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Fight Kits, USADA, TV Rights Fees, & Fighter Union Table Scrap Chaos (World Wide Leader in Sports Edition?)

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4 minutes ago, Execproducer said:

I think this is about right. While I have as much love for him as The Natural does, there is a huge difference between what this has cost him and how it has affected someone like Tom Lawlor  or even a Machida or Silva. His legacy is irreparably harmed and he is out millions and millions and millions of dollars. Even if the UFC is willing to forgive him everything (you know, like Connor) , it isn't like he ever achieved the level of a sports icon like a Jordon or Montana or even a Lee Trevino *and time isn't going to give him the same type of historical context that Muhammad Ali earned*. Bring him back, already. He's either grown from this or he'll fuck it up forever.

*Meaning the lost years. I assume whatever Ali was on was all about how his brain was wired.*

Look at someone like Alexander Povetkin. Povetkin has failed two tests but because folks want to hate Deontay Wilder (less so now that Joshua-Wilder is the preferred fight of choice and Wilder is seen as more legit nowadays) is somehow turned into Wilder is figuring out ways to duck Povetkin. It ain't Povetkin is a drug cheat. Hell, Povetkin is getting Anthony Joshua before Wilder gets to fight Joshua and none of the leadup is Povetkin killing off two cracks at Wilder's WBC title by pissing hot twice. He doesn't get the label of fuck up. Keep in mind, this is years after carrying a phony WBA title when Wladimir Klitschko was the legit heavyweight champion of the world.

Jon cannot ever win over court of public opinion. That train left the station a long time ago. But do I have a problem with Jon getting a two year suspension over a four year suspension even if Tom Lawlor and Amanda Ribas got two year suspensions as first timers? Not one bit when USADA already has a contentious relationship with the fighters already. Stars are going to get preferential treatment. You wanna stop that? Figure out a way to become one. That's how it has always been.

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It is sad to me that I was once such a huge boxing fan that I would mark on a calendar when an Azumah Nelson or Simon Brown or Evander Holyfield or Buddy McGirt or Prince Charles Williams or Julio Cesar Chavez fight would be coming up but  I've never heard of any of the boxers you mentioned. Besides the Russian dude.

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