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2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

What belts are Tully holding? I was thinking he came out with a replica NWA TV or US title on TNT.

(Blue straps) NWA World Tag Team Championships
(Bottom right) NWA Television Championship
(Bottom left) NWA United States Championship, the one he wore on Dynamite

Also, you can tell by the weathering that (minus the TV belt) those are not replicas, I wonder if he possibly got them on loan from Conrad.

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1 hour ago, PetrolCB said:

Never knew Awesome fought Kobashi. Is the match worth watching?

If that's from the YouTube clip I caught last summer its pretty cool imo. That was during my Kobashi appreciation weekend and I loved it, especially in the middle of some Kobashi/Vader (I think it was?) matches that were brutal spectacles 👌💯

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