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22 hours ago, The Natural said:


The Spectacular Spider-Man. The best of Spider-Man with Stan Lee/Steve Ditko's Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Meh, the last two Spider-Man shows are better. This show is more overrated than Young Justice.

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Marvel's Spider-man is solid, but Spectacular is better. Ultimate Spider-man was never good, just occasionally solid, generally OK, sometimes shitty, but never good. Honestly, for all its flaws the 90s series is still my favorite. That said, Spectacular is the best. I will never be fond of the designs and some of the changes, but it was well written and decently animated. It also never seemingly had to deal with bs censors like the 90s series suffered from.

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Comedian Keegan-Michael Key is an comedian best known for his sketch show Key & Peele, working on MADtv and appearing in the series Playing House. He’s also been in Fargo, Parks And Rec and more.

Talking on the You Made It Weird podcast (embedded above), Keegan talked about his family history, as an adopted child, and tracing his late biological father’s family and finding that he had two half-brothers who had also passed away, one aged 45 and one 49.

One who he described as having worked at DC Comics and Marvel Comics and for Warner’s Animation department, especially responsible for bringing characters of colour on-screen, and who died in 2011.

That’s Dwayne McDuffie, folks. Co-founder of Milestone, co-creator of Damage Control, Ben 10, and the man who put John Stewart as Green Lantern in the animated Justice League, who died when he was 49.

Has this story been posted on the board before? 

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yeah, I'm not sure if I remember reading it *here* but I definitely remember reading it and mentioning it to friends.  I can't even imagine what it's like to find out that (a) you had a brother who died before you knew he existed and (b) that brother was a great unsung hero of twenty-first century pop culture like McDuffie.

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