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So I was looking for Yuji Nagata vs. Steve Regal for the other thread I started.

I couldn't find it on Youtube but there was a Nagata/Goldberg match.

It's kind fun in that three minute way since Nagata was able to get stuff out of Goldberg. But this obviously isn't a good way to showcase Nagata - it is more an excuse to tell this story.


The enjoyable part of the clip - before the match starts, they show Jerry Lee Lewis in the crowd.


The best part - the best fucking part - is that Lewis is fucking stuck sitting behind The Flock.


Anyway - first video has the Jerry Lee Lewis. The second video is a better quality version of the match



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Here is Yuji Nagata destroying Keith Shaera on Wordlwide:



There is so much to love about this match:


1. Sonny Oono taking a selfie before selfies were cool.


2. The high production costs NOT~!  Is Nagata's ring attire made out of a fucking Goodyear radial or something?


3. The elite fighting skills of Sonny Oono.


4. Watching Shera's smugness evaporate after Nagata hits a king sized Exploder.


5. Hey, Keith!  At least try to sell the leg on your hope spot, bro!

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I really enjoyed the Nagata vs Ultimo Dragon feud and became a fan of Nagata in general. 

Then WCW decided to turn him into a full jobber and he could not buy a win. They did the same thing to Kurosawa in 1995, even having him maim Hawk. 

Then he just lost to everyone on the way out. I don't get why wrestling companies do stuff like this. If you consider how much money it cost to do a wrestling show, they are wasting a fortune on stuff like that. 

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Whenever I think of Nagata, two things come to mind: his matches with Minoru Suzuki (simply because Suzuki likes to piss off Nagata, and Nagata always gets pissed off) and his match with Kensuke Sasaki. What a bloodbath that was.



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I made this comp of Nagata.




Volume 1
Running Time: 1:57


8/16/97 vs. Jerry Flynn
8/25/97 vs. Chris Jericho
8/30/97 vs. Silver King
9/1/97 vs. Dean Malenko
9/27/97 vs. Dean Malenko
vs. Chris Jericho
10/11/97 vs. Steve Armstrong
10/20/97 vs. Juventud Guerrera
10/26/97 vs. Ultimo Dragon (Halloween Havoc)
11/3/97 vs. Psychosis
11/10/97 vs. Alex Wright
11/22/97 vs. Lizmark Jr.
11/23/97 vs. Ultimo Dragon (World War 3)
12/1/97 vs. Prince Iaukea
12/6/97 vs. La Parka
12/13/97 vs. Prince Iaukea
12/15/97 vs. Disco Inferno


Volume 2
Running Time: 1:59


1/30/98 vs. Bill Goldberg
1/31/98 vs. Barry Horowitz
2/9/98 vs. Disco Inferno
2/14/98 vs. Chris Adams
2/16/98 vs. La Parka
vs. Saturn
2/27/98 vs. La Parka
3/16/98 vs. Ernest Miller
3/20/98 vs. Prince Iaukea
3/28/98 vs. Booker T
4/10/98 vs. Prince Iaukea
4/13/98 vs. Curt Hennig
5/1/98 vs. Ernest Miller (HH Greenville, SC)
5/11/98 vs. Scott Norton
5/22/98 vs. Ernest Miller
5/30/98 vs. Ernest Miller
6/8/98 vs. Jerry Flynn
6/22/98 vs. Tokyo Magnum
7/20/98 vs. Saturn

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