followed them for the last few years. It's a huge bummer to hear the bad news about Keith, dude always seemed really intelligent and was a great frontman, but from accounts I'm seeing he's cut off not only his longtime bandmates but even his family
  3. More than anything, I'm wondering how the hell Moon Knight will figure into the MCU overarching storylines...
  4. Seeing lots of talk in various places about Cody being a free agent but very little mention of his role as an EVP. Isn't that fact, his behind the scenes role, a big part of his reality show? Do people REALLY think he's going to actually go somewhere else? Just seems like a weird technicality, like things are being negotiated but somebody leaked something, or they decided fuck it and are using the online chatter to get people to speculate. No matter what, I don't see it developing into anything.
  5. Popping back in to suggest Control, as I just started it and it could fit in well with some of the games mentioned in the OP.
  6. He's also a better promo than most free agents, or even a ton of folks already signed to AEW...
  7. Uncharted 4 and Horizon: Zero Dawn can be found cheap and fucking rule.
  8. Rachel Nagy of The Detroit Cobras has died. No cause given.
  9. You know, I can't help but think that WWE knew full well that putting that statement out there was going to get people talking... It's so hard to tell with them, because they can simultaneously seem completely manipulative and petty but at the same time totally self unaware.
  10. I sincerely hope this is a legitimate story, Ali gets his release, and after the no compete he goes to AEW because motherfucker has everything needed to be a top star and, by most everything I've heard, is an incredibly fucking awesome human being as well so dude deserves it.
  11. Is there a single WWE wrestler out there who is billed realistically both in height and weight? Shit, I think they even give Rey Mysterio an inch or two...
  12. This perception is indeed YOUR issue, and I can guarantee that the vast majority of people here don't think it matters as much.
  13. From what I understand there is a huge difference in quality between A&W Canada and the US equivalent. Apparently the Canadian version is superior in every way. I've only ever had the US version, once, and I wasn't impressed.
  14. Random thought: Luchasaurus should switch up his mask to go with his ring gear instead of wearing the same thing every time. Yes, I know that interferes with the very light-hearted kayfabe they are going for, but come on, it would look SO much better.
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