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  1. The Sasha/Bayley return was insane. It's been years since I've heard Full Sail be that loud. The crowd was hot all night actually. I'm guessing the first women's tag title defense will be vs Marina/Duke cause they have to do one on NXT tv before getting to the Sky Pirates takeover match. I agree with Edwin about this being a great taping. Eu vs Alister and Ricochet was incredible. Eu is so good, especially Fabian. Dug the DIY stuff even though I'm not a big fan of the feud. Hope they realized how big of a mistake it was to turn Gargano heel. Also the Bugenhagen hype is real. I don't get it but the guy is over huge.
  2. Tim Evans

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    So who is actually under a impact contract now? I'm guessing guys like Johnny impact, cage, lucha Bros, Willie mack and even Taya are under LU contracts and are just being loaned out?
  3. FIP once ran a trios tourney at a Crossfit Gym in Orlando. There were no seats and guys were doing spots off of the CrossFit ropes. During Mania weekend in Orlando, FIP ran the Hardy show at a bar parking lot in Downtown Orlando. That was interesting. Next Tuesday, I'm going to an all women's show that's taking place at a softball practice facility that is in the downstairs section of a bar. Went to a show there last year and people were hitting balls into the crowd over a net they had separating the ring and the ball field.
  4. Tim Evans

    My NXT project

    Yeah the Ascension love was weird. They were featured so much around that time and people got so sick of them and started cheering ironically. I think the "yeah" chant is because konnor would always say that when he landed strikes.
  5. Tim Evans

    Raw Is JUSTICE FOR THE REVIVAL - 2/11/2019

    I'm sure Becky is going to win at mania but it would have been so much better if she beat Ronda instead of beating Charlotte. The match will be good no doubt.
  6. Tim Evans

    2019 Ring Of Honor Thread

    Went to this tonight. Haven't been to a ROH show since 2009 and haven't watched ROH tv since the POP days. Thought it sucked to be honest. They have some good talent. Marty, Juice, Bandido, RUSH stick out the most. The tapings just so minor league and without any buzz. Part of that was probably cause they were in Florida. I don't get how Lethal is the champion. So boring. They should give the title to Marty or Juice at the MSG show. Show wasn't worth the drive and I have no desire to watch ROH again.
  7. That main event was just painfully boring. The wrestling wasn't bad but I just don't care about Ciampa at all. Gargano was reaching that way for me but I loved the Black/Gargano cage match and thought his match with Ricochet was good too. Ciampa just needs to go to 205 already. Enjoyed the rest of the card. Star marking performances from Bianca and the War Raiders.
  8. Tim Evans


    The final season of Broad City started on Thursday night. I enjoyed it after last season which wasn't great. I think that had to do with the election. Hope the season ends on a high note and doesn't become Archer like.
  9. Reina/Chelsea was one of the worst matches I've seen at NXT Orlando shows in a while. Just not good. Undisputed Era were hilarious during that Gauntlet match. I also like how at every Orlando show, Gargano finds different ways to mess with Aleister.
  10. Tim Evans

    All Elite Wrestling is official

    I wonder if AEW is doing to let the wrestlers wrestle in other smaller indies like in the old days of TNA? I'm guessing the big stars like Cody and the Bucks won't. I also wonder if the roster will reach 1998 WCW levels by the end of the year.
  11. Tim Evans

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    So the next NWA title defense for Nick Aldis takes place on Sunday night in Puerto Rico for the CWA promotion and it's a doozy Kinda hope Billy wins it.
  12. Tim Evans


    I will be there for that. Can't wait. Pablo still rules
  13. Breeze/ricochet was awesome. Felt like an old school nxt match from 2015 with the crowd going nuts for Tyler. I'm sure this is a one off but I wish he would stick around.
  14. Do we have to spoiler tag in a spoiler thread? Anyways, I enjoyed the cage match and I'm not a big fan of the feud. Johnny was playing heel but the crowd still liked him. Dig the finish. Thought the women's match was very awkward. Bianca looked out of it after catching a io dive. Her vs Shayna should be good.
  15. Tim Evans


    Went to the IWA Florida show tonight. For those that don't know, IWA Florida is an offshoot of the former IWA Puerto Rico. Ran by Savio Vega in the Orlando area. Fun show with a lot of unknowns, some old IWA guys and Glamour Boy Shane. Great to finally see Shane live. Easily the most over guy there. Next show has Carlito. A Colon working an IWA show is just weird given the history.