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Feeling Poptimistic


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Well, the Poptimism thread got blown up with the old board. This is unacceptable and must be changed.


Since I haven't heard any of the really new stuff over the past few months, I'll just go with some fairly recent ones instead.


Some Colbie Caillat. . .



Some Ingrid Michaelson. . .



And some Sara Bareilles



Bring forth the pop!

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I refuse.


Instead, I'll post some other stuff.


I think the "Hello...." bit is absurdly good. I can't speak for the rest of the song but that's some sort of drunken rave bliss or something. Having a daughter now, Kesha scares the crap out of me.



Speaking of things that scare the crap out of me. 



Other things that scare me: How thoroughly Lana Del Ray has shifted into being a pop zombie:



And this one is abjectly great. I kind of love it. It's currently on my more indy alt-rock channel but I imagine it'll be a pop song in a month or two.



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Let's do another compare/contrast with Lovato


Two songs that came out at almost exactly the same time.


Lovato's Made in the USA:



Bonnie McKee (Who writes songs for just about every pop singer)'s American Girl



It's like the goofus and gallant of pop songs here

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This came out a couple of years ago now, my favourite pop song of the past 5 years or so, still on my mp3 player.


This song has no business being as fucking catchy as it is. Of course - I am still trying to figure out what the fuck she is wearing.

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