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19 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

Apparently not his fault.

But seriously the fuck happened there?


Look for Price to insinuate Waterhouse has failed a wellness test and Waterhouse to show up on Nitro with a handful of statues to throw in a trash can.

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6 minutes ago, piranesi said:

I love that moment when Warren Beatty has realized something is wrong and he's kind of stuck...so his solution is just to hand it to her and start clapping.

Exactly.  Most people who aren't total assholes or total morons would just say "Um, there is a mistake.  This is the envelope for Best Actress."   Nope.  

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1 minute ago, EVA said:

Emma Stone just told the press that she has the card from her win.

THE PLOT THICKENS and Anderson has gone full Daniel Bryan going off script here.

When WWE has a roster cull, certain people shouldn't answer their phone. Same goes for those here. You fucked up!

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