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Harley ep 2 dials back on the gore.  It's still very, very funny.  Wayne Knight as Penguin only gets a few lines but absolutely kills it (duh).  Lake Bell as Ivy is absolute MVP.


I'm not sure I really buy Harley recruiting Dr. Psycho next week.  She's just ended a long relationship with an abusive, controlling partner...and she goes and recruits a nearly-Martian-level telepath driven entirely by hatred of and desire to subjugate women?    I just want them to hurry and get to King Motherfuckin Shark.

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The Spectacular Spider-Man is showing on Pop Max in the UK again. I think The Spectacular Spider-Man is one of the best Spider-Man things in any medium be it comics/films/cartoons. Intervention, S1 Ep12 aired tonight. It's the best episode of TSSM as Peter Parker struggles to be rid of the alien symbiote and the method he uses to overcome it is so well done. What a wonderful series cancelled before it's time.

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On 12/26/2019 at 12:25 PM, The Natural said:

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993) is a classic. Definitely the best animated Batman movie, has a claim to be the best Batman movie of any type.

I just watched that for the first time last Friday. My son (2) really wanted to watch a Batman movie, so I thought I’d go animated. Glad I did. It’s awesome. 

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