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The Termination of CM Punk by The Coward Tony Khan


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20 minutes ago, Godfrey said:

My view is Punk wouldn't have put out a statement that he decided not to sue if he didn't have the option to. He's saying he's taking the high road, to be taken with the appropriate amount of salt

I went back and listened to Moxley on Renee's podcast admit to pulling a power play and forcing through the Rocky 3 angle because TK was foolish enough to put his world title on an unsigned wrestler. His words, not mine. Of course, Tony could have said "Thanks for the suggestion, Jon!" and then go on TV and turn it into an angle. "I trusted Jon Moxley and that was a mistake. He is holding our world title hostage for more money because he is scared to face the real world champion and I do not do business like that. He is immediately stripped of the interim title blah blah blah." Chalk that one up to a learning experience

Anyway, part of that story is that Punk says he wasn't cleared for the Mox squash ahead of All Out. Perhaps he could have sued over having to wrestle against doctor's orders

Technically, CM Punk didn't put out a statement, unless that was Punk and his lawyers' way of feeding that story to Hausman to put it out there.

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The Voice of the Voiceless thing was something he only used in WWE, where although the fans were vocal about wanting more CM Punk and less Cena/ Orton/ H, the company refused to listen. Thus rendering them effectively voiceless. He retired the nickname in his first AEW promo.

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