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  1. From the AIW show, I'd recommend seeing Joshua Bishop vs. Dominic Garrini and Shinjiro Otani vs. Eddie Kingston. Bishop/Garrini just because it was crazy at times, despite some odd stuff due to both guys having like five years combined experience, and Kingston/Otani, was just really simple and well put together without going anywhere near overboard, plus ... Otani. Everything else isn't necessarily bad, but nothing I'd consider "can't miss" (maybe Steiner vs. Swoggle just for the spectacle of it?). Mance vs. Gage had a decent crowd atmosphere but was essentially a paint-by-numbers Gage match.
  2. Yeah, I didn't get it. AIW puts out a pretty decent product and always treats the fans right. I wasn't really understanding the comments. I wasn't sure why a supporter of wrestling would be sh*tting on a company trying to add a show on that weekend. He came back with the retort of "I never specifically said I wanted the Collective to fail" but pretty much said that every which way he could without actually saying it. They bring in guys like Ultimo Dragon, Tanaka, La Parka, Penta, Jody Fleisch, Grado, Bunkhouse Buck, Col. Robert Parker, Guido, Jannetty, Norton, Sandman, Sabu, Missy Hyatt, Harley Race, etc., and do a lot of seminars (Arn Anderson, Kidman, etc.). They continually book Nick Gage but I try not to hold that against them.
  3. Me, too. I suppose a favorite depends on when you grew up, but man, I loved those Hasbros (with the Galoobs mixed in). The hours I spent putting cards together: I had one of those tri-fold presentation boards (like kids used for school projects) and would pin up the match cards using WWF/WCW trading cards. I also had notebooks full of event cards I ran. I went back about 10 years ago and re-bought the entire collection.
  4. Anyone read or have general thoughts on the Kenny Casanova-written books for WOHW publishing? Kamala, Beefcake, and Danny Davis have all been published so far—I was tempted to preorder an autographed Sabu book but haven't heard a lot about the writing quality, detail, or format of any of his work.
  5. Correction: 29,000 in MSG. At least for the one night.
  6. There's also ECW Toledo that is going to start running soon. It won't last long but there are some decent names (Myron Reed, Trey Miguel, Abyss, N8 Mattson, and ... Boz?).
  7. Just FYI, after seeing this over the weekend, I got the impression this is going to happen again (fast-count finish with Gage signaling they'd do it one more time in the future). So if this of interest to you I'd imagine it'll happen again, probably over WM weekend.
  8. Yeah, this is tough. Such a talented dude who 'gets it' in terms of pro wrestling being fun. I'm headed to the show tonight. It's the last time running their current, long-time venue, this is also the show with L.A. Park vs. Gage, and this ...
  9. Janela's shows have been booking some pretty random stuff whenever they're running a show on big WWE weekends.
  10. If it was done to start an inter-promotional angle .... well that's the dumbest way in history to start an inter-promotional angle.
  11. What the hell? Pretentious. I'd almost being inclined to not attend after reading something like that if I were a fan and on the fence about attending.
  12. Not sure, but they live in Las Vegas and Young recently did something with the NHL on how the city is embracing the team so they probably set up VIP treatment or something. Probably neither.
  13. Yep. I can't remember what podcast it was, but someone (maybe Sami, maybe Owens?) were talking about the discussions with Vince on how Sami's heel persona would act. Instead of doing a 180, into a dark, somber, cocky, traditional heel, Vince wanted him just to act like himself but turn it up another notch. And yeah, it's turned out awesome.
  14. AIW is running their annual JLIT over Memorial Day. Some interesting names in the tournament: Jody Fleisch / Andrew Everett / Swoggle / "Filthy" Tom Lawlor / Matthew Justice / Louis Lyndon / Colin Delaney / Cheech / Gringo Loko / Laredo Kid / Dominic Garrini / "Bad Boy" Joey Janela / "All Ego" Ethan Page / MJF / Little Guido / Gangrel / Tim Donst / AJ Gray / Josh Prohibition / Space Monkey / "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams / Facade / Marty Jannetty / Frankie Flynn / Magnum CK They also announced Nick Gage vs. Colt Cabana for night 2.
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