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21 minutes ago, D.Z said:

The two masked women...

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Are working for Giulia. Giulia declared war on all units in Stardom.




Didn't expect Giulia being behind the masked women.  They're going to have to re-shuffle the units.  DDM having 7 seems way too much.


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Not sure how I feel about expanding DDM, I was hoping for a new unit and I really wanted one led by Hazuki before she ended up in Stars. QQ needs more bodies so I could see Lady C finally finding herself there.

Not having Syuri win the Red Belt after this build seems like a waste to me. I love Momo and do look forward to her battles with QQ(especially AZM, she is ready for war) but I am fine with the Red Belt not being in play for that feud. 

Kamatani winning the White Belt without the underlying emotional element Tam has been pushing in her defenses will feel odd to me.

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I think Ruaka and Kid retain. Feels like Ruaka will lose the belt eventually to C or one of the new DDM members. I suspect Kid stays High Speed champ until they are ready to move her on to the white belt.

MaiHimePoi is actually the hardest title match for me to predict as I think much of hinges upon plans for DDM. If they legit just expand I can see then retaining them fine. If they break some of MaiHimePoi away then I can see them losing here. Still I also have trouble seeing the give Mai a belt right now since she is the worst member of CA and possibly the worst on the roster at the moment.

Still leaning towards a new unit being in the works opposed to an expansion to all the other units. 

Iroha/Mayu vs. Momo/Hazuki ends in a draw or Hazuki eats the pinfall.

I want Tam to retain, but my mind keeps saying Saya wins. I have some doubts they ever planned for Tam to reign this long, and there isn't any other natural choice per say. There is at least history there between Tam and Saya.

Syuri wins the red belt. Utami retaining only makes sense if they actually want to make Momo champ, and I don't think they do. Now is the time for Syuri to get a reign in. They won't be able to get in the same amount of build and drama if they wait any longer. I think the more interesting things will happen post match. As its a double titles match there is still some curiosity in if they decide to merge the belt for a double crown. Also curious to see who challenges Syuri first between Mayu and Giulia.

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these are my (to be proven incorrect) predictions + fantasy booking:

Lady C wins the 5 way

Hanan d Ruaka

Kid retains the High Speed Title

DDM retain the Artists Titles

Giulia d Konami.  the minions attack Konami afterwards.  Syuri saves Konami

Hazuki/Momo d Iroha/Mayu

Tam retains vs Kamitani

Syuri d Utami

results: 5/8

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final scorecard
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I knew my Ruaka retains prediction was wrong once Hanan's entrance went on. New music and outfit at the second biggest show of the year killed poor Ruaka'a chances. Was not expecting a spin kick and backdrop driver as a finish either. Now I just feel for Ruaka's neck.


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