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Yeah - this is gonna get pretty big pretty quick so for once I want to be start and actually start fresh. I will convert the other thread into the pre-Fallout 4 stuff.





(Contains no story spoilers)

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Reviews are coming in and most are glowing (green). The most critical one so far from RPGamer (huh?) says this in summation:


Fallout 4 just feels safe, even when trying new things. The addition of a voiced main character limits the depth of choice too much to be worth the payoff. The warring factions you have to choose from force you down a path that offers no good middle ground to say "screw it, I don't want to support any of you." They all have different ideologies, but the outcome for each is just too similar. As such, the main storyline overcomplicates itself into irrelevance instead of becoming a complex web of intrigue like other games in the series have offered. If all you are looking for is more Fallout, with tons of areas to explore and lots of side quests to complete, there is plenty of that here, but be warned that they are not the same deep, entertaining quests offered by the past two games.


The Telegraph's review says the complete opposite:

Choices are not binary here - there is no karma system. Instead of deciding whether to decimate a whole town for a laugh or not, some of the murkier choices have something else hanging over them. It is very difficult at times to tell the difference between right and wrong.
If you’ve been waiting for Fallout 4, it will simultaneously meet your expectations and exceed them in others. Who would have thought a Fallout game would convince us of Bethesda’s storytelling and shooter credentials? In a year full of brilliant open-world games like The Witcher 3, it manages to stand apart from the crowd and deliver something that feels fresh, despite its familiar foundations.
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Anyone else that preordered it from amazon getting the 11th as your delivery date now? Meanwhile you can just go to best buybat 9pm tonight and buy a copy. Looks like I'll be returning the one I bought from amazon.

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Am I the only one who's struggled to not constantly think about Fallout 4 all day?


That's been me for a week. I may or may not have planned my character build and perk usage already....



... to level 137.


And that makes you only halfway through the current amount of perks & SPECIAL attributes.

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Anyone know what the install size is (specifically for the One)?

I am still pretty sure I am just going to install it, take way too long creating a character and then not playing it till the first patch comes out.

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on steam the whole install is 24gb. on console - no clue. no word about a day 1 patch though.

Last quote I saw was Day 1 patch was 500MB


That *could* be the activation of the pre-load. 


original steam install was 23.8gb, which increased to 24gb last night.


Colleague of mine said the last bit was released at midnight...like i said, *could* be the day 1 patch.

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I just walked eight miles round trip to pick this up, installing it now.

Could've gone digital, but now I won't feel guilty for sitting on my butt for God knows how long. :)

Edit: streaming @ twitch.tv/Steveg_84

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