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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are less than a week from Antenna TV beginning full episode nightly reruns of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.


You're welcome.


I've been watching Dick Cavett on Hulu.  I'm a bit too young (born in 1975) to remember seeing it as a kid.  His comic delivery reminds me a lot of Conan O'Brien (self deprecating, nervous, ripping on the network, etc.) but he is a much better interviewer.  I watched an episode with Orson Welles, and it reminded me that talk shows used to be about interesting interviews rather than bits created to generate YouTube hits or incessant plugging of whatever the guest is there to promote.


I got into Carson at the tail end of his show, so it will be interesting to catch some of the older shows.

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And for Casey, I can't blame Disney; that's the channel that brought us "Phineas & Ferb," "Gravity Falls," and ... ahem ... that's kinda it.


I take it you are not old enough to remember the awesomeness of Fillmore, Tron: Uprising, or Kim Possible?


Sadly, I am officially done with Into The Badlands.   The Expanse is my new favorite show.

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The Wife and I needed something to watch so we mainlined Marco Polo on Netflix. It starts painfully dull but somewhere in the middle of episode 2 it gets interesting and then it just builds and builds until... BAM! The last episode is frickin great with a great Kung-Fu fight that was better than anything on Into The Badlands (a show I was digging at first but the more it went the less I cared). Now The Wife and I are waiting on season 2 for Marco Polo after havign watched the 100 Eyes special.


Its a show that has some good moments and the acting gets better from point A to point B (considerably so actually)



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I think I only caught the end of one episode after the season premier of Into the Badlands. They were kidnapping the kid with the powers. Even though the fight was great, it didn't draw me in any further.


Also, since we got seasons three and four of The Sopranos on DVD for Xmas I've been binge-watching. Some of the best and funniest things in season four are still the intervention for Chrissy which turns into an airing of grievances, with the best response being from Silvio, read horribly stilted: 


"One morning when I was opening the club I saw you with your head half in the toilet. Your hair was in the toilet water. Disgusting."




And still one of my favorite lines spoken by the old bum after the gang members kick everyone out of the crackhouse: 


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