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  1. I just finished the run yesterday except for the last one ("The Music of ECW" - don't know I care that much to check that one out). I liked it for the most part, but it does get repetitive having the same four/five guys commenting on the shows (and, usually one or two of the guys can't remember the specific show they're referencing). You do get never-before-told stories, so that's entertaining. The ones covering shows, I thought they glossed over a lot of stuff. The Balls episode is by far the best. Still liked it just because no one is doing the ECW-specific stuff in this format.
  2. There's no clear-cut progression throughout, only knowing that three or four chapters from the one you're reading will probably continue his story in some loosely connected fashion. It's great. I'm about a third of the way through. Just his thoughts on some totally random things throughout, and he's pretty entertaining, with a unique voice. A lot of the stuff (i.e., the art of mastering the sandwich) feels like I'm next to him and we just struck up a conversation about something he's passionate about. You have his thoughts on the original TNMT movie, followed by a Brodie chapter, followed by a joke Cesaro told him, followed by a sandwich chapter (with lists and diagrams), followed by two New Year's Eve stories with Renee. It's probably the perfect representation of who he is as a person, I would guess. Also, he's clumsy as f*ck.
  3. You can order the chase version at the link. The Elite chases aren't really that hard to come by (compared to early AEW figure chases or Micro Brawler chases). Much easier and more plentiful than other collections with "chase" variants.
  4. This stuff always make its way to eBay/Mercari (~$10 plus shipping, there's plenty). There was a pretty cool Lucha Bros. in the same style in one of the PWC boxes a few months back.
  5. I won't get a chance to watch it until this weekend, but this comment brings up my strong belief that Onita is one of the biggest scumbags in wrestling, but gets a pass by most of the wrestling community. In his memoir, Arai describes a least half a dozen times when Onita bullied his way back in to FMW and their bank accounts, leaving FMW worse off each time. I haven't read the (translated) Kodo Fuyuki book yet, but I'm curious to see how a third-party views it.
  6. Totally agree with this. They sort of stepped back when returning during the pandemic with running smaller shows and more local-based talent. A few months ago, they said essentially a full-start would happen on 11/26 (but that was based on the where COVID numbers were headed over the summer, not now). I live in Cleveland so I'm lucky to have them nearby. Pre-pandemic, the sold out shows at the Odeon in Cleveland had such a fun atmosphere and the crowds were on fire. I can't wait for those types of shows to return.
  7. Yeah, I can't describe how great the crowds were all weekend. I'm so thankful I made the trip. It's unlike any crowd/shows I've been a part of. Just total positivity all around and massive pops for everything.
  8. If it involved Jimmy Lloyd at any point, there is no payoff. I get the entire "We, as everyone in this building including the announcer and commentators, hate Matt Cardona," happening during that segment, but literally every other show, match, segment, whatever, it's usually just two people badgering on (usually not about the match), with rough delivery at that. There's literally people you can pay for almost nothing to come in a do commentary. Or just have no commentary—even that would be an improvement.
  9. It's odd. Sadika has a history so I'm more likely to believe it's not a work. Stiffed Lindsay Snow last year on a powerbomb after a stiff strike exchange, Snow got up immediately and took Sadika down and made her tap.
  10. I love this little nod to WWE. Such a cool build up all-around for this. I don't think I've ever paid money specifically to see Gage or Cordona/Ryder, but I'll definitely be paying to see this. Wrestling done right in 2021.
  11. Probably going to have to wait until September/October until they get their Unmatched line going. The main Unrivaled series is just going to be the bigger stars with a few new figures mixed in. I ordered series 6 but holy cow we don't need this many Jericho or Cody figures. Also going to see retail/online exclusives for people we'll probably never see in the Unmatched line.
  12. For anyone wondering where they can get this, if you aren't already family with Ringside Collectibles: https://www.ringsidecollectibles.com/new-japan-wrestling-figure-jushin-thunder-rex-186.html I have three of the other four Liger figures Storm has released, and they're tremendous.
  13. The Asylum is doing US distribution for Dynamite Kid, I'm guessing they'll be doing it for Nakano as well: https://www.facebook.com/theasylumwrestlingstore https://www.theasylumwrestlingstore.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/156374181615935/
  14. My AEW Series 4 order came in yesterday. Really good figures, on par with Series 3. The Omega and Cody figures are so far above and have so much more detail than their Series 1 figures. Some of the Santana figures have two clearly different skin tones on the chest. Guevara comes with five signs—which oddly all say the same thing ("Hit Me Up"). Not sure if that's from a specific episode or just a mix-up. He has a goofy-ass expression which is somewhat laughable. Matt Hardy comes with Vanguard-1 with an attachable holographic image. The Ortiz figure is great, so much detail, one of the top figures they've done so far, but it'll probably fly under the radar.
