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  1. I order all the time. If it's in stock it usually ships within 3 to 4 days, at least recently. Delivery depends on which method you pick and how far away from NY you are. When ordering in-stock stuff, don't order anything that is back-ordered, a preorder, etc. Your order won't ship until that item is available. Only thing I'd suggest is to not use the free shipping—it's dreadful. There's a lot of 10% off codes floating around to use instead of the free shipping discount. Packing also isn't the best from them, IMO.
  2. Me, too—sort of intrigued that everyone is really guessing where it's going to go with no completely obvious direction. Attending as well with a few friends, great seats two rows up off the floor. Still jonesing to take my daughter to an event but she's a tad young (as in a 9 p.m. bedtime). I'm sure your daughter will be awe-struck being that close.
  3. Sort of off tangent, but someone (maybe even Mox himself) had a comment a year or two ago that stuck with me, especially as someone who doesn't really dig him that much. I'm paraphrasing, but it was something along the lines of "Mox isn't a very good pro wrestler, which makes him one of the best pro wrestlers." He's admittedly pretty awkward physically, and he never had a flashy move set (and never tried to establish one). The lack of "crisp-ness"(?) in his stuff and a move set that doesn't include a lot of flashy stuff, combined with this intensity, just leads his in-ring stuff to feel more like a legitimate fight/struggle—something that a lot of workers can't really convey all that well.
  4. I wouldn't judge that based the AIW show—it was their yearly no rules/no DQ/anything goes event and he wasn't even originally booked, he was a last minute guest when Kevin Sullivan couldn't make it. But yeah, he's super limited. Saw him in a normal match in late 2019 and he was really limited then.
  5. I was there live and in the front. While the entire show was great, there were points in this match where I and people around me were cringing. Don't need 10+ unprotected, stiff chair shots to the head, and 30+ really stiff chair shots throughout. Seemed like Janela came to work a normal No DQ match and Bishop and Justice just came to stiff each other to prove how big and bad they are. Definitely check it out of you're in to stuff like that. Entire show was pretty good.
  6. Me, too, my 18-year-old self was in heaven. Some indy shows there as well in the mid-1990s—first time I met Foley was at one of those shows.
  7. I thought it was weird until I remembered how fragile-minded Low Ki is. Ki told the guy to come back and sit down just to talk more sh*t, LOL. According to Twitter sources(!) the dude mentioning something about Ki being blacklisted from wrestling. Don't know if that's what set off Ki in the first place or not.
  8. I thought this was the worst Clusterfuck out of them all. Just a ton of dead time and nothing seemed to be talked through or set up in advance. I get that part of the mystique now that it's "supposed" to be bad, so maybe that was the route they were taking, except for the Janela/Wayne spot. Seemed to be only two entrants that we haven't seen in a GCW ring in awhile (or ever), so no great surprises, I thought. Maybe it came across better live than it did through Fite. Really enjoyed the rest of the card, though.
  9. I really enjoyed Bandido vs. Bailey and the six-man from the Supershow. JJSB Night 1 just felt "there"—nothing that was must see, but nothing that was horrible. Seemed like the ending wasn't a strong way to end the show, either (if it wasn't a legit injury, which I doubt it was). Not sure what Nick Gage has to offer at this point other than a few minutes of GCW nostalgia and crowd involvement. I have Night 2 ordered. I think GCW is sort of losing their luster they had since they now run an insane amount of shows and disappointed at Hammerstein.
  10. Which book is that? Googled and couldn't find anything with that title. Sounds interesting.
  11. I just finished the run yesterday except for the last one ("The Music of ECW" - don't know I care that much to check that one out). I liked it for the most part, but it does get repetitive having the same four/five guys commenting on the shows (and, usually one or two of the guys can't remember the specific show they're referencing). You do get never-before-told stories, so that's entertaining. The ones covering shows, I thought they glossed over a lot of stuff. The Balls episode is by far the best. Still liked it just because no one is doing the ECW-specific stuff in this format.
  12. There's no clear-cut progression throughout, only knowing that three or four chapters from the one you're reading will probably continue his story in some loosely connected fashion. It's great. I'm about a third of the way through. Just his thoughts on some totally random things throughout, and he's pretty entertaining, with a unique voice. A lot of the stuff (i.e., the art of mastering the sandwich) feels like I'm next to him and we just struck up a conversation about something he's passionate about. You have his thoughts on the original TNMT movie, followed by a Brodie chapter, followed by a joke Cesaro told him, followed by a sandwich chapter (with lists and diagrams), followed by two New Year's Eve stories with Renee. It's probably the perfect representation of who he is as a person, I would guess. Also, he's clumsy as f*ck.
  13. You can order the chase version at the link. The Elite chases aren't really that hard to come by (compared to early AEW figure chases or Micro Brawler chases). Much easier and more plentiful than other collections with "chase" variants.
  14. This stuff always make its way to eBay/Mercari (~$10 plus shipping, there's plenty). There was a pretty cool Lucha Bros. in the same style in one of the PWC boxes a few months back.
  15. I won't get a chance to watch it until this weekend, but this comment brings up my strong belief that Onita is one of the biggest scumbags in wrestling, but gets a pass by most of the wrestling community. In his memoir, Arai describes a least half a dozen times when Onita bullied his way back in to FMW and their bank accounts, leaving FMW worse off each time. I haven't read the (translated) Kodo Fuyuki book yet, but I'm curious to see how a third-party views it.
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