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  1. So I gotta ask if this is @thee Reverend Axl Futurewrestling in 1998 Austria? This show is interesting as it has Ian Rotten wrestling ninjas in what looks like a empty mall
  2. This is pretty great. Navarro as the rudo ass kicker and Apolo bleeds a ton. Way different than 2000's technical Navarro. Finish is classic Monterrey which you either hate or love.
  3. IWA Puerto Rico put up a WWF vs IWA show from 2001. Featuring: Godfather vs Paparazzi Big Show vs Agent Bruno and ??? Crash Holly vs Super Crazy Test vs Tiger Ali Singh Apollo and Ricky Banderas vs Russ McCullough and DDP
  4. If I remember right, that's Mr Cacao. He's a promoter/wrestler who has had a few CMLL matches. He used to bring over a lot of CMLL guys to work his promotion.
  5. A bunch of Otto Wanz matches have been uploaded to Youtube today. I want to see @Matt D review all of them on Segunda Caida someday. My two favorite ones: The crowd heat for the Leslie match is amazing.
  6. Robert Stone vs Shotzi's tank is such a great feud. Stone taking the bump off the steps when she ran into it made me laugh. Roddy/Reed/Gargano wasn't that bad. Right man won. Main event was the usual HBK public theater exhibition. I still like Kross and him vs Lee should be a good match.
  7. The next content dump is more ECW. I think it's the supershows from 96 on. Not sure which ones. I'm watching the 3/4/89 episode of WCW. I'm really surprised they put this on the netowrk. It looks like it came from a 6th generation VHS dub from RF video quality wise. What are some of the other shows that are in bad quality on the netowrk. I know some of the World Class episodes and ECW supershows are in bad quality. I can just imagine how bad the Florida shows are if they won't even put them on the network.
  8. Carlos Colon vs One Man Gang cage match from Anniversario 2000
  9. Aew bringing in ivelisse who was training with chaysen rance as recently as a month ago is certainly a choice. I get that they are desperate for female wrestlers but it's just not worth it.
  10. They are going to have crowds. It's by invite only and usually under 100.
  11. Lots of indie shows are starting up this weekend in Florida. Mostly in South Florida. ARW is doing a show in coccoa Beach with Gangrel and Wes Briscoe. USA pro was supposed to have a show in July but it got cancelled because the building they usually run in, The Orlando Armory got hit hard by a Tornado that hit town last weekend. I hope they can fix the Armory up cause that place has a lot of wrestling history. FCW/NXT used to run that building with Kelly Kelly once drawing 1200 people in the middle of the summer in a building with no AC. I remember seeing the Bucks and Eita vs T-Hawk there at
  12. With Moxley wrestling on AEW Dark this week, Is Jericho the only guy that has never worked Dark? I've never seen a episode so don't know.
  13. Drake/Fantasma was good. Drake sold like a bastard for Fantasma. Glad he got his job back but HHH coming out as the good cop to give him a new contract is going to piss the usual people off. Wish Drake would have won because Fantasma winning came off like a afterthought. Great to see Breezongo back.
  14. I really enjoyed the end to the battle royal. It shouldn't happen right away, maybe even a few years but a Jungle Boy/Orange cassidy match/feud is going to be good I think. Rebel adds a lot to the Britt Baker act. Britt is the best act in AEW by far. Hate to see her injured but it might actually add to the character. Final segment was pretty rough. Tyson was corpsing pretty badly. Especially when he couldn't rip his shirt off. I hope the people that had a fit about the NXT guys running in on Raw are equally as outraged at the AEW guys doing it. I get they test everyone and all but go
  15. I'm sure most of the people that watch WWE these days know the story and If they didn't stop watching before Dark Side, they won't now. With AJ going to Smackdown, I'm guessing Baron will be headed to Raw. Seems like a fair enough trade I guess. I really enjoyed the mixed tag. Best Mandy has looked in a while and even Ziggler was decent.
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