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  1. My AEW Series 4 order came in yesterday. Really good figures, on par with Series 3. The Omega and Cody figures are so far above and have so much more detail than their Series 1 figures. Some of the Santana figures have two clearly different skin tones on the chest. Guevara comes with five signs—which oddly all say the same thing ("Hit Me Up"). Not sure if that's from a specific episode or just a mix-up. He has a goofy-ass expression which is somewhat laughable. Matt Hardy comes with Vanguard-1 with an attachable holographic image. The Ortiz figure is great, s
  2. New additions: Terry Funk retirement 1983 show program and ticket, and The Wrestler No. 59 newspaper covering the event.
  3. I tend to agree. Micro Brawlers are OK for what they are, buy they seem like more of a cheap novelty gift. Price point is sort of crazy—you're right, the AEW figs at retail are $20, $23/$24 if you have to pay an upcharge through Ringside Collectibles. These are going to be $17.99 plus tax, plus shipping for EACH ONE. People will pay more for these through PWT than they'll pay for figs through Ringside Collectibles.
  4. $20 retail, if you can find one, or just slightly more if you're willing to wait out the scalpers.
  5. NJPW programs are something else. "Stunning" Steve with a fairly dangerous tombstone in this one. Someone should make a poster of this! Merch!
  6. Agreed, this will be the fifth one. Dude needs to give it a break. Series 1 Series 1 1-in-500 Blood Brothers two pack UK Exclusive w/ ring Series 4
  7. Just finished two books recently. The Young Bucks: Killing the Business I preordered a signed, first edition, but after reading, I wish I would have waited for a paperback release. I've never had a more "average" experience reading a wrestling biography. My wife asked if it was a good, I paused, thought, and replied, "Yes? I guess so?" There are a few good stories, including the time at PWG where Danielson and Strong worked pretty stiff (for much longer than planned) in a failed attempt to make the Bucks sympathetic baby faces, being super lonely their first few trips in Japan,
  8. Got Series 2 last week, my Pentagon has a slight packaging error.
  9. The Riho is an odd choice (even if they decided months ago), and the figure doesn't look great. They double down by making a Riho CHASE figure as well. And they totally missed out by putting "WHOEVER" on the side/left instead of the name.
  10. The new Storm Collectibles Liger (on the left) is ... just different enough?
  11. As an AIW regular and someone that finds Matthew Justice entertaining ... he needs to stop that. It's been a semi-regular occurrence on AIW shows for the last two years and I'd guess other places as well. He's crazy enough where it doesn't add anything, and there's a legit cringe (and not in a good way) every time they do those spots. Jumping off of balconies is more than enough.
  12. After looking as the results of the NGI and today's show, I'd guess Ol' Mancer finally signed with someone and is closing out his indy run.
  13. It would be nice if DZ ever started providing context to at least some of the pictures he posts in this thread. It's the third theme album put out by NJPW, 1983, listing at discogs.com.
  14. I disagree. If you have mental health issues, I'd rather a therapist provide advice on whether a specific occupation should or should not be pursued. For some, performing is an important part of positive mental health. For some, you're right, if you don't have the tools to deal with certain aspects, it can be counter-productive. Either way, it's a bit naive to generalize and put every performer in the same bucket of what they should and should not do, and how that impacts their mental health.
  15. Another lawsuit by Joey Ryan, this time against for ROH student/wrestler Pelle Primeau: PWInsider The best part? The first part of the lawsuit claims, that, Ryan slept with Pelle's partner (not knowing she was Pelle's partner at the time). When Pelle posted about this, he did so as part of #SpeakingOut movement, instead of just posting it as his own, non-related issue. Attaching the posts to the #SpeakingOut movement caused Ryan to lose cash. I guess that's one route to take. The rest just claims libel after Pelle posted a bunch of stuff urging others to not financially support Ryan
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