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  1. The Professional Wrestling Studies Association has posted my 1992 interview with Jeff Jarrett, conducted at the Mid-South Coliseum before the start of the night's matches: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/09/14/before-shoot-interviews-jeff-jarrett/ The main event was a wild and memorable brawl between the Moondogs and Jeff, Jerry Lawler, and Eric Embry, which ended with a Moondog throwing "battery acid" in the face of Embry! I seem to recall seeing burn marks on Eric's face as he was helped to the back, or maybe Eric's convincing selling made me believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbomhzyIFoo
  2. The Professional Wrestling Studies Association has now posted part two of my 1991 interview with Pro Wrestling Torch publisher Wade Keller: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/08/25/before-shoot-interviews-wade-keller-part-2/ I'll be back to interviews with pro wrestlers for the next installment.
  3. Continuing the "dirt-sheet" theme, the Professional Wrestling Studies Association has published part one of my 1991 interview with college student Wade Keller, who was around four years into publishing the Pro Wrestling Torch at the time: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/08/11/before-shoot-interviews-wade-keller-part-1/
  4. I spent a few minutes with Dave Meltzer in 1991, just 1 year into my 33-year-long subscription to The Wrestling Observer. You can read Dave's thoughts on creating the newsletter, and his time writing a column for The National Sports Daily, here: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/07/28/before-shoot-interviews-dave-meltzer/
  5. I'm impressed by your memories of the Eddie Sharkey review in that 1992 magazine! If anyone wants more Eddie Sharkey insights, part 2 of my 1991 interview with Mr. Sharkey has just been posted: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/07/14/before-shoot-interviews-eddie-sharkey-part-2/ My favorite line from the interview: "Harley had already ripped his eye out!"
  6. Very cool about the 1992 interview with Eddie Sharkey in (possibly) Wrestling Today! I would love to see that. I wonder whether Eddie repeated any of the stories he told me. I am happy that folks are enjoying these old interviews. They will continue to be published every other week, usually around Wednesday, at the Professional Wrestling Studies Association Website (https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/).
  7. Anyone heard of Eddie Sharkey? He trained the Road Warriors and Rick Rude, and had lots of other adventures in the wrestling business. I interviewed him at a Minneapolis Denny's in 1991, and you can see part one of the interview here: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/06/29/before-shoot-interviews-eddie-sharkey-part-1/
  8. I think the WWE missed a great opportunity by not announcing a special tournament to crown the Interim WWE CEO. I guess the winner of that tournament would have a PPV unification match with Vince when he is cleared of all wrongdoing.
  9. Hi all! A 1992 interview I conducted with Teddy Long has just been posted on the Professional Wrestling Studies Association website: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/06/15/before-shoot-interviews-teddy-long/ This interview includes some interesting reflections on making a transition from ref to heel ref to heel manager. Anyone have any favorite Teddy Long moments? One of my favorites was a goofy 1990 angle where Teddy was forced to serve as Ric Flair's chauffeur, but then double-crossed Flair with the help of some "kidnappers."
  10. A new, non-Bruno Sammartino interview--this time featuring former WWF Women's Champion Rockin' Robin--has been posted on the Professional Wrestling Studies Association website: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/06/01/before-shoot-interviews-rockin-robin/ This interview includes some charming recollections of Robin wrestling in Japan. Enjoy!
  11. The third part of my 1991 interview with Bruno Sammartino has now been posted on the Professional Wrestling Studies Association website: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/05/12/before-shoot-interviews-bruno-sammartino-part-3/ This kind of makes me want to watch some David Sammartino matches from the 1980s. But maybe not. Enjoy!
  12. That seems to be a dead link. Also...spoilers! The interviews will all be posted on the Professional Wrestling Studies Association's website in the coming months. Thanks!
  13. Part 2 of my 1991 interview with Bruno Sammartino is now up, wherein Bruno recounts his early years as a professional wrestler, including getting blackballed by the WWF in the early 1960s: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/2022/04/27/before-shoot-interviews-bruno-sammartino-part-2/
  14. In the olden times, Phil Rippa posted on the DVDVR website a bunch of interviews I conducted with folks in the pro wrestling business in the very early 1990s. When the board went kablooey, the interview page disappeared. However, the interviews are back, courtesy of a new blog series on the Professional Wrestling Studies Association website. The first post is part 1 of an interview I conducted with Bruno Sammartino at the tail end of John Arezzi's 1991 Weekend of Champions in Queens, NY. I will be adding additional posts every two weeks, featuring interviews with Lou Thesz, Jeff Jarrett, Marc Mero, Teddy Long, Rockin' Robin, Larry Sharpe, Dave Meltzer, Wade Keller, Eddie Sharkey, and several others. I hope you enjoy the interviews!
  15. Hi all! As the newly elected Non-Academic Representative of the Professional Wrestling Studies Association, I would like to invite you all to attend WrestlePosium III on April 9, 2022: https://www.prowrestlingstudies.org/home-2/wrestleposium-the-online-symposium/wrestleposium-iii/ Registration is free, and the day will be filled with interesting presentations and thought-provoking roundtable discussions. At 11:00am Central, I will be moderating a roundtable discussion on Critiquing Matches, featuring panelists Alan Counihan, Tyler McDowell-Blanken, and our own Phil Schneider. Please let me know if you have any questions about this event. I hope you can make it! Best regards, Lee Benaka
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