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  2. I wonder what the age cutoff is between people who loved the Brock boombox bit and the people who were too young to know what the fuck he was doing.
  3. I miss Crash Holly. The crazy defenses he had and what DDT has done with their hardcore title, hopefully the wrestlers get to be creative on social media with it.
  4. I hope we get the Brock gif with "Fight the Power".
  5. You could hear a pin drop in between the booing, you mean.
  6. RADIO!!! Also, am I the only one who hates that damn backwards leap Kofi does off the top?
  7. 24/7 is lame as fuck. Just what we needed, a jobber title. I liked how when Mick unveiled the 24/7 belt, it sounded like the entire arena cleared out. You could hear a pin drop.
  8. DJ Brock is something I didn’t think I needed in my life. All is forgiven.
  9. Since the title can be defended anytime, the face plate should have been a clock, complete with hands moving hilariously fast around it. Either that, or a digital clock repeatedly blinking 12:00.
  10. Okay the European Title is back after all
  11. I was gonna say they probably created the belt just so they had content for youtube and twitter and everything.
  12. Brock's fate won't be the same as Radio Raheem. I just saw exactly what I needed to from Raw. I'm loving not watching Raw and Smackdown.
  13. So after 2 solid months of overtime and 2.5 years of oohing and aahing at demo units, I bought a PSVR. (Got the Borderlands/Beat Saber bundle). Rez and Tetris Effect feel like THE argument for "gamepad" VR, just playing a normal game but your HMD will let you work the camera to look behind you and shit. They're gorgeous and crazy. Beat Saber is everything it's cracked up to be, WipeOut Omega is pretty but I can't play that game in first person apparently. SUPERHOT is incredibly intense in short bursts but I find it more frustrating to fail than I do in the non-VR version, maybe because being rooted to the spot limits your dodging options so badly. Polybius feels like it stepped out of the Dactyl Nightmare-era VR rigs, and that's not necessarily terrible. I'm finding Borderlands incredibly frustrating, because the lens shape and text size make it really hard for me to read menus and HUDs. That's more than enough to warn me away from other Bethesda VR ports. (For the record, I bought SUPERHOT VR having loved the original, everything else I mentioned is either on PS NOW or it works in non-VR and I already had it). Long story short, I don't regret dropping 10 hrs worth of OT on this thing, right now I'm more interested in the Enhance games and Beat Saber than anything else I've seen, and I wish I had someone to play Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes with.
  14. Yeah I like the 24/7 title so far. The R-Truth bit was hilarious and it opens up a lot of possibilities. I'd like to see it defended in restaurants and in the subway and all types of shit like you would see in say DDT or something like that. They could be heavy on social media with it. They could sent out alerts to people to tune into the Network or Facebook or whatever and watch as something with the 24/7 title is going down. That all draws a certain amount of interest I would think.. they could be real creative with it. However, I do not like the design at all. It looks terrible and I don't love the name for it either.
  15. This had to be Vince Russo's favorite episode of Raw since he left.
  16. I enjoyed this week's show. I liked 'Ol Mancer and Sami vs. Promociones Dorado. With LA PARK getting involved and Selina's lack of attention to Low-Ki, it definitely feels like we're going to get Sami/Warner/Low-Ki vs. Promociones Dorado. I liked Daga vs. Minoru Tanaka. I loved the finish. Maybe it's just me, but Daga reminds me of Davey Richards. When active, Davey worked a similar style and a lot of Daga's mannerisms remind of Davey. I never hated Richards like others here did, so I don't mind seeing it in Daga. I'd like to see Daga get a title push in the future. I really enjoy heel Swann in MLW. It's a nice contrast to his face work in Impact. I liked the match with Pillman. I think Pillman and Swann could have a really good match without the extracurricular activities. I'm looking forward to next week's show, as everything with Contra has been awesome so far, and Tom Lawlor/Robert Dreissker. Fusion is pretty much the perfect one hour wrestling show.
  17. I don't mind the look of the 24/7 title except for the terrible "24/7" center piece. The belt, as a whole, is a nice point of difference from most of the roster. Also, it's only taken them how long to bring this back with the network in place? Im pretty sure this was the 2nd or 3rd idea we all had for the Network, right after watching mid 90's WCW and some JCP/AWA/"Insert your pick here" footage.
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