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20 hours ago, nofuture said:

According to this website, Toni Storm vs. Killer Kelly vs. Jinny vs. Isla Dawn will happen on the first night.  The match will determine a Challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship on Night Two.


Killer Kelly was retweeting several mentions of this, so it seems confirmed.

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Known Cards at this moment

Day 1 (June 18)

UK Championship Tournament Quarterfinals (4 matches)

UK Championship Tournament Semifinals (2 matches)

UK Championship Tournament Finals (Winner faces Pete Dunne on Day 2)

Mustache Mountain (Trent Seven/Tyler Bate) & Pete Dunne  vs. Undisputed Era

Toni Storm vs. Killer Kelly vs. Jinny vs. Isla Dawn - Winner gets NXT Women's Title shot the next night (Match not confirmed by the WWE yet)


Day 2 (June 19)

Pete Dunne vs. Tournament Winner - WWE UK Title

Shanya Bayzler/Nikki Cross vs. ???? (WWE NXT Women's Title match has been announced to be occurring on Day 2)

NXT North American Championship Match (Participants unknown)

NXT Tag Team Championship Match (Participants unknown)

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9 hours ago, RIPPA said:

Forgot that the 2nd show also has Aleister Black/Ricochet vs. EC3/Velveteen Dream

Don't really understand what they're doing with EC3. His strength is talking and getting storylines over, and they keep throwing him into these random spotfest matches.

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I've never seen a Zach Gibson match, but I already like him based on that vid. It feels like he could be what Dunne was in last year's tournament.

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For those who watched the Gibson promo and are unfamiliar with UK culture, Scouse Style is where you live in the past and whinge continuously when things don't go your way. It can be mainly seen here, right la'?



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WWE finally announced that these two shows will air on a week tape delay

They will air Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26 on the Network at 3 PM EST

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18 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

Why wouldn't they air them live?  Spoilers will be out 

Most likely because they don't want to do 4 straight days of live events  (especially if they want people to watch Takeover and MITB to boost their viewership numbers)

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