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The Rugby Thread, 2nd Tackle


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12 minutes ago, SirFozzie said:

Yeah, at least some of the matches are on NBC/NBCSN, and those not, I will wait till they're over and then dow..


(looks at the mods tapping the banhammer impatiently)


Well, I'm sure you can figure out what I'll do ?

This post gave me the chuckles. Cheers. You'll want to check out the Rugby Union vs. Rugby League debate in the SEPTEMBER 2019 WRESTLING DISCUSSION THREAD.

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Remember the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup? England shit the bed becoming the first hosts to be eliminated at the pool stage. I think of that, New Zealand retaining the World Cup but above all, this:

Jump to 14:10 as Japan defeated South Africa with the last minute try!



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They've imported players from South Africa and elsewhere as well. Japan actually have a pretty decent history in Rugby (one of the Princes studied at Oxford and encouraged it when he returned to Japan), plus the ethos of the game fits in well with Japanese culture. (All the top teams are basically corporate teams)


edit: Major props to one rugby club, they have teams for 70 and over and even 80+ year old players.



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To steal a line from an old Cricket song, it's "Come on Aussie Come on" time, as they retake the lead with about 15 to play, and Fiji a man down.


edit: Yup, the Sin Binning was too much for Fiji. You'd look at the result and think that the Aussies walked it, but they were down for nearly 60 minutes of the game. Can't blame the ref for the yellow either, Fiji had committed too many fouls, they tired out.

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Quick power rankings through the first 7 games

1 New Zealand

2 Ireland

3 South Africa

4 England

5 Australia

6 France

7 Argentina

8 Fiji

9 Japan

10 Italy

11 Scotland

12 Tonga

13 Russia

14 Namibia

Quick Thoughts: South Africa played decent enough against the world champs to stay in the top 3. Ireland look like the best (only?) chance for a Northern Hemisphere Finalist. England, France, Italy all looked sketchy while winning. Scotland is putrid.  The Aussies are thanking the Rugby Gods that the game wasn't 60 minutes instead of 80, and that their high tackle wasn't punished. 

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Thankfully it's the middle of the night in America, and the sport is barely televised there, so most of their citizens won't be aware of the arsekicking they just took. Pretty brutal. Shut out in regulation.

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Forgot this topic existed!

On 9/29/2019 at 11:11 AM, SirFozzie said:

Heck of a game between Wales-Australia, dunno if Wales took their foot off the Aussie throats or if the Aussies are just a great late-game team. But man, Australia-England in a knockout quarterfinal? Yes please.

It seemed like Australia just came out more aggressive in the second half and pressured them. Wales hung on by the skin of their teeth and must be thankful that they've been afforded such a long break before their next game. Be interesting to see what it took out of both teams though as they went hard. Aussies backchatting to the ref was doing my head in a bit, he was on the verge of completely losing control of the game in the first half. 


As for today, y'know how everyone used to say 'you never know which France side is going to show up' because of how wildly inconsistent they were? Do you think that little cliche crown is Ireland's to wear now? Even with a 28-0 win over Russia they didn't look convincing at all. They always choke in major tournaments but so far their world cup campaign has been bizarre. Is it because Schmidt is going when it's over?

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