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  1. I was pretty far into it, still a month or two of daily play off but lost SO much progress that I have zero desire to do it again - plus I'm simultaneously working on the PS4 version so I'll just stick with that.
  2. Speaking of platinums on PS3, I had been working for months on the daunting task of Rayman Legends, and just lost all my progress since September - the last time my save uploaded to the cloud. That's a hardcore punch in the dick. Fuck. Really unhappy...
  3. I have the PS3 platinum and yeah, flying races suuuuuck. Thankfully they improved flying a lot with later Lego Marvel/DC games.
  4. If anybody's been holding off on Fire Pro World for PS4, it's like $15 in their End Of Year Sale. Some of the DLC is discounted as well!
  5. RUMBLINGS abound that the current Luke Harper went and got a trademark for "Brodie Lee" a few days ago.
  6. I listened to that Monday and it was pretty intense for sure, but easily a much better conversation to be had than one talking about that garbage piece of shit game. Joey was actually on Yo Is This Racist today to talk about it, I had a feeling it was going to come up on that podcast but I was surprised when he was there for it.
  7. He posted about being single and she responded in a flirty manner, so seems pretty innocent.
  8. I actually started the same process over the weekend, going through the big ass list and organizing it. Total pain in the ass.
  9. Really loved that story about Marty and co, got me thinking again how it'd be so nice if maybe for a month - next one, perhaps? - people could focus on what they love about wrestling and not shit on others' opinions. Yeah, that'd be swell.
  10. Watching the show on DVR after reading this thread and the Li/Aliyah thing looks more like an angle when viewed knowing the outcome.
  11. Jedi Fallen Order is getting some pretty damn solid reviews and people who have played it who like it REALLY fucking like it, so that's rad.
  12. Xbox users getting to play Yakuza games is fucking awesome, good to hear!
  13. Haven't watched in a while but has Charlotte somehow gotten more stiff and clumsy-looking while working? Maybe Kairi beating up on her boobs was some kind of unique Inoki slap thing...
  14. All this talk about the news sites and such just reminded me of how much more I enjoyed wrestling as a mark, and how I seriously hope there are some younger folks out there just eating it up right now with the Wednesday Night Wars with little online influence (although I fear that's virtually impossible these days).
  15. WWE micromanages dull-ass shit every week and of course they dumb luck into a fucking great show. Some stuff was sloppy but they did damn well, all things considered. Also, Dakota Kai is apparently hurt so that would be why she wasn't in the tag match.
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