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  1. someone should be making up comps week by week. this is an embarassment of riches.
  2. There was a period of interminable Riott Squad v Ember Moon & Partners tags on Raw where the highlight was fairly consistently watching her annihilate Liv with dives. Would love to see those back in her arsenal when she makes it back up to the proper TV shows.
  3. ... do they seriously not have Skor in the States?!
  4. I have to respectfully disagree. During his tenure on Raw he missed a lot of cues and stumbled over a lot of words and really seemed to be struggling. I found it a bit difficult to watch.
  5. Set up on Youtube following Worlds Collide, NXT will have Judging by the rest of the clip, we will probably have
  6. I appreciate the restraint with which they allocated Beth in the main
  7. so if they're setting up for another Worlds Collide, the women's champions match is ... I am ... very, very intrigued.
  8. That was awesome, thank you for posting it
  9. the Tony D'Angelo goon who got fired from NXT a few weeks ago.
  10. Upon reflection, should probably not name names
  11. What happened here was that someone commented "you don't look injured" and Rhea responded with "teeth and brain". The clickbait mills have picked it up and run with it.
  12. Ivy and Meiko had a banger on NXT UK just now.
  13. My worry here is that Roxanne's attitude becomes something unmoored from her opponent. Biting Mandy's finger after the provocations earlier in this episode, sure. But if she has a friendly against Cora, there's no call for her to bite, but it feels uncomfortably like WWE house style will add it to all her matches anyway.
  14. I didn't see the version that aired, but on the youtube excerpt of the match, it wasn't a roll-through -- when Sasha was swinging herself over to start the Eddy Tribute Suplexes, Liv small-packaged Sasha's legs. Really enjoyed it.
  15. Not that we have any sense of. It started during the earliest days of Graves on commentary, when his orientation was more counter-crowd. Becky's inauthentic, Sasha betrays. It just kept going and going. There were some stories to that match, but ... they really could have been told better. Zelina eliminating Sasha from the Rumble seemed like a natural starting point for it all, but they threw in a lot more.
  16. If the question starts with "did they change" and pertains to contemporary WWE, the answer is, far more often than not, "yes, and for the worse" (aside: if they make GUNTHER develop a taste for stereotypical German meats, that would also be for the wurst. )
  17. Even then - Ronda overshadowing Asuka was tagged as 'peak white feminism' and I didn't have much to dispute it.
  18. a feud that has no end in sight, and no sensical beginning in hindisght
  19. Liv in particular lost weeks (months?) of her career to errant Bella kicks. In a world with a better Rumble planner, Liv taking out the Bellas after they toss Sarah Logan would have been a thing. Maybe a tag down the line. Rhea's backstories with Shayna and Charlotte didn't really seem to come up, Bianca felt like an afterthought as the match went on (and it's jarring that the EST wouldn't take exception to the BaddEST Woman On The Planet) ... and last year we had Rhea and Bianca much later in the match eliminating Charlotte -- it's a strain to watch them try and fail to eliminate her as they did this time. Anyone - characterwise, it probably works best for Rhea or Bianca - spearing Rousey during her walk down the ramp would have had a star-making moment. Having already turfed Charlotte to win the Rumble, I'm not sure Ronda would have enough incentive to choose her over Becky -- but Ronda-Becky means Bianca gets hung out to on the story that's been building since Summerslam. They can certainly do Ronda-Charlotte / Becky-Bianca, but it feels like they'll be swimming uphill against the crown in both of those situations. And it brings up the spectre of another inane tag skirmish and leaves Sasha and Rhea with nothing to do.
  20. Sasha's attire was one of her best and it truly seemed like she was living her best life for a few minutes there. This promptly flew out the window with Tamina not having any Team BAD callbacks and having a lot of time to kill, along with many, many occasions where people would be interrupting each others' elimination attempts.
  21. Liv seemed genuinely surprised, and the crowd seemed into it. I was hoping for Liv's crossbody to actually eliminate herself along with the Bellas - closing off that narrative thread but making fewer people look like chumps.
  22. OK. My guesses for the final five are
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