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Going back and watching the Skyscrapers, I kinda wish Sid and Spivey were brought in together in '91. The WWF's tag division had been thinned out considerably by late '91. Spivey would have had a few years left, plus less wear and tear by staying in a tag team. It's ashame his body was shot by the time he got the Waylon Mercy gimmick. 

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On 12/28/2018 at 8:54 AM, Technico Support said:

I want to know which person in creative has the herculean task of sidetracking Vince every time he pulls out the keffiyeh  and pointy boots.  That person is truly doing the Lord's work.

I think Ali only went about as far as Hassan with the gimmick on the indies. Leave the other junk for Daivari's brother if Vince loses his mind, he's actually Persian to begin with too.


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