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All Out V - 9/3/2023

Dolfan in NYC

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I think there's some merit in having Mox drop the belt to Starks in the next week or so.

Mox doesn't need the title. OC should beat him in a rematch but also his title run has done all it can. We get a rematch of Starks/Danielson out of it, and him going over both BCC guys immediately wipes away his  last few months.

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Catching up on all threads, another amazing show for sure. 

Joe/Taylor was short but glad for Taylor to get the spot on PPV anyway. Great set up for Joe/MJF

Hobbs/Miro was awesome but man I really wanted the epic post-match Predator handshake to lead to them teaming up/Hobbs face turn rather than another beatdown. 

Great to hear Ruby out to her Ruby Soho theme again, wish she would've finally won. I figure Toni would be mad at Saraya more than Ruby but the whole Outcasts implode feels kind of abrupt.

Danielson/Starks was amazing and probably my favorite match of the night. Brutal, bloody, and a memorable finish. Excellent stuff. 

BCC/ShibataKingston ruled with a surprise sudden finish. Takeshita/Omega was great and I was shocked that Takeshita went over again. Another great 8 man tag.

Main event was an absolute epic. Sad to see the end of the incredible Orange reign but it was a fitting one at least. Loved it.

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11 hours ago, The Natural said:


Miro/Hobbs, ****1/4.

Danielson/Starks, *****.

Takeshita/Omega, ****1/2. Need to watch this back.

Cassidy/Moxley, ****3/4.


Miro/Hobbs, ****1/4.

Danielson/Starks, *****.

Takeshita/Omega, *****. Need to watch this back.

Cassidy/Moxley, ****1/2.

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On 9/8/2023 at 12:05 PM, The Natural said:

Before AEW, Bryan Danielson had never had a ***** according to Meltzer. Bryan now has 6.

I’m not upset about it.

Bryans run in WWE isn’t just remarkable because of all the awesome matches he had.  He certainly had a fuckton of them over a long string period of time (even with the time out). We knew he could even in an unwelcoming environment.

The run in the E is more remarkable because he was never supposed to be there.  ANY success he could muster would have been an overachievement.  That he basically took the company top spot by force of the will of the people is practically cosmic in its elevation.

Especially because I watched my ROH guy get murdered week after week to the tune of “Wild and Young” on the original NXT.  When he lost to Khali and his fucking HAND CHOP?  I thought it was over.  

I admit that in hindsight I kind of respect the troll move of having MIZ be his senior (even when Punk was right there).  But MIZ did put Bryan over strong and helped the comeback after the baffling firing.  

Am I remembering correctly that the week after Bryan got fired. RAW faded to black with the crowd chanting his name?  

But it be can really seen in contrast of what it looks like when the company is behind you like say with… Ultimate Warrior.  To put that much into a character build and still kinda fail.

Versus putting any and all effort into suppression and blowing up with that.. much.. success.  Fucking really?

But he really kinda beat them in spite of it all.  And he got to do all that while having years worth of great matches.

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I’m late but I finally caught the main event. I haven’t been huge on either guy recently and this match way overdelivered for me. Not much to add to what others have said, except that between the two ppv main events from this week AEW gave proof of concept for their vision of wrestling

Also: Here’s how we know Cornette and crew are working a gimmick, Brian Last chose this match to make a point about wrestlers kicking out of too many moves. There are a lot of matches you could make that case with in AEW and to run with it on this match just shows you have a bone to pick. Unless a spear from a guy they think is undersized is overkill? Silly shit

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