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[SPOILERS] NXT TV TAPINGS - 01/04/18 From Atlanta


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Takeover card finalized. Tapings go through Takeover. As per usual not sure what order they will show things in



Dark match --
- Candice LeRae defeated Vanessa Borne

NXT TV taping spoilers --
- Kassius Ohno defeated Raul Mendoza

- Shayna Baszler defeated Dakota Kai

The referee stopped the match after a vicious assault by Baszler. NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon made the save and confronted Baszler following the match.

- Lars Sullivan defeated Lio Rush

Sullivan destroyed Rush with the Freak Accident, then proceeded to call out Killian Dain before hitting Rush with another Freak Accident. The last one was off the ropes.

- The Undisputed Era attacked SAnitY backstage before doing an in-ring promo. Nikki Cross attempted to fight them but was held back, then William Regal announced the next match.

- NXT Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly defeated Roderick Strong & Aleister Black to retain their titles

Adam Cole took Black's attention away and they brawled while Strong was defeated. Black was beaten down by Cole after.

Regal then announced that Black vs. Cole at TakeOver: Philadelphia will be an extreme rules match.

- NXT Champion Andrade "Cien" Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) defeated Kassius Ohno

Almas won with the hammerlock DDT.

- Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss defeated Heavy Machinery

- Lacey Evans defeated Aliyah

Evans cut a promo when this was over, but Baszler showed up and was destroying Aliyah until Moon made the save again. Regal announced Moon vs. Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship at TakeOver.

- Roderick Strong defeated Fabian Aichner

Strong then challenged Sullivan to a rematch.

- Johnny Gargano did a promo in the ring about his quest to win the NXT Championship.

- The Authors of Pain defeated The Street Profits in a number one contender's match

AOP will face Fish & O'Reilly for the NXT Tag Team Championship at TakeOver.

- No Way Jose defeated Cezar Bononi

- Bianca Belair defeated an enhancement wrestler

- Before a match could get started, The Authors of Pain destroyed a pair of enhancement wrestlers and taunted Undisputed Era.

- Johnny Gargano defeated Velveteen Dream to retain his NXT Championship shot

This was said to be a great match with huge near falls. Gargano fended off Almas and held the title in his hands to end the tapings.



Candice LeRae def. Vanessa Borne

Kassius Ohno def. Raul Mendoza

Shayna Baszler def. Dakota Kai (Kai was unable to continue after Baszler stomped her arm. Baszler continues to attack her anyway until Ember made the save.)

Lars Sullivan def. Lio Rush (Lars challenged Killian afterwards, the slammed Lio off the top rope for the hell of it.)

Backstage: Undisputed Era attacked Sanity and left them laying. 

Undisputed Era came out to brag about it. Nikki Cross ran out to try to fight them but was stopped by refs. William Regal came out and said they would defend their titles tonight anyway. Roderick Strong came out and said he’d find a partner. Immediately, Aleister Black came out and said he’d take the spot. 

Kyle O’Reilly/Bobby Fish def. Roderick Strong/Aleister Black to retain. (Adam Cole interfered and Black chased him into the crowd, which left Roddy alone to get double teamed. Afterward, all 3 beat down Black until Cole hit him with a DVD onto a chair.)

William Regal came out and declared that Adam Cole’s match with Aleister Black at Takeover would now be an Extreme Rules match. 

WWE NXT champion Andrade Almas def. Kassius Ohno.

Tino Sabatelli/Riddick Moss def. Heavy Machinery.  Moss used his feet on the ropes to steal the win,

Lacey Evans def. Aliyah.  Lacey was working heel. Afterward, she cut a promo about none of the women in NXT have class. Shayna came out and Lacey ran away. Shayna then choked out Aliyah until NXT Women's champ Ember Moon made the save. Ember challenged Shayna to a match. Shayna declined saying she didn’t have her gear with her. Ember told her to name the time and place.  

