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on one hand, Kissinger was far from the only horrid US government leader who had significant power in the 60s/70s

on the other hand, Kissinger outlived pretty much all of those guys by like 15+ years so all the 'kids' on the internet are doing a tribute to how some Brits reacted to Margaret Thatcher dying 10 years ago

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I'm actually reading his memoirs right now, and they are fascinating in the level of detail. As a history buff they are a great read(I'm about 500 pages into the 1500 page first volume) but only for the hardcore policy wonk types. 

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Kissinger being assigned by the US Army to handle administration of German towns in 1945 when he was 22/23 and a private because he spoke German is an oddly fascinating part of the story. He had fled Germany in August 1938.

I'm sure someone could do a "would you let a 22 year old run a city that the US Army just entered" for these days, but even then it was a bit of a leap of faith.

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Unless there’s a Terminator at work, total coincidence that back to back William & Mary Chancellors died in a 3 day span (Kissinger 2000-2005, Sandra Day O’Connor 2005-2012)

Thatcher was the W&M chancellor before Kissinger. So that college went on a run of chancellors

Feels like we’re on a “various older people dying as a result of the first cold snap of the winter” run lately

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