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  1. This is probably the best description of Teddy Hart I've ever read. I enjoy him popping up on certain shows, e.g., random WM weekend stuff that's just wacky one-off stuff, but in no way does his style belong in an episodic week-to-week TV promotion. Yikes. He COULD be really good, but he just choses to want to do a few highspots a match and nothing more.
  2. The one they announced today was probably my top choice ... I hope his stuff translates to the larger audience.
  3. No more weekly Art of Wrestling, announced today. There's going to be a few live shows posted that he taped in the last few months, and he's contractually obligated to do one each month until the end of the year, but that's pretty much it. He's moving the archives to Patreon and may do some occasional stuff there if there's enough support. I pretty much tapped out when he made the format switch a few months ago, but that's the end of a pretty decent run.
  4. Bought one, too (thanks for posting—I had no idea about these). Hard to find interesting wrestling tees that aren't the standard black.
  5. Am I the only one who thought Moxley just ran through Janela? Maybe rightfully so, as they're polar opposites both in looks and in size—one just looks like a star. Maybe I was expecting too much, as the previous Cody vs. Allin match elevated Allin while keeping Cody pretty strong. I thought at a few points his selling (or lack of) was almost into Teddy Hart territory. Janela's on the ground for a lot of the match, just watching Moxley do his angry pace around the ring a majority of the time. I found it odd after Moxley going off on WWE for the last month or so about things being so illogical, then being set up in an 'unsanctioned' match (complete with dramatic intro!) and then just rolling through most of the hardcore spots. Probably nitpicking here, but I thought it was the perfect chance for Moxley to have an "epic" brawl with a guy who can really go in that situation, but it came off to me as somewhat of a squash. /Rant over. I loved the majority of what I saw. The six-man was bonkers.
  6. Not excusing the language ... but was his reference toward CIMA? It's possible he just confused CIMA being part of the Oriental Wrestling Federation and just blurted out the term. But ... yeah, yikes.
  7. Yes, do tell ... EDIT: The hot dog incident ...? I'm trying to look up anything on Google and there's too much drama to even narrow it down.
  8. Anyone read this? I was thinking of grabbing an auto'd copy.
  9. So, I wonder which one of the performers on the show have HIV and Hep C?
  10. AIW running their annual tournament next week in Cleveland with some interesting names: Savio Vega, Colt Cobana, Eddie Kingston, Nick Gage, Dominic Garrini, Joshua Bishop, Tim Donst, Danhausen A.D., Louis Lyndon, Flip Kendrick, DCR, Pat Buck, Lee Moriarty, MJF, KTB, Matthew Justice, Mance Warner, Zach Thomas, AJ Gray, Swoggle, Tre Lemar, Marko Stunt, Erick Stevens, Kid Kash. Night two gives you some really interesting 4-ways with the winners from night one. Plus the tag team tournament on Saturday afternoon with The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey). They're bringing in Sekimoto on July 25, so I'd expect more dates for him over that weekend if they haven't been announced yet.
  11. I was a little ... perturbed ... when they didn't announce Fenix wasn't showing up until after the card had started. I was looking forward to getting something signed and a photo with the Lucha Bros, and I almost never buy merchandise at a show, and very rarely get a photo with anyone. Didn't even care a few matches in because the entire show was great with a great atmosphere—one of the best in the AIW's history. After hearing the podcast, what a sh*t move by Fenix. As they mentioned in the podcast—Fenix is "untouchable"—bitching about it won't have any effect as he's already got a contract and likely won't need the independents to make a living. I guess he'd rather spend time in Mexico than fulfill an advertised commitment. I'm guessing the promotor is out the cost of the flight (Sid still owes for the cost of a flight from last year). The worst part is that it was a great opportunity for the Jollyville F*ck Its. Two guys who are highly underrated, never miss a show, and really could have used the exposure.
  12. Well ... from AIW in Cleveland last night ...
  13. Small write up. As a Clevelander, I wasn't even aware of this until a few years ago. Cleveland Sports Vault: 1/31/74. “The Cleveland Riot” at the Arena
  14. I love the stands. Those fools. I'll just hunt down more of the Jakks-era block logo stands. Maybe they're assuming (wrongly so) that the prices will go insane in 25 years like the original Hasbro line did/is, completely forgetting the fact that the generation now really won't have an emotional attachment to these Mattels as the "toys they grew up with" like ~40-year-olds do today with the Hasbros. Hawkins/Ryder are so far down the rabbit hole of collecting, though. The cheap retro rings are a cool way to make some customized rings, though.
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