  15. New additions: Terry Funk retirement 1983 show program and ticket, and The Wrestler No. 59 newspaper covering the event.
  16. I tend to agree. Micro Brawlers are OK for what they are, buy they seem like more of a cheap novelty gift. Price point is sort of crazy—you're right, the AEW figs at retail are $20, $23/$24 if you have to pay an upcharge through Ringside Collectibles. These are going to be $17.99 plus tax, plus shipping for EACH ONE. People will pay more for these through PWT than they'll pay for figs through Ringside Collectibles.
  17. $20 retail, if you can find one, or just slightly more if you're willing to wait out the scalpers.
  18. NJPW programs are something else. "Stunning" Steve with a fairly dangerous tombstone in this one. Someone should make a poster of this! Merch!
  19. Agreed, this will be the fifth one. Dude needs to give it a break. Series 1 Series 1 1-in-500 Blood Brothers two pack UK Exclusive w/ ring Series 4
  20. Just finished two books recently. The Young Bucks: Killing the Business I preordered a signed, first edition, but after reading, I wish I would have waited for a paperback release. I've never had a more "average" experience reading a wrestling biography. My wife asked if it was a good, I paused, thought, and replied, "Yes? I guess so?" There are a few good stories, including the time at PWG where Danielson and Strong worked pretty stiff (for much longer than planned) in a failed attempt to make the Bucks sympathetic baby faces, being super lonely their first few trips in Japan, and the entire dynamic between the Bucks and Omega choosing between AEW and WWE. But if you're not a big fan, you might end up feeling like this is really just a rundown of their lives and careers. Which is fine, I love hearing it straight from the author, there's just nota lot of creativity or storytelling. Maybe I'm just spoiled by some of the great books by Foley, Jericho, Regal, etc., (they didn't use any type of ghostwriter for this). I admire their story, and what they've done to change the entire industry, and appreciate they dedicated so much time to this project. Like @Hagan said in a previous post, they're two genuine guys, so it's probably worth a quick read when it reaches a lower price point. Just doesn't expect an elite-level memoir here. Wrestling with Pixels Every wrestling video game, ever. They cover it. The kickstarter for this opened almost a decade ago (2013!) and it was finally released last year, after the book was handed over to Hardcore Gaming 101 a few years ago. A fan of video games, and wrestling, this strikes two boxes. My growing interest in PURO MERCH! checked another box, as this has a short summary of every Japanese release ever (look at that, FMW had a game, and holy sh*t did Japan get a lot of releases throughout the years). It's also nice to reminisce about the US releases, and learn why I never knew about WWF In Your House for PS1 until 10 years after its release. Summaries range from a third of a page to two or three pages (saved for a dozen or so titles). Brevity is nice, I don't need to read the full history on Super Wrestle Angels, but I'd like to know it exists. It's decent in a "checklist" sort of way: seeing the art, knowing what it is, and maybe a quick opinion. If you're expecting it to be in-depth on each game, you're not going to like this. If you want a definitive list of what's out there, this is the book to own. Sadly, the most common format is available at retail is paperback/black and white. I'm not sure if the digital formats are color or not. There's a paperback/color version floating around that I'll probably end up grabbing at an additional cost at some point. If this was a larger, color, coffee-table-style book, I'd be one of the first in line.
  21. Got Series 2 last week, my Pentagon has a slight packaging error.
  22. The Riho is an odd choice (even if they decided months ago), and the figure doesn't look great. They double down by making a Riho CHASE figure as well. And they totally missed out by putting "WHOEVER" on the side/left instead of the name.
  23. The new Storm Collectibles Liger (on the left) is ... just different enough?
  24. As an AIW regular and someone that finds Matthew Justice entertaining ... he needs to stop that. It's been a semi-regular occurrence on AIW shows for the last two years and I'd guess other places as well. He's crazy enough where it doesn't add anything, and there's a legit cringe (and not in a good way) every time they do those spots. Jumping off of balconies is more than enough.
  25. After looking as the results of the NGI and today's show, I'd guess Ol' Mancer finally signed with someone and is closing out his indy run.
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