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August 2021 Wrestling Imagery

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On 8/15/2021 at 9:43 AM, Log said:

Dude, those Dr Teals Epsom salts are niiiice. 

They got my wife through her second trimester. We probably paid off that Teal dudes student debt with all the salt we went through…

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16 hours ago, AxB said:

Goddamn! How tall was Baba? Because he didn't lower his base AT ALL for that.

The crazy thing about Jumbo is how great all of his execution is on all of the basic moves. His clothesline,  bodyslam, dropkick, all look perfect. Seriously. He wasn't doing 450 splashes or Canadian destroyers,  but all his offense looked like it fucking hurt and hurt bad.

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3 minutes ago, Wee Bey said:


I'm not someone who generally makes fun of people for being emotional,  it's something you can't really control. With that said,  if that dude was my friend, I'm pretty sure I'd never stop teasing him for getting caught on camera crying over CM Punk. I get it,  it was a great moment,  but I hope that guy has more understanding friends than me. 

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