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19 pages and over a decade of content, including a book written about the team independent league team I worked for, trips to Korea AND Japan for baseball, and my time with the Blue Jays beforehand and I haven’t posted in this thread yet.


Feels like diving towards the ocean and missing water completely.

I even missed the naming of the Montgomery BISCUITS!!!


Chuck Knoblauch didn’t have as many unforced errors, jeez.


EDIT: I guess I posted about the Stompers in 2015 one time about the book project and then became a ghost?

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On 6/26/2015 at 10:40 AM, grilledcheese said:

And the board's very own Tim Livingston gets a pull quote in the article!! Just looking at the kid's linescore, he had a hell of a night. And he did it on 140 pitches, so he worked for it.


Tim, if you read this, I would love to know what you thought of his stuff, any chance this kid moves into someone's system anytime soon?



Sean had a bunch of funkiness to him. Essentially a slider that no righty saw. Was an amazing performance. A joy to call on the radio. 

The next year, he unfortunately arrived out of shape and took a long time to even really get going, then ended up having some injury issues and was ineffective. Sonoma DID win the title that year, however. 

The way back machine has officially been engaged. 

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Y'all remember that laughing horse from the Pink Panther cartoon?

Cause that's the exact sounds I made when I read Bauer's line.


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I think if you gave Naito a choice between the IWGP title and hanging out with the Carp mascot he'd choose the latter every time.

Also, SLYLY jumped over the top rope into the ring so that may have been a worker wearing the suit for the night.

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