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On 2/18/2024 at 1:05 PM, clintthecrippler said:

I really wish we got more involvement from Dee Snider in 1980s WWF. He is a fantastic promo here and you can tell the dude "got" it. Some fun cameos from other MTV stars circa 1985 in this, especially the one at the end!


yeah Dee Snider feels like a guy who has strongly held opinions about Captain Lou, Freddie Blassie, and the Wizard (Snider is a Long Island native)

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There was an episode of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares USA, where he was doing up a restaurant in Hell's Kitchen, and right at the end when they did the grand re-opening, Dee Snider showed up with his friends. One of whom was Mick Foley.

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Indie World Vol 1 Fuck Dem Up! - 1998/05/21


Location: Tokyo, Japan
Arena: Korakuen Hall
Attendance: cca. 1.200

Singles Match

Keizo Matsuda vs. Daiki Shiniwa
Singles Match
Phantom Funakoshi vs. Perseus
Singles Match
Hidetomo Egawa vs. Takeshi Sato
Falls Count Anywhere Barbed Wire Board Death Match
Chainsaw Charlie vs. Tarzan Goto
Singles Match
Masashi Aoyagi vs. Katsutoshi Niiyama
Six Man Tag Team Match
Asian Cougar, The Great Takeru & The Wolf Shinobu vs. Akinori Tsukioka, Gran Hamada & Ringo Mendoza
Singles Match
The Great Kabuki vs. Shinigami
Tag Team Match
Apollo Sugawara & Goro Tsurumi vs. Devil & Samoan Bulldog
Six Man Tag Team Match
Gekko, Paromino & ZP vs. Kai En Tai (Dick Togo, Mens Teioh & Sho Funaki)

Schneider's review in DVDVR: 


I have a special place in my heart for Indy wrestling, I have been to about a dozen indy shows in my life and have seen the good (OMEGA, OMEGA, OMEGA), the Bad (a Jeff Jones stained IPWA show) and the Ugly (a vile and reprehensible MCW show) but have always had a good time (hell, that MCW show did have Masato Tanaka). Most guys who wrestle on Independents will never become surly, drug addicted pricks who complain about their push and dog it at house shows while making $750,000 a year. 95% of these guys won't ever make it in to the big time; they risk life and limb for the pure unadulterated love of the game. Indy World is a Japaneese Indy so it is a little different than American indies (i.e. no shoot interviews, and knock off somethingorother 3:16 T-Shirts) it had the prerequisite psuedo Battlearts skinny guys kicking each other match, the Lucha Libre highspot fest plus the gobs of blood that make Japanese indies so sleazyly good. Despite the differences, this was Indy, baby- as Indy as a Cue World Order shirt, as Indy as a Boogie Woogie Brown elbowdrop, as Indy as a Roland Alexander bounced check, nothing big time about this JACK and that is why I love it The first couple of matches were clipped heavily and Jeff Lynch didn't have the match listing on his tape list, and I ain't got a clue. They had a match with some skinny Battlearts wannabees kicking each other, a match with some guy with a choice Hayabusaesque mask, and a match with that Yamada guy from IWA restart that almost slit his wrist on their debut show. The first full match was:

Chainsaw Charlie vs Tarzan Goto
Tarzan Goto looks 75 pounds fatter then last time I saw him, looking down right Jerry Blackwellian. Chainsaw Charlie was Terry Funk's shortlived WWF gimmick, which was basically Terry Funk with pantyhose on his head (which provided the compelling blood soaked pantyhose visual). Funk was accompanied by Victor Quinones, leader of the worldwide Yakuza/Puerto Rican/Velvet Professional Wrestling Mafia who is bringing over the WWF wrestlers as part of a worldwide conspiracy to lower the morale of the Japanese independent wrestling fan, thus lower the quality of the yen, which will then depress the worldwide economy leaving the stage set for his homosexual Yakuza cabal to rule Professional wrestling, and thus THE WORLD! This match was a barbedwire board match and had gallons of sweet blood soaking the ring. Surprisingly good gore match with both guys taking big bumps into the barbedwire boards and Funk's leathery wrinkled skin getting cut all up and he bleeds like it was the Tag Tourney final all over again. Goto doesn't dog it like he is wont to do, and delivers the vile image of two thick cuts on his stomach with blood and pork grease spewing out. Kaientai runs in at the end and attacks Goto and Goto's Scrotoeges come in to defend their gelatinous leader. Wally Yamaguchi gets powerbombed on the barbwire boards, all heck breaks loose and we are off to a hell of a start.

