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  1. I think it's important to draw a distinction between near-falls (finisher < kickout) and 'wear-down' pinfalls (a la Flair/Steamboat). I don't want to sound too Al Snow here, but Terry Taylor be damned: the goal of a wrestling match is to win, usually by pinning the other guy. You can only pin him on the ground. So if you ever knock a guy down, and don't go for a pinfall, you're not trying to win. I always go a little crazy when i see someone knock the other guy down, then pick them up, knock them down again, and again, and again... This isn't a video game. Wrestlers don't have HP. You can quickly, at any time, with the 'right' pin (leverage, blah blah blah).
  2. I'm glad this rankled someone else too. I get that the Bucks are as modern as modern can be, and kayfabe has changed, but to say something that basically translates to 'real life brothers, because they're not fake brothers, because this is all fake, remember?' in a promo is pretty jarring. Maybe there's something to be said for all the Being The Elite filming making it harder for them to switch in and out of kayfabe, so it all becomes one big hodgepodge.
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