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NXT on USA - 12/23/2020

Dolfan in NYC

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Ciampa vs Thatcher in a FIGHT PIT is going to rule. Some good stuff tonight between the tag title match, Rust Taylor with BIVENS and a real good Jake Atlas vs Swerve Scott match. Sad to see the Dream back but he'll be gone again soon i'm sure.

Best part of the night was the Way Christmas stuff. Gargano was on fire all night between giving Indi her new name with a empty PS5 box and the incredible No Way Jose burn. I almost want to see Jose return and beat Johnny up next week when he faces Leon Ruff.

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The Way Christmas stuff that i caught was amusing.

The tag titles match ad a similar strangeness of tags actually being in place during a street fight, but they ignored it enough to not bother me much. It was just nice seeing Drake and Dain kick ass and try to get revenge.

Nice to see Bivens on tv. Rust has some neat stuff, but he hasn't got my interest yet as a character

Thatcher/Ruff was nice. Loved seeing Ruff get the win all on his own before Ciampa came out. So looking forward Ciampa/Thatcher in the Fight Pit.

Dakota/Rhea was was good. The Last Woman Standing Match at New Year's Evil could be great.

Toni's promo backstage was solid. Dug Io calling her out only for Mercedes to return and beat Io's ass. That is the match we should have been treated to months ago only for Retribution to fuck it all up. Glad they are ignoring that shit and just bring Mercedes back to NXT. Not sure what I'm looking more forward to between Io/Mercedes & Io/Toni.

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I actually watched this tonight, off and on, and saw a whole lot of people I wasn't familiar with. The best part was switching back from something else to see Thatcher ready to go to work on a game Ruff (who of course was one of the people I'd never seen before) and end up with both a stomping and a win. Caught most of the open and Drake deserves bonus points for wearing real Street Fight wrestling wear for the match, he should have gone with cowboy boots instead of the combat ones, but he put the kneepads on over the jeans so I'll let it slide. Plus he also got wild with the belt which is even more points. Mad that I missed everything but the pull apart with Rhea, the whole thing with Io, and got hit with Dream almost every time I decided to flip back. 

EDIT: And goddamn is Bronson Reed a fucking beast! That opponent of his must've seen his life flash at least twice from the senton and the big splash. Felt like between this and AEW there were a more than average amount of fun squashes. 

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Tim mentioned it but the Gargano Christamas was great stuff.  From "The Way" protein powder to "Indi Wrestling" there were some very amusing things about this.  And you can't beat Johnny and Candace acting the way they do while treating Indi and Austin like overgrown kids.  Also bonus points for "Gargano on the piano" as I could tell from that that this would be good.

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Taking time off from gloating about my Ken Shamrock-like, natural 40-something physique (especially lats) to comment on awesome NXT!

Tag team title match was fucked up! Maverick got good shine by the end, but they kinda messed up the table spot with Dane! Good win for Pat's 1-2!

The title match break down was amazing pure sports build! Please don't hurt yourselves!

I'm all in on Tyler Rust! Look at the shape on this kid! We know he can go, he can sell! Anyone with me?

Swerve vs Atlas! Full heel turn? Who's with me? Top rope poison rana counter landing on his feet! Confidence boost for the win after a rear headbutt! Gloating is being a dick, but not a super heel-turn! Coming?

Velveteen Douche talking about mighty falling! Ironic much?

Thatcher vs Ciampa still going on? You know I'll be there, if I can stop pumping my lats!

Ripley vs Kai! I was pretty sure this was gonna be Ripley vs Gonzales? WTF? Kai was the first woman to beat Ripley in WWE, so one way or the other, this is interesting, though! They BOTH need this though! Gonzales is banned? Good job! Both Ripley and Gonzales sport completely different, but equally awesome shoulderline! That takes work! Ripley wins! Gonzales shows zero fear! This woman is a STAR! This is money! 6 refs, 10 guys to keep them apart! My money is on Gonzales!

Back for more Gargano Christmas! I might support Indi Wrestling, too!

Toni Storm remembers MYCII! Good for her!

When Xia Li and Boa come back, they had better kill everything in sight!

Bronson is back, Adonis should be done, and yup! I hope covid didn't ruin him! Push this man!

Io ain't afraid of shit! Mercedes? Is this a retribution? Thank goodness she's back, though!

Shotzi's old tank for Candice? How thoughtful! Ain't that always the way?

Thatcher vs Ruff could be the ultimate bully vs underdog! I think they are just moving an angle along. Ruff with the win, Thatcher with revenge, but Ciampa comes to F him up! Cool! Fight pit? Bring it!

Priest with a cool promo on Kross! I'd like to believe you, dude!

Wow, I hate Ayria Daivari, I sure hope Tyler Rust wins this one! I've told people how I loved the '90-'91 WWF Shane Douglas! He was a face, but this is a heel, who is just a wrestler! I like this guy a lot! Nice win!

Karrion on Priest. I feel sorry for Damien.

I feel Austin will help Gargano retain his title next week and help break the curse! I still think he'll be the one to beat Gargano for the belt next time, though.

Really, it's like NXT wanted to lose with this main event! At least a real main eventer like Pete Dunne showed up! Dream bumping like crazy, though! This is a good match! With less alleged pedofilia, this would kick ass! If this was R-Truth vs Cole, I would be ok with this. Good match. Cole on top. Dunne vs Cole end game, after Strong? Fuck yeah!

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