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  1. Tim Evans


    They sometimes release tickets at the ticket office before the show. They did it today for like $5. Spoilers for takeover
  2. Tim Evans


    The rumor is that Gabe is pulling a DJ hyde and making guys choose between MLW and WWN. Not sure if it's true but seems like it with them dropping the Pricilla/Santana thing and no Stokley last night.
  3. Tim Evans


    Thought mlw was alright last night. Really enjoyed MVP/MJF, Snoop/Swann, Fenix/ACH, Lawlor/yehi and the main. Swagger vs Cobb was disappointing. The show had was too much Sami for my liking and bringing in that charisma void Sawyer Fulton makes me dislike him more. The show was really hurt by the lack of the wwn guys. I guess the rumors are true.
  4. Tim Evans

    C+A May!!

  5. Tim Evans

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 4/5/18

    Mundo/Ishimori was real good until the finish. Although the finish did lead to Mundo doing a dive onto kongo kong and kong making a bad landing. When did Tyrus turn from "bodyguard for hire" to Mr. Be A star? They are doing a decent job with the videos on Aries vs Patron.
  6. Tim Evans

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/29/18

    The main event was really good. Aries is having a good year and I like sydal as a heel even if he's with Josh Matthews. I also enjoyed the Rosemary/Taya brawl in the back. Hopefully Taya can get a good match out of Rosemary like Mia Yim did. The Sami/Eddie stuff continues to be stupid. You have big bad guy Sami and OVE beat up Eddie in Sami's promotion where he is a big time babyface. Then you have the roster come down and cheer Sami and OVE on. Just makes Impact look stupid.
  7. Tim Evans


    That's not zelina. It's former developmental signeee veronica lake. She never appeared on tv as herself. I think that was her name.
  8. Tim Evans

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/22/18

    I had high hopes for the Monster's ball match but it was just sad. Abyss can't move at all and it was sad seeing him take bumps into the tacks to silence. It was good to see Father Mitchell tho. He's always entertaining and I liked when he brought out Janice. So was this Borash's last Impact appearance? Kind of a sad way to go out for a guy that has been so important for TNA/Impact.
  9. Tim Evans


    Darby vs janela was insane. I saw them at the sci last year but they upped the anti with this. Janela hit a gusher and too some crazy bumps. Darby outdid himself with that bump from the balcony. I was right under where he did it and it was crazy to see. Really boring show besides that and Riddle vs ach. Also the crowd wasn't as big as usual. Please no more Sami callihan. He is the worst.
  10. Tim Evans


    Monster tarver. I hope he does his sermons talking about his hands and God like he used to do at the fip shows a few years ago in chikara.
  11. Tim Evans


    Went to a local indie show here in the Orlando area called New Generation Championship wrestling. It's a promotion built around Puerto Rican wrestling with some local Florida talent and old WWE wrestlers. Matches included Billy Gunn vs Snitsky in 2018 that was horrible. Snitsky looks like Braun's dad now with skinny legs. Billy looks the same but this was slow and the crowd shits on it. Another match was the WAR team of Eli Drake, Chris Adonis and Mike Knox vs Chicano, Apollo and some Samoan guy. This was alright but the crowd didn't really know the heels and Knox looked hurt so he didn't do much. Best match of the night was MechaWolf vs Laredo Kid vs Zumbi. Mecha was over huge since he's from the area and this had some awesome lucha moves which was fine cause the other matches didn't. There was also an invasion angle with a bunch of old Puerto Rican guys like Chicky starr, Glamour Boy Shane, Ricky Santana, Fidel Sierra and others beating up the babyfaces in the promotion. It's weird to do this for a promotion's second show but I enjoyed it. Always great to see Shane who is still in amazing shape and could have a run for the NXT title. Main Event was Carlito vs Alberto El Patron. A typical match between the two but very heated. The crowd hated Alberto. He won of course when Savio Vega turned heel and almost caused a riot making fun of Puerto Ricans. Fun show that drew about 500 and is different from anything else in the area and it's nice to go to a show that doesn't involve Chaysen Rance and his group of idiots.
  12. Tim Evans


