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I don´t know if I was giving the US much of a chance in that group, but I am certain I have never seen a Group of Death playing out exactly like people thought it would beforehand. Just a few examples from the top of my head:


1996 EUROS had a group of Germany, Italy, Russia and the Czech Republic. Germany was coming from a surprise quarterfinals elimination in the 1994 World Cup, Italy were runners up in that very tournament, Russia were considered dark horses of the tournament and the Czech Republic were thought to be the underdogs in the group. Italy and Russia went home, while Germany and the Czechs advanced.


EURO 2000 had the group of Germany, England (who seemed on the verge of regaining their lost football superpower status), Portugal (who had the golden generation of Figo and Co) and Romania (Hagi´s last spring). England and Germany were the teams eliminated from the group, Portugal winning all three matches and Romania beating England on the final matchday with a 3-2 scoreline.


Basically every EURO since the EUROs became 16 team tourneys had one amazingly tough group, and quite often the "weak" team of the group performed well, sometimes even advancing.


Even World Cups had those group of death surprises:

The 2002 World Cup had the group of England, Argentina, Nigeria and Sweden. Nigeria was held in high regard, it was expected it was either them or Cameroon to perform big for Africa in that tournament. England qualified after the legendary 5-1 win in Munich and were considered a tournament favourite aswell as Argentina. Sweden was the team to deliver the points to everyone, but still considered tough opposition to the others. Sweden ended up winning the group, England advanced alongside them. Group of Deaths often aren´t what you´d thought they´d be in the beginning of a tournament.

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Niners I like you quite a bit but you're talking mad shit right now.


This thread needed some of that AMERICA FUCK YEAH and I'm giving the people what they want.



FSW needs to recognize when someone's playing his song.

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By an hour and a half!


I saw that majestic photo of El Hijo del Roberto Eaton, and hit quote right away, there was no need to read anyone elses posts. :)


Mexican Bobby Eaton >>> both games going on right now.

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