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  1. Tim Evans

    The NASCAR Thread

    Chad Knaus and Jimmie Johnson are parting ways after this year. I haven' watched NASCAR much the past couple years but this feels like an end of the Johnson era.
  2. Tim Evans


    God that Cesaro surprise was amazing. I haven't seen him that hyped in ages. Really made me want to see a Bar/ohno vs New Day. Cole/Ohno was great. Easily Cole's best match since the Dunne match. Rest of the show was ok. Enjoyed seeing Stacy Ervin Jr. live. He's going to be something special with a little more training..
  3. Tim Evans


    NXT did the first Kassius Ohno vs Matt riddle match tonight in NXT in Lakeland of all places. Would have thought they would have saved it for Orlando tomorrow night since they are running the huge Orlando Live Events building WWN used for Mania weekend. To no shock, the match was pretty good from reports.
  4. Tim Evans


    Went to a local indie last night. It was run by a Puerto Rican magazine so it had a lot of Puerto Rican talent like savio Vega, thunder and lightning and others. Fenix was there and the main was Pentagon vs mil muertes. Never seen mil before live but he was jacked. Fun show that took place at a livestock pavilion. Right up there with the all womens show I saw at a baseball practice complex a few weeks ago.
  5. Tim Evans


    Aerial/Zeuxis was better live than on tape but it was still awkward. I like the Big swole gimmick but those two didn't work well together. Good finish though. The post-match of Kacy/Reina was funny. Originally, Reina went to the back then ran back out to lift Kacy up. The crowd was wating for her to drop her but it never happened. They edited it because live it went like 2-3 minutes. The commentary on this show was really bad. Especially Renne. I don't know if it was because it was edited or what but she kept getting cut off by the other announcers and then she would finish her thought and it wouldn't make sense.
  6. Tim Evans


    ESPN is changing it's early afternoon schedule again. Sportsnation has been canceled and High Noon(still named that even though it won't air at noon anymore) will now be 30 minutes and air at 4pm est. The noon Sportscenter will return. I'm sad that they are changing High Noon as I enjoyed the show and the hour format let it breathe compared to the other shows. It was only a matter a time for Sportsnation after Wiley left for Fox.
  7. Yeah night 2 of this year's myc smokes last year's. I've seen a couple meiko satomura matches before but after the past two days, I want to see every match. She was the mvp of the tourney. The semi match was amazing and match of the tourney for sure. As for the Tegan thing, that was the saddest moment in wrestling I've seen in years. When she did the dive and got up and hit the steps, the whole crowd gasped cause we knew it was bad. I've never heard a crowd go silent like that. I hope she can come back. What awful luck.
  8. Tim Evans


    I enjoyed the show tonight. Won't spoil anything but just say that it was awesome to see Meiko live. And Ariel Monroe is the Jazzy of the MYC this year. She was incredibly over.
  9. Tim Evans


    The briscoes are headed to wwc in Puerto Rico for the big anniversario shows next month. I find this interesting because I thought roh talent couldn't work shows in the United States that had tv? I know guys work pwg.
  10. Tim Evans


    Speaking of Teddy Hart, he debuted at the MLW show last night and was the second most over act after the Lucha Bros. Teddy fits right at home in a promotion that books Sami Callihan and Rich Swann. The show was pretty weak overall but I liked the tag team title match and Janela/MJF.
  11. Why is Scott Steiner still wrestling in 2018? His promos are ok but no need for him to be in the ring every week. At least Eli won. Enjoyed the show for the most part. I'm not the biggest Allie fan but she works well with Su. The main event was nice but the finish made Pentagon looks like an idiot. I guess he's coming back for a rematch starting with the tapings on Friday. Also, I usually FF through LAX segments so when did Konnan, Diamante, and Homicide leave LAX? Eddie Kingston is a damn good replacement tho.
  12. Tim Evans


    Tye Dillinger showed up tonight at NXT Orlando to face Marcel Bartel. From the way he was talking, it seems the SD/Raw guys making appearances at NXT FL shows might continue. Also, the main event was Adam Cole vs Big Otis and it was certainly a match. Cole is actually taller than Otis.
  13. Tim Evans


    They sometimes release tickets at the ticket office before the show. They did it today for like $5. Spoilers for takeover
  14. Tim Evans


    The rumor is that Gabe is pulling a DJ hyde and making guys choose between MLW and WWN. Not sure if it's true but seems like it with them dropping the Pricilla/Santana thing and no Stokley last night.