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I agree, at least six or so were crystal clear own goals in any era even without replays. 

That was one of the most entertaining games I have seen live at major tournaments. Thanks to both teams for that, much needed after Belgium vs Portugal yesterday. 

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Um...yeah...this tournament just started getting really fucking good. 

I mean, we should have known the tournament would really start kicking off last night when Pepe, in probably his last ever tournament, continued the time honoured Pepe tradition of being an absolute shithead. It just wouldn't be a tournament without it. 

Pogba went hey top corner, yeah you top corner, I'm gonna put this ball right into the fucking middle of you and then the top corner went okay, yeah, go for it and then he did. 

But then Switzerland weren't done. 

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The upper bracket - on paper - got somewhat easier. I'd tend to say Italy would be my pick to make it through, but we will see. Hard to make a definite call. Other bracket is still somewhat open imo. Would never have thought that of the 4 QF teams on that side, 3 would be Denmark, Czech Republic and Sweden/Ukraine. The other bracket only has one surprise in the Swiss. But all of the teams on that side had to work to get there. 

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6 hours ago, ReiseReise said:

This matchday is insanely entertaining. I'm not a big fan of the 24 Team EUROs but those two games were / are instant classics. 

Now expecting a brutally boring England v Germany match. 

Magic Monday to Turgid Tuesday.

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4 hours ago, Death From Above said:

I fully expect despite all our best wishes that England/Germany will somehow find a way to end with negative one goals.

I can't be the only one who read that as Brodie Lee Jr, right?

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