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  1. Handcuffing Raquel is pointless as she'll find a way to break free.
  2. Kevin Owens has to be the dumbest babyface for releasing a handcuffed to the ropes Uso and cuffing his hands together but not behind his back (so the cuffing didn't actually prevent Uso from doing anything later on).
  3. Why was Sahsa on the floor for like 2 minutes after bumping into Carmella's sommelier? Since Bayley was still at ringside she could have slammed Sasha on the floor (which would have made sense as Sasha had just pinned her) - I get that Sasha wasn't supposed to be involved in the finish but laying on the floor for no reason for several minutes is just lame.
  4. Raquel was a real badass on NXT - she slammed Moon into the ringpost with authority and countered Moon's top rope stunner finisher (which is really more of a bum bump) with a bearhug.
  5. The Kamille match doesn't seem to be from the UWN PPVs so I suppose it's fresh. I wouldn't mind seeing the 3-way number one contender match that Storm won. Instead of a mostly UWN recap show NWA could release a best of all time collection of matches and buildups with one big match every week. That should include the recent PPV match between Allysin Kay and Thunder Rosa which is probably their best televised match of the year (they already put some other PPV matches on their YouTube page but not the main ones).
  6. So the faces in the women match throw weapons into the ring (chairs, ladders, a toolbox containing a hammer) while having the one person advantage and they still lose - they did a good job of burying the current and two former NXT women's champions. Raquel was booked as a monster babyface despite being a heel. Ripley continued her losing streak on NXT.
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