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I think I'm going to join everyone else in dumping this show.  We watched the season premiere on the DVR a full week late, that's how uninterested we were.  And holy shit what a bad episode.  I found myself asking, "is this going to be one of those episodes where nothing happens until the last minute?"  Try the last 5 seconds.  And even that was just a tease of bad things to come in later episodes.  The whole episode was nothing but the standard TWD tropes, with people having wordy, stilted discussions about life, what they need to do to carry on, and a bunch of other feel good absolute bullshit. 

I was incredulous, like, "THIS is a season opener???"  The show's creators must feel like they have a dedicated audience who will watch this shit no matter what.  I don't think that's me.

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Chris Jericho's going to be on Talking Dead next week. Wouldn't it be funny if loads of people skipped TWD but did watch Talking afterwards?

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