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The Rugby Thread, 2nd Tackle


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10 hours ago, SirFozzie said:

well, that was an interesting result at Twickenham.....



1 hour ago, DangerMark said:

The Forces of Evil defeated in their own lair~!

Yes. Scotland beat England at Twickenham 11-6. First time in 38 years, 1983. Nearly happened in 2019 when Scotland somehow came from 31-0 down in the first half to 31-31 then lead 38-31 with the game ending 38-38. That was amazing.

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Well now, now I've seen everything.


Team scores a last moment try, conversion wins the game, and the ref rules that the opponents kicking the ball off the tee out of bounds was legal.


(Basically, that by moving the shoulder, the conversion taker started his run up and the opponents could run at the ball)




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I am not amused by that finish. Then again, Wales had no business going for a Grand Slam this year, so the fact that they can still win the championship is actually great. 

Also, England "won" a Triple Uncrown for the first time since '76, lost to the other home nations. Believe it or not, that is a consolation. 

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Ranking crazy games on the Banana scale.

In order of craziness

"That game was the Banana"

"That game was the fucking Banana"

"That game was THE fucking Banana"

Whatever the fuck that Premiership Semifinal was.


I'll let this paragraph from the Guardian Recap sum it up:


Where to start? Harlequins won. After 20 minutes of extra-time. With a seventh try in the 100th minute. Having been 28-0 down after half an hour. By the end, players were strewn across the turf at every break in play. Bristol finished with 13 – and not, for once, because of any card. They were just exhausted, in agony, physically and spiritually, with no one left to come on.

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Big breaking news. Rugby League World Cup in England starts in October. Does it go ahead or delayed? Just you watch, the two top teams are out and England don't win. If the tournament is played, there will always be an asterisk by the winning team.

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