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11 minutes ago, Casey said:

Riho and the Young Bucks are in Wave 3 too.

EDIT: Darby & Riho are the chase figures, but they also have standard versions too.

From what I heard the Bucks in Wave 3 have their regular gear which I honestly prefer to get anyway instead of Wave 1's DoN gear.  I'm hoping at some point Jericho gets redone with his jacket so I don't need to pay double for his Wave 1 figure.  Though I do have the Bubbly set which works for me since while it doesn't have the jacket it does have the belt.

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Also worth noting, straight from Jeremy Padawer's Twitter on 11/7:


  • Quote


    • Wave 2 is shipping from HK. Avails are tight.
    • New manufacturing source / larger pipeline will impact wave 3 & beyond. Wave 3 ship from HK end Nov.
    • Shipping additional units of wave 1 with updated skin tone, and wave 2, after wave 3.
    • Takes 45-60 days ship to shelf.
    • Each wave will ship for approximately 2 months wave 3+.
    • The goal for Fall (Q3) is 2 concurrent waves both stepladder shipping 2 months. New figures monthly.
    • Will know and communicate if retail buys off on concurrent wave strategy mid-Q1 2021.



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