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That recent rule where the linesmen don't flag straight away when they see the offside and have to wait a lot of times until the friggin' ball is in the net and everyone celebrates is absolute dogshit by the way. It happened to Hungary earlier too, man was about 400 yards offside, just call it there instead of having a whole stadium go banana. 

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17 minutes ago, Fuzzy Dunlop said:

I saw the Penaldo thing trending on Twitter earlier too, is that what people are using now to try and besmirch (my all time favourite Regal promo word) a man who's scored 800 odd career goals and by the time he's finished (because he's legit going to play until he's 40) I wouldn't be surprised would have close to 900 odd?

People have been calling him Penaldo since his Manchester United days, but it really grew in prevalence during his Real Madrid stint.

Edit: TransferMarkt has Ronaldo having scored 137 times from the penalty spot. That seems like an awful high percentage of total goals from the spot. 


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3 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

I hate to do that thing, but look at how many PK misses Messi has over the years. If you blow easy goals, that's a flaw in your game, like being bad at free throws. 

You’re not wrong about Messi.

The other reason Ronaldo has the Penaldo reputation is that there are lots of instances of blatant dives. Google Cristiano Ronaldo dives and you have como videos of dives from 2010.

The best comparison to Ronaldo is in many ways LeBron James. Won with multiple teams and no doubt is talented but his demeanor is going to rub some people the wrong way. 

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7 hours ago, Fuzzy Dunlop said:

Legit didn't know the Penaldo thing was always a thing and I support Man United.

I mean, you have to actually score penalties too. Yeah, it's a free shot at goal but it's not a free goal. 

 I didn't know about Penaldo either.

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Fuck, this Italy team are good. They still have that Italian thing where they're offended if someone tries to score against them (965 odd minutes and counting without conceding a goal) but they're fun as fuck going forward too and, from listening to Micah Richards stories about him, Mancini is a bit of a lunatic hairdryer treatment type as well so those fuckers will not stop running for him.

Early, early days of course and Turkey and Switzerland (Switzerland were poor to be fair) are obviously not the likes of France, Belgium, England et al but, man, should possibly have put more than 5 quid on them. Still think it'll be France (controversial prediction there) but yeah. 

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Christian Eriksen update:

Denmark's Christian Eriksen will be fitted with a heart-starting device following his collapse on the pitch during Euro 2020.

The 29-year-old midfielder suffered cardiac arrest in his side's defeat by Finland in Copenhagen on Saturday.

The ICD - implantable cardioverter defibrillator - is "necessary due to rhythm disturbances", Danish team doctor Morten Boesen said.

Eriksen remains in hospital but says he is "fine under the circumstances".

The British Heart Foundation describes an ICD as a small device which is placed under the skin, is connected to the heart with "thin wires" and "sends electrical pulses to regulate abnormal heart rhythms".


Minute's applause for Eriksen:

Belgium intend to kick the ball out of play in the 10th minute of their game with Denmark to take part in a minute's applause for Christian Eriksen.

Eriksen is recovering in hospital after he suffered a cardiac arrest in the stadium during Denmark's Euro 2020 loss to Finland in Copenhagen on Saturday.

Danish fans are planning the applause as a show of support.

"We'll put the ball into touch to applaud," said striker Romelu Lukaku, a team-mate of Eriksen at Inter Milan.

"Several of our players have played with him. But tomorrow we'll be there to win the game, which promises to be difficult."

The timing of the tribute has been chosen because Eriksen wears the number 10 shirt for Denmark.

Lukaku, who scored twice in Belgium's 3-0 win over Russia on Saturday, shouted a message of support to Eriksen into a pitchside camera after one of his finishes.

The game is taking place at the Parken Stadium, the scene of Eriksen's collapse.

"It will be very emotional to return," said Denmark boss Kasper Hjulmand. "We expect to have incredible support from our fans and from the whole country.

"We have to be ready for that and use this energy in a positive way."


Cool gesture to do. 

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The stage is set for Scotland to FINALLY get that place in the last 16 only to be stopped last second because of something stupid like less goals scored than four other teams in third place. Or concede in the dying minutes of the game to go 1-1 instead of the needed win or something. 

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