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Sept Wrestling Jibber Jabber Thread


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Any news on The Undertaker's WrestleMania XXX opponent? First choice is John Cena, I've wanted The Undertaker vs. John Cena at WrestleMania for ages. Second choice is Brooockkk Lesnarrrr. The Hell in a Cell match they had at No Mercy 2002 was terrific.

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Man, Natural...I think that ship is sailing. How long have you been calling for Cena?


Since around WrestleMania XXVI or XXVII. John Cena's the big name on the WWE roster who The Undertaker has never faced at WrestleMania. The match would have a great atmosphere and deliver in the ring.

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Can someone tell me what the deal with Freight Train and 5 Dollar wrestling is? I checked Google and could not get a clear answer. 


Im on the fence as to how "in on it" Freight Train is.  Sometimes I watch it and feel sorry for him and think Jake and Colt are dicks for poking fun at him.


Sometimes I watch it and think, Im being worked here, he's totally in on the joke. Then I cant decide if he's either the greatest actor or the worst wrestler.


Cant believe Vader Junior has been released.  Wonder if Big Poppa Vader will get a Tweet to attend Raw next week!  They also released that weird looking Irish guy after like 1 month!


I've worked with Freight Train before, and I always got the impression that he knew what was going on.  He's just so happy to be there, it doesn't really matter to him.  He loves wrestling, he's having a blast, and I never once got the feeling he thought he was being taken advantage of.  Jake loves the guy, FWIW.  He's with him at all times, and makes sure he's taken care of in the ring.



This is completely accurate.  I've worked with him on 3 shows, and all three were were being involved in actual matches with him.  The first was me managing a tag team against him and Jake, the second was him teaming with my tag team, and for the third, i was actually in a battle royal that he won and I was eliminated by him. 


If you're working a match with him, you basically only have to go through the match once or twice with him and he's got it.  Hell, in that first match there was a spot where I was supposed to hook his leg and interfere and before we went out he made sure to remind me of it.  I mean, yes, the guy IS legitimately challenged, but he is well aware of what's going on. 


And yes, Jake really takes care of him in and out of the ring.  When planning the match he will often run through a spot and ask him "Is that OK?"


When he eliminated me from the battle royal, the guy who booked the show/match was kind of helping him out in there, and told him it was time to throw me out.  He came to me, I told him which direction we were going, he grabbed the back of my head, and I launched myself out.  Every elimination he did was way over. 


Most importantly, everyone loves the guy.  The $5 wrestling guys he would show up with, the fans, and everyone who meets him.  Upon first meeting him, you instantly like him, and I know all of us guys who worked those shows with him immediately became protective as well.  I don't think anyone who has worked with him would ever tolerate or put up with anyone exploiting him. 


Here's me and some of my guys with Train after one of those shows......


Posted Image

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You'd think with America being the fattest it's been ever there'd be more big hippo mother fuckers trying to get into wrestling. 


Maybe the problem is they're just jogging pants fat and not monster fat. 


We need more former football players coming over. At the rate he's going Ndamakong Suh could be main eventing Wrestlemania in a year. Which would be great for me.

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