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I know it's early but has anyone looked at the Summer 2017 schedule? Some of these movies are going to BOMB and hard. There's no way they can all co-exist.


Kong: Skull Island

Beauty and the Beast 

Power Rangers

Furious 8

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Star Wars: Episode VIII

World War Z 2

Cars 3

Wonder Woman

Despicable Me 3


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

War of the Planet of the Apes

Spider-Man Reboot

Pitch Perfect 3

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I don't have a ton of faith of this monster (?) universe that Universal/Legendary is trying to set up. The tepid response to when they announced Kong vs. Godzilla movie and the Mummy reboot was just so sad coming off a great 2015 for them. Like why wait to do Kong vs. Godzilla in 2020 when you can do that in 2018? Does Warner Bros. have a slate of non DC/Lego related movies between April and mid-August 2018 where they can't fit in a movie they're already have a slot for? 


Other than that, most of those movies should be fine just for certain reasons. Also, you have stuff like Pitch Perfect that's not drawing from the same well as the other films. Plus, you got movies in there that don't need to be giant blockbusters to do fine like the War of the Planet of the Apes. The last one didn't do gangbusters, but made enough to warrant another one.

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Ready Player One looks like it is their big non DC/Lego release in the time span you mentioned


They are giving it the Christmas/end of the year slot in 2017 and they right now have nothing coming out for 3 months after it (which is its longest gap between any two movies)


That being said - they are releasing Justice League a month before RPO so who the fuck knows

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Well also, some of them might not bomb but you have situations like GOTG2 coming out three weeks before Star Wars. That should give it plenty of time to make its money but it won't have staying power once Star Wars hits. Then on the other side of Star Wars is something like Wonder Woman only a few weeks down the road which might not have a big opening if Star Wars is still raking $80M+ that weekend. I think Uncharted and Despicable Me 3 are going head to head though that might not be the same audience..

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David O. Russell directs?


He was actually scheduled to direct Uncharted back in 2011, but withdrew (which is why it's taken another 6 years for the film to happen).  At this point, I don't see him ever doing a big tentpole/action movie again. He's doing too well with his passion projects while simultaneously being too damaged/shitty to work with to hand over $100 million to.

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So the third xXx movie - besides bringing Vin Diesel back - supposedly with have Conor McGregor, Jet Li, Tony Jaa, and Indian star Deepika Padukone.


Potential for badass fights?  Check,


Hot Indian actress? Check.


I guess they are going to ignore the events of xXx: State of the Union when they implied that Cage was assassinated.  I'd would.  Not even Ice Cube could save that movie.

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To be fair - Xander dying was in a deleted scene so it is really easy to ignore


There is also a scene where Gibbons is running down the list of agents hunted down via the data dump and Cage is listed as being killed in the field.


IIRC, the deleted scene stayed deleted because Diesel always purchases the likeness rights for the characters he plays and did not give permission for Cage's likeness to appear in the movie.

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