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  1. So much more great Puerto Rico went up on youtube the past couple days: The Starr corporation vs Shane and Ricky Banderas feud is great. Shane is such a great babyface and the IWA crowd around this time is the craziest in the world The Heartbreakers are Frankie the Thumper Lancaster and Wendell cooley in one of his last runs in wrestling. Great brawl here.
  2. That final segment was mostly bad cause Matt Hardy sucks. But Jericho cutting a promo on a drone was classic. Last week's show was better. The picture in picture stuff was cringeworthy.
  3. Orlando has issued a stay at home order that goes into effect Thursday night. So they are going to have to finish taping mania by then unless they tape elsewhere. I'm guessing that ends the pc tapings.
  4. So it looks like the only indie show that is going on Mania weekend in Florida is ARW out of Cocoa beach. Apparently they actually sold tickets to the event but won't announce how much. It wouldn't shock me if it's still happening since it's Florida and mostly local guys and ex ECW people.
  5. Andrade/Garza make a hell of a tag team. I wouldn't mind seeing them go farther and win the tag titles down the line before the big breakup. Garza/Chuck vs Zelina/Andrade is going to be great. Promos need to be conducted in empty arenas from now on. Such an improvement. Orton's was outstanding.
  6. A lot of mid 90's early 2000's Puerto Rico has been uploaded on youtube lately. Great stuff like Invader/Bull Pain and Chris Candido/Primo feuds. This is the weirdest with Carlos Colon vs King Mabel from around 96/97
  7. I work for an inventory company so this shutdown is really effecting us. I last worked Monday and have no jobs for the forcible future since all the customer we usually work for are shutdown. I asked my boss what to do now and she basically said file for unemployment. Even though i still have a job technically, that's what I did. It won't be much since I live in Florida but it's better than nothing. If this goes on for months like the news is saying, I'm going to be SOL and will probably have to find another job or I'll be out in the streets.
  8. I guess AEW can afford to do a main event like that with more than 10 people around ringside in close distance. None of the health experts are watching. Jericho was outstanding on commentary during that match. Fun show overall. Lookng forward to seeing Archer and Brodie Lee shine. Matt Hardy not so much.
  9. Primo Colon vs Chris Candido from 2003. I think this was from the time when Candido got Exiled to the island before he became clean.
  10. The crowd was chanting CM Punk before Shayna even came in. They were already dead. Shayna already killed the NXT women's division, might as well do it to the raw women's division. I'm guessing Queen Charlotte will be a savior. Gulak/Bryan, the Tag chamber and Humberto/Andrade were at least good. I want Gulak/Bryan vs Oney/Burch so bad.
  11. So the first show that has been cancelled (rescheduled for July) on Mania weekend is the USA pro show in Orlando. Not too shocking as it was taking place in Orlando a good 2 hours away from Tampa and main evented by Buff Bagwell vs Scott Steiner.
  12. This week's episode was pretty good. I don't know who Slex is but he was impressive vs Flip Gordon. A big guy that can move. I also enjoyed Haskins/Shelley but it made me want to see Shelly/Riddle or Shelly/Ohno more. The show seemed different as they showed full matches and had less bs than past weeks.
  13. I went to USA pro last night in Orlando. It was a usual USA pro show going 4.5 hours and a lot of no shows( Rock N Roll Express, Teddy Hart, Jesse Neal etc). Teddy at least was known ahead of time. Goodman did a ok job rebooking the whole show. Matt Sydal vs Shannon moore was good. Moore is jacked now and I think he's headed to the PC as a coach. My favorite match of the night was Vordell Walker vs Shane Mercer. First time seeing Mercer and he's a beast. They drove a Uhaul truck ringside and Mercer took a bump off it into the ring. It was crazy. Also, Scott Steiner vs Joey Ryan happened and no one really cared. Steiner didn't even take the dick flip so what's the point to booking Joey then?
  14. Tim Evans


    I haven't really been watching this show latley but caught up with the last 2 weeks. Good to see Breeze on the show. He had a good match with Garza on this week's episode. Of course the boring Nese, Davari and Kendrick are still around. But Oney returned this week so there is hope.
  15. Braun winning the IC title was cool. Sami's reaction to Elias was funny. Good to see Naomi back and in the title picture. Looking forward to the Otis/Mandy date on Valentines day. They finally got Gran Metalik out of catering.
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