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Music City Wrestling.  Nashville TN.   December 25, 1998

Six Man Street Fight

Reno Riggins, Steven Dunn & Bart Sawyer vs Flash Flanagan, Wolfie D & Ashley Hudson


And the next night.  12/26/98

Double Dog Collar Steel Cage Match

Ashley Hudson & Flash Flanagan vs Bart Sawyer & Steven Dunn



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This just came across my algorithm

I always enjoy different takes on wrestling, not sure I've seen anything from Australia before and if I have it was definitely not from the 80s. Medlin is the older heel, Dunlop a young face who isn't afraid to cut corners himself. Dunlop has a good knee drop and innovative counters but Medlin might be too wily for him, also the fans boo a time call. Worth watching once!

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watching 10/27/1984 WWF Championship Wrestling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbRD1akoDZQ

Man does the use of real music really add some umph to the product (never mind the lack of permission).

In other action, some jabron who tries to jump JYD before he gets into the ring.

David Sammartino's armdrags look violent (but they call him "David Bruno Sammartino" because sure). Charlie Fulton kinda looks like if Al Pacino decided to go blonde for a movie.

Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine bury the hatchet in case you're from a part of the country where you'd think those two had some sort of issue within the last year.

Meanwhile, Tonga Kid vs Roddy Piper was heaaaated.

My official reaction to hearing that Roddy Piper was disqualified for bringing the chair into the ring that Tonga Kid hit him with: "Whaaaat?". Stupid ref.

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