    Yeah. It's from a reigns Camacho vs Ambrose sandow match from a fcw live event in Orlando years ago.
  13. Tim Evans

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/15/18

    Sami/Lashley and Ishimori/Fantasma were pretty fun. I hope they keep Fantasma around after the LU tapings air. The Lashley match was Sami's best match I've seen in a while and it was almost entirely thanks to Lashley. I missed last week's episode but I really enjoyed Sonjay on commentary. A breath of fresh air and he works well with Josh. I like how he totally ignored Hania during her match with Rosemary. I guess that's cause she's already gone from the company.
  14. Tim Evans

    Top 20 NXT Characters

    So I'm basing this on going to shows for years and seeing these acts grow. My list is probably a bit different than others. 1. Bayley: The queen of Full Sail. She carried the brand after Sasha and Charlotte left after Sami left and after Finn left. I remember her first appearance when she got booed off the screen. She along with the other horsewomen and women like Emma and Paige changed everything. Just a great character and story. 2. Sami Zayn: They call him the heart and Soul of NXT and it's true. I remember when his first appearance after he won the title at Full Sail. It was just nuts. A part of NXT died when he left and it will never return. 3. Emma: Yeah Emma is gonna be very high on my list. And not Evil Emma but dancing Emma. That character was perfect for NXT. It got people to react and felt organic at the time. I say this a lot but Emma/Santino vs Fandango/Summer is still the best match I've seen at Full Sail. I figured the character would die a death on the main roster but it was perfect for pre-touring NXT. 4. Enzo and Cass: Two guys that made each other better and were lost without each other. I remember when Cass was in FCW doing a Brooklyn gimmick and thinking "why is he even signed except for that he's tall?" When Enzo came in, it was like a spark hit his brain and it got the ball moving. Adding Carmella with them made it even better. They were the ultimate opening match guys on NXT live events. Kinda like what No Way Jose is now but better. 5. Finn Balor: Just an incredible run in NXT. Had great matches, was treated like a superstar in a era where only guys from the main roster that came down were and carried the brand for months after others left. I'm not a big fan of the demon character but regular Finn was cool. 6. Bo Dallas: An important character in the early days of NXT. He was so hated in Full Sail that it was like Roman today. The Mr. NXT angle was so simple but worked masterfully. Another highlight was his segment with Big Dave Batista. 7. Adam Rose: I liked the Leo Kruger gimmick but I loved the early Adam Rose gimmick. Sure it was basically just a entrance and he wasn't that great in the ring but he was over. Plus, the gimmick brought us plenty of other people like Becky and Braun. 8. Tye Dillinger: An example of what a crowd can do for a person. Tye was dead in the water after the failed team with Jordan. He tried so many gimmicks like the time he did a ballet gimmick and gymnastics during dark matches. The 10 gimmick is so simple but he got it over by never quitting and the crowd got him noticed. Then it just spread like wildfire. 9. Sasha banks: She might be a little low on my list but man the Boss Character was so great. Her with Summer Rae going after women like Emma and Bayley was just perfect for the time. The zenith of the character was the ironwoman match with Bayley and the time she scared Izzy. 10, Tyson Kidd: I loved Tyson's run in the NXT. Especially his matches with Curtis Axel in the early days of Full Sail. Some of the best matches of the time. He's a good example of a guy that got rehabbed in NXT after a run on the main roster. I wish they would do that with other guys these days but I guess the roster is too bloated these days to do that.
  15. Tim Evans


    That wasn't as bad as the USA chant during the Marcel vs Boa match. Granted it was only a few people but still noticeable. Fun show tonight in a new building. Heavy Machiner/Gargano vs Undisputed Era was the match of the night. The era selling the Machinery's bearhugs was awesome. Mendoza/Almas was good but the crowd died after a horrible women's match before it.