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  1. Featuring Ricky Banderas vs Eddie colon and Carlito vs Gilbert.
  2. Teaming with Wes Briscoe on Florida indies.
  3. I went to the Evolve show tonight in Orlando. Haven't watched Evolve in a while but it really has turned into WWE developmental. Down to NXT guys signing autographs before the show, playing NXT theme music during intermission and 75% of the matches involving WWE contracted talent. I did enjoy the show though. Mansoor/AR Foxx being the best match and really the only match the crowd was into. I liked Eddie Kingston vs Anthony Gutierez because it was basically Kingston destroying a young guy. Reminded me of the Donst match from Chikara. Main event was Josh Briggs vs Dexter Lumis. Wasn't bad but Briggs isn't a good babyface.
  4. Royce Adams is the son of Brian "Crush" Adams.
  5. It's going to be hard to top Necro/Shlak for worst match of the year. Necro looked like Dynamite Kid in that 1996 Michinoku pro match. It was sad seeing him bump in half speed and Shlak is awful. The crowd sounded stunned when they saw Necro at first. Rest of the show was a mixed bag. Maff/Mancer was a perfect sendoff for Maff and Deppen/Killer kross ruled. Main event was weird as Ki gave that poor guy nothing who flew all the way from japan. The Warriors way finish at the end was brutal.
  6. Mecha Wolf 450 vs La Pesadilla(Orlando "Epico" colon) for the universal title.
  7. I just want a Reggie B Fine cameo with Private Party. And Dave Brown to replace JR on commentary for the night. Fun show tonight. Cody/Darby was about the best outcome they could do. Arn was great in his role. I think he should join up with the Hangman when he turns on Cody. Might be able to save the character. Women's match was good too. Britt has potential as a heel. Nyla was the dominate monster she should be and Riho/Shida were good as the go go babyfaces. Hope Kris wins next week but I doubt it if she's not signed full time. Best thing about the main was the Bucks basically yelling at Fenix and Pentagon to get in their corner and follow the tag rules. It was really noticeable.
  8. God I loved that wedding. It was bad then turned weird then ended great. The most WWE thing I've seen this year. Lana making out with Lashley and his makeup smearing all on her face was the highlight. Lashley suit was on point. Liked the Alister/buddy match and Joe kicking ass. Looking forward to next week's Raw.
  9. Man seeing this week''s episode made me sad how bad ROH has fallen. I know the MSG show was mostly a New Japan show sponsored by ROH but still. And that ladder match was boring even though they were killing themselves with the bumps they were taking.
  10. Thorne/Maluta didn't air but Bronson Reed vs Dijakovic did. Fun show overall. Roddy/Theory is worth going out of you way to see. Hell of a performance in his debut by Austin Theory. Rodrick continues to show why he's one of the best in the world. I also like Shotzi's debut. Main event was fun with Nese kicking Tom Phillips in the face and Santa Keith Lee.
  11. Yeah this match ruled. Haven't seen Rush that motivated in a while. My favorite thing was Mark Briscoe getting busted open and his whole face getting pixelated by the censors.
  12. I sorta respect the Elite for being so gung ho with the Dark Order push. Sure the fans won't like it but you gotta stick to your convictions sometimes. I'm guessing this is leading to Page being in the group which is alright. Jericho/Jungle Boy was awesome. Jericho played his role great and Jungle boy has potential. I think he needs to get away from Stunt and Luchasaurus tho to really get on the next level. The tag matches were good in ring but man I don't care about any of those guys to get emotionally invested in it. I think that's the side effect of watching so much wrestling during the week. Just get desensitized with these matches.
  13. That main event was clunky as hell and went on too long but I kinda enjoyed it. It was dangerous which these matches should be. It was way better than Corbin/Reigns which was awful and boring. I feel bad for Roman. Enjoyed Murphy/Black and new Day/Revival. Good to see the Dragon back.
  14. Highlights from the IWA Puerto Rico Bison Smith tribute show. Including : Savio Vega vs Slash Venom in a bullrope barbwire match Chicano vs Manny Ferno Face slapping contest with Chicky Starr Mr. Big vs Mikal Judas Monster Pain vs Electro.
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