Masaji Aoyagi vs Katsutoshi Niiyama
Niiyama is an ex-FMW undercarder who got canned for crying like a girl after having a *** match with Koji Nakagawa; Niiyama looks like he is off the gas since leaving the big paydays of FMW to dance in the land of independents (steroids aren't cheap). Aoyagi wears a Gi and is kind of old and was part of that big New Japan versus Karate guys feud in the 1980's, and also killed Onita dead once. This match was pretty good despite the worthlessness of Niiyama. Aoyagi kicks him kind of hard and they set up the offensive transition well as Aoyagi misses a running kick and smashes his shin against the ringpost. .Niiyama works on the leg and gets some nearfalls before Aoyagi puts him away with a spinkick. Perfectly acceptable wrestling.

Ringo Mendoza/ Akinori Tsukioka/ Gran Hamada vs La Ning/ Great Takeru/ Some Other Guy with a mask
Fun little Lucha-style highspot fest. Lucha legend Mendoza provides his presence and a goofy lucha submission or two, while fellow oldster Gran Hamada rules it all over the ring. Tsukioka is a IWA restart youngster and he looked sharp hitting a skytwister press and an Asai moonsault. Great Takeru was passable. The guy with the nondescript mask who might have been La Ning ruled it, hitting a killer spinning  corner kick, decapitation leg drop to the floor, and a Nearly As Insane As The Great Sasuke tope con hilo. The guy with the Thai looking mask who might be La Ning was kind of chubby and completely missed a moonsault. Hamada gets the win cause he is a legend and shit.

Great Kabuki vs Shiningami:
Kabuki plays the same role in this match as the Iron Sheik does in all those East Coast Indy cards, he is the aging legend who does his shtickt so fans can reminisce about his prime. Even worse then one might imagine, they do dueling nerve pinches. Shiningami does two iron claws, including a claw suplex. Shiningami misses a kneedrop and gets larieted or something, there wasn't even any mist.

Goro Tsurumi/ Apollo Sugawara vs Bulldog/ Devil #1:
Kind of fun despite the hideous wrestling involved. The Devil's are these three little guys, in matching skeleton outfits (kind of like someone described La Parka's gear to them but they had never seen it) they do this thing where they stand in a circle and spin around so you can never tell whether the guy getting back in the ring is the one who left the ring, kind of human three card monte. They also do this shoulder shrug thing, which I don't get but kind of dug. Bulldog is Mongolian or something and looks like Wellington Wilkins Jr. if he trained at the power plant. He also apparently was a bouncer in a Tokyo strip bar who they grabbed off the street, because he was green as Shane Douglas's urine, he ran the ropes like Mongo, took bumps like Frank Dusek and at one point was supposed to throw a Devil off the top rope on to his opponents, but he just ended up throwing the whimsical youngster on his head. Apollo Sugawara is real old and looks like one of those guys who was midcard in New Japan or All Japan in the 70's and now is paying the mortgage on the indy scene, he sure doesn't actually wrestle for his check though. Goro however looks like he was never anywhere before he was here, Tsurumi looks like Tenryu, if while during the final days of WAR Tenryu had to eat New Arashi, Tsurumi is waaay to fat to have a perm like that but he says FUCK THE WORLD and wears it proud. The Devil's win with a switcharoo they stole from the Power Twins.

Shoichi Funaki/ Mens Teioh/ Dick Togo vs Gekko/ Palomino/ ZT:
The reason I got this tape- KAIENTAI in Koreaken Hall kicking ass where they belong. This match is what that Insane Clown Posse travesty should have been, Togo, Teioh and Funaki kicking the ass of a bunch of dorks in goofy outfits. And what goofy outfits they were, Palomino may have been the best wrestler of the bunch, with some nice spin kicks and a insane tope but his outfit was nothing special, Gekko (who may or may not be Masao Orihara, jury is still out) was the second best wrestler, with a nice Michinoku Driver and a cool Asai moonsault, his outfit also second in the in ring fashion show, with lizard like mask and tuft of purple hair on his chest. GT was nothing as a wrestler but his outfit was NUMBER ONE AND THE BEST, huge spiky metallic silver shoulder pads, and spectacular Voltronesque silver mask, it was down right AAA-youngster-like in it's elaborate stupidity. Togo and the boys punk these dorks with various triple dropkicks, nodowas and big sentons, Teioh does the People's Elbow just like every wrestler in every Indy promotion in the world. Dick Togo does the world's fattest senton for the win, and Quinonies cuts a promo about how the WWF is taking over, just like Mr. Wright in ECW, Jim Cornette in MCW, and Vince himself in USWA, the more things change the more they stay the same.


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It's actually very much not a good match, but the bottle throwing is just fine. They do it again at the end (did they give out free bottles at the entrance?), I guess in Monterrey they realize when the match is only so good they throw something other than money. 

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