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Caught up on Progress. Great build to the main events at Ch. 55 with BSS becoming more and more insufferable and toning down the comedy.  The distraction finishes got to be a little overdone, especially watching so many shows in a row but it all built to the Palace show.

As noted, the atmosphere is the draw. I love that the shows clock it at around 3 hours exactly, and if you fast forward from Smallman's prattling you can shave like 30 off that. They're really good at match times, with nothing going too short and, more importantly, nothing running insanely long.

I really get an updated ECW vibe from them.  Not as violent, obviously, but definitely that punk rock adult vibe. 

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PROGRESS 55 is up...


Jimmy Havoc vs. Mark Haskins, Matt Riddle vs. WALTER vs. Timothy Thatcher and Pete Dunne vs. Travis Banks are the top 3 matches imo.

Neither match was great, but they were fun.

Havoc vs. Haskins was pretty nuts. Haskins bleeding from the mouth after the paper cut was a nasty visual.

The 3 way was all over the place and was them going on 100 MPH at all times. May not be everyones cup of tea, but I enjoyed it.

The title match was waaaaay overbooked and Banks made Superman Cena look weak, so that should tell you how overbooked the finish was.

I was looking forward to the tag team title ladder match, but thought it was underwhelming. I guess I had high expectations because I was expecting them to go all out, but I felt they didn't which may actually make some people appreciate this more than I did. Still not a bad match however.

Also Eddie Dennis turning on Mark Andrews was unexpected, but it's obviously going to lead to an awesome feud.

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Following the departure of some of WhatCulture's key staff members, What Culture Pro Wrestling will also be undergoing some changes before the end of the year.

The promotion announced today that they would be rebranding as Defiant Wrestling in December. The first show under the new name will be a live iPPV called "WeAreDefiant" on December 4th at the O2 Academy in Newcastle, which will air on their new Access Defiant on-demand service and will be available on the FITE app.

Stu Bennett, who was formerly known as Wade Barrett in WWE, was revealed to be the promotion's new on-screen general manager after former authority figure Adam Blampied was among those to leave WhatCulture earlier this month. Bennett will open their Refuse to Lose iPPV broadcast on October 2nd, which will be the last show branded as a WCPW event.

Refuse to Lose will also be the last show offered on the WhatCulture Extra service, with old WCPW events moving to Access Defiant on December 1st and WhatCulture Extra continuing with other WhatCulture website content. Tapings for their "Loaded" YouTube show will take place in Manchester on October 3rd as well.

WCPW's Twitter account noted that Defiant Wrestling will continue to broadcast a free weekly show on YouTube and wrote that more details on the rebrand will be made available in the coming weeks.


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So I'm going to Pro-Wrestling EVE's 4 shows in 2 days deal on November 11-12, which means that RevPro's annual NJPW two-dayer on 9-10 was a no-goer.

They announced Nagata, I was fine. They announced Suzuki, I was still okay. Lee vs Ishii? Grrr, but still no.

Today they announced Toru Yano. And put him against the BEST UK comedy foil, Zack Gibson.

5 shows in 3 days, is it?

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Can someone explain to me what the problem actually is?  I see no issue whatsoever.  Lots of promotions have similar sounding names/acronyms.  It doesn't seem like Defiance/WCPW is competing with Defy for talent.  They certainly aren't running in the same region.  It really doesn't seem like Defiance is trying to deliberately confuse fans into thinking they're associated with Defy (to me, it seems like Defiance/WCPW has the higher profile anyways) and there doesn't seem to be any legal considerations.  

I don't get it at all.  Maybe New Japan should send All Japan a letter asking them to change their name to avoid confusion.  Or maybe the WWE should try to get a moratorium on the word "Next" and ask all the other promotions using "Next" in their name to change.  "Next Generation Tennessee Wrestling" could be confused with NXT, I suppose.

In any case, unless they're breaking some copyright/trademark law in a way I don't see, WCPW is under absolutely no obligation to change.

I always thought 1PW and IPW:UK were a little confusing, since they were both running in the UK at the same time during the 2000's. but I never thought either one needed to change their name.

Anyway, there was already a promotion named "Defiant Pro Wrestling" operating on the East Coast a decade ago.

<shrug>.  To me, this is a real-life version of Booker T and Big T fighting over the letter "T".  Makes about as much sense.

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The irony is that the whole WCPW name change started because another WCPW sued them over the trademark to being  "WCPW." What Culture lost said lawsuit and most of their staff and changed to Defiant Pro Wrestling...of which there is both a Defy and a Defiant already in existence. Clearly the people running WCPWhateverTheyCallThemselvesNow can't use fucking google to figure out a name.

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