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I didn't realize what song that was in the He-Man trailer at first and then it clicked and I lost it... more like marking out lost it, for the song-trailer combination.

And then I looked this up having never seen it and REALLY lost it... more like insane laughter lost it

Bet you a million they didn't tell her they were setting off that firepot right under her as she got out of the doorway...

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11 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:


Here's another version of the Masters trailer with appearances by Battle Cat, Evil Lyn, etc.


I really try not to impose on my children the things I loved as a kid.  I let them come to what they like on their own.  Both of my kids have luckily gravitated toward things I did like (Star Wars, Marvel) and things I've really come to love (Adventure Time, Gravity Falls).  

All that said, I'm totally going to try to force my son to be into this He Man series.  I'm so excited for this.

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