In the back, Regal made the women’s title match official for Takeover. Zelina came in and tried to convince Regal to make next week's Johnny Gargano vs Velveteen Dream match a #1 contenders match. Regal didn’t understand why Gargano would want to put that on the line so he refused her request)

Roderick Strong def. Fabian Aichner.  Strong used a Liontamer to submit him. Afterwards, Roddy challenged Lars Sullivan to a match.

Johnny Gargano came out to answer Zelina’s request. He said he’s tired of being doubted and he’s not a fluke. So he’ll put his #1 contender status on the line to prove it. 

Authors of Pain def. Street Profits

No Way Jose def. Cezar Bononi

Bianca Belair def. Luscious (local wrestler)

AOP came out and destroyed Cauliflower Brown and an unknown local guy (no intros for them). There was no match. AOP said they would destroy Undisputed Era at Takeover the same way. 

Johnny Gargano def. Velveteen Dream to retain his #1 Contender status in an amazing match.  Almas came out and laid out Johnny. After a few minutes Johnny got up and hit him with a slingshot DDT. Johnny picked up the belt, held it up, then laid it on Almas’ chest. 

Afterward, Triple H came out and thanked the Center Stage crowd for living up to the history in the building. 


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7 minutes ago, Craig H said:

Grrr, still no Dijak.

I highly doubt Dijak is gonna get anywhere near the TV roster until after Mania and the inevitable call-ups clear out some roster spots

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11 minutes ago, West Newbury Bad Boy said:

Only one match for Velveteen in two sets of tapings? After the awesome match against Black?

I'm confused. Is this the Mandy Rose thing where they don't want the NXT stink on him? 

Putting him in a high-profile match on a Takeover would be an odd way to go about that.

He was slated to be a part of the matches to qualify for number one contender, but taken out due to injury supposedly suffered during the Black match.

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4 minutes ago, MORELOCK said:

Putting him in a high-profile match on a Takeover would be an odd way to go about that.

I would assume they made the decision once they saw said Takeover match and realized what they had. That or Mandy Rose Doctrine is a new thing. Pure speculation of course. 

Injury seems more likely though and I'm embarrassed to have missed such a story.

For no rational reason, my gut still says Dream will be in the Rumble and slip into a midcard title clusterfuck for Mania. 

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The lack of Kairi after Shayna attacked her is odd. Kind of thought they might wait for WM weekend for Shayna/Ember one on one.

Black vs. Cole disappoints me since I was hoping the Undisputed feud would lead to an odd couple team with Dream.

AoP vs. O'Reilly/Fish is interesting. On the one hand I know Undisputed Era will retain. On the other I have no reason to believe the AoP won't murder them.

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I mean who knows for sure but I am so glad to see Gargano vs. Dream get some sort of rave review. How many non-squashes has Dream had on NXT TV? I think just the Black match? 

Dream might end up the biggest star NXT develops. 

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It's possible they want to keep Dream a heel and maybe he's a little banged up. So after the very face like reaction he got a Takeover, take him off TV and prevent him from further turning face. Then have him come back and challenge one of the top faces on the brand.

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15 hours ago, RIPPA said:

I highly doubt Dijak is gonna get anywhere near the TV roster until after Mania and the inevitable call-ups clear out some roster spots

I don’t follow NXT regularly — so who is expected to being called up next?

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Almas was on the list of callups back in - I wanna say in November - but they changed their minds. So clearly they think he was close.

And Meltzer said McIntyre was to be called up that is why he lost to Almas but the injury has delayed that

Now don't read too much into who shows up at Rumble because remember Dillinger was in last year's Rumble but didn't get called up till April. And similar - Killian Dain had that run in the Andre last year and then nothing.

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Was it me, but it seems like there were more backstage segments than normal on tonight show which seemed to set everything up a little better.  There also weren't any "don't look at the camera while the interviewer stares off into space" segments.

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