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It was always a trip to go to WLW shows and just see Harley chilling in the front office of the Race Wrestling Arena. He was a consistent presence at the shows until nearly the end. So many wrestlers trained at WLW who were fortunate enough to have him as a mentor at some point.

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9 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

It was really nice to see the Harley tribute on Smackdown last night with a Harley chant breaking out. Did it air on Raw or did I miss it?

It aired on Raw but it took a bit longer for a half-hearted chant to break out.  The SD reaction was much better.

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On 8/5/2019 at 7:58 AM, Pete said:


Have to get through these guys first...

God, imagine Superstar AND Ernie Ladd doing a promo at the same time. That much awesome can't be contained

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also... having his intestines rupture 3 weeks after a table spot on SNME (his book made it sound like he passed out while watching the basketball national title game on TV and he came to when the game was over)... so that was another near death experience for him

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In 1991 I interviewed wrestler, trainer, and referee Eddie Sharkey at a Minneapolis Denny's over breakfast.  Eddie had the following reminiscence about Harley Race:

We did have a lot of fun. The fights were classics. I used to hang around with Harley Race. I bought a house here in south Minneapolis, and he lived with me. Harley's a tough son-of-a-gun, you know. He can fight in the street like you can't believe. Harley's tough. Our fights were classics. He was in court all day. It wasn't a question of if we'd win or lose, it was how quick we could knock the guys out. And we went out for years like that. 

Never run, you never run. You'll panic the crowd, you know. You'll never see a guy run from the ring with a crowd after him. You see, in those days we didn't have the police protection we have now. There were no barricades, there was one cop. Now there's barricades and a dozen cops. We never had that. I remember one time in Denver, I was standing around talking to some girl or something, and Harley Race came out. Somebody got the crowd mad, so they said, "Let's grab Harley." Now a guy grabs him around the waist, and somehow they were down. And in the meantime a woman was hitting him with a high-heeled shoe, and I'm only a few feet away. So I took about six steps and kicked the guy as hard as I could, right in the head. And it didn't move him. 

So I said, "We're in trouble. I'm just gonna stick my finger in, and pull this guy's eyeball right out." I reached down, stuck my finger in his eye, and I stuck my finger in an empty eye socket. Harley had already ripped his eye out! The guy bit through Harley's finger. I'd never felt anything like that in my life. It was just unexplainable, how that felt. And I looked down, and the guy's eye is ripped out, and by this time, you know, we're out of there. We were both barred for about three months. We couldn't go back to Denver.

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