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  2. Fine, no one engage me on Studd. Today, we get a (new) two hour Omni show from December 1983 with a Rich vs Flair title match on top. Hell of a thing.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a better image of this? I had to capture this from a JJ Dillon interview. This is such an amazing Horseman poster. I know this is super blurry but it was the best I could do. Can anyone help me find a better image of this? Basically it's the Horseman standing over a bunch of jobbers who've been beaten up, while they celebrate in a fine dining area...
  4. I like Kevin Owens a lot, but the issues for him stem from age, injuries, and staleness. When he arrived he was a breath of fresh air in the promotion. Out talking star John Cena, and Keeping up, as well as pushing the star in matches. But he’s slowed down a lot since then, and the comedy stuff has really put a stop to us taking him serious as a contender again. As of right now as a wrestler, he’s basically Ziggler, if Ziggler had charisma. I’ve been saying for quite sometime now that Owens brings so much more to the show as a personality, and not as a stale wrestler. He should be a manager, and then transition into a commentator. I hear FS1 will have a WWE show. Maybe he should be on there as the veteran analysts to get him started.
  5. In regards to Kronik in Wwe, the story I heard is that Undertaker voucher for his guys, and then they came in clearly not ready to work after promising Taker they would be.
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  7. I kinda am feeling more dread than anticipation. I feel like they already pulled off the miracle with 3 being a classic and now they're just tempting fate.
  8. You mean Labor Day, and I doubt they'll hold ALL IN 2 on a Monday.
  9. Daniel James has been rumored to be moving the Manchester United but no deal has been reached as of yet. Swansea City just tweeted his father suddenly passed away. Thoughts and prayers to Daniel and his friends and family.
  10. The 50 man battle royal is supposed to be a battle royal and not a Royal Rumble match, right? How do you even start a match with 50 guys in the ring. Also at this rate if people say they won't go, will they have 50 people?
  11. Glad I’m not the only one who’s unimpressed with KO.
  12. NXT Twitter account has announced the following for NXT Takeover XXV. I've put it in spoiler tags:
  13. I too wonder whether it's sales figures which I believe are down, the big change causing second thoughts with the higher ups and whether Heroes in Crisis bad WOM has hurt Tom King's reputation. King's Batman run has sizeable filler and stories stretched out longer than necessary. With hindsight, that might be a regret of King as his time on the Batman book is cut short.
  14. Husker Du hanging out with Burroughs.
  15. I just want to see her beat someone with a Western Lariat.
  16. That is just plainly not true. Time Warner was firmly in control when they insisted on giving WCW a prime time show on TBS and were all jockeying to take credit for the success. When the merger happened, WCW was bleeding money, so it is no surprise they wanted WCW off the books. If WCW was generating the money it was at its peak there is absolutely no way Kellner gets the okay to cancel the WCW shows. He probably would not have been allowed to broach the idea.
  17. If the WWF died, WCW would not have died. ECW would likely have survived as well just to be an alternative, Northerners would feel about WCW the same way Southerners felt about WWF, that would have kept ECW alive. If ECW still went under, ROH would have happened and gotten more backing and perhaps a few big ex-WWF midcarders like Owen or Shamrock. WCW surviving might have had some butterflies on NJPW- might have sent some guys on WCW excursions like Okada/Naito/Yoshi-Hashi
  18. If Hogan was still around, the Kliq never gets power. If WCW was keeping the ratings and profits they had in 97, they are not going to get rid of WCW. AOL was ran by idiots, but they were not so stupid they would sabotage a successful show. WCW was only killed because of people like Russo tweaking corporate's nose constantly. But this scenario requires Bischoff not getting power drunk in late 97 and coasting, then getting desperate in late 98 and constantly rebooting thru 99. ECW's fate was tied into not trying to go national. To be content being a regional promotion and letting talent go instead of matching pay with the WWF and WCW. Montreal likely never happens since Bret never turns heel. There would be nobody you could do the WM 13 match with, since there were no anti heroes getting cheered. Even before Bret turned heel, he was still getting cheered slightly more than Austin. But if Austin is not in the WWF, maybe Bret does not sign a new contract since he really wanted to work with Austin. Steve Austin not going to the WWF changes everything. I don't think the WWF goes anywhere, they had started making money on live events by 97 and Vince proved he could go into survival mode in 93/95. Maybe things would be better today, since without the stock scam and big cash reserves, they would have to make stars.
  19. AOL/Time Warner might've pulled the plug regardless, but Fusient could've found a new prime time home in about five minutes if it still had 1998 ratings.
  20. If you've seen too much good wrestling, there's always Typhoon & The Great Shinja vs. Koji Kitao & El Gigante! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlLFqV0M8Xc Get well soon, DEAN!
  21. Fricking Yoshiaki Yatsu wrestled in the 2019! Ahhhh, DDT..... ---------------------------------------------- Shingo is great in this, matching the stiffness of Maybach and Yuji Hino.
  22. WALTER vs. Dunne was never going to be as good as the first, but they did a reasonable job of building off the first match. I'm not sure that WALTER should need a goon squad, but it's good to see Barthel and Aichner regularly, so I'm going to wait before I actually complain about that. Heel Dar is the best Dar. The Scottish crowd being unable to boo anyone Scottish did kid of put a dampener on that, although for some reason I just find their partiality pretty funny when they're cheering for Gallus. Banks' face when he name dropped Coffey to a cheer was the most personality he's ever shown. Nina Samuels buying herself "Congratulations" cards already was fun, too. Trying to put my finger on what's wrong with Connors, and I think it might be that he comes out so shiny with that grungy looking coat. Compare him to James Drake who does that look better, he looks a little skeevier, plus Drake seems to be aiming for (and hitting) "Wanker" a lot better, while Connors going for "Psycho" is a little flat.
  23. They could have Naito win or retain the IC on Night 1, then win IWGP on Night 2, set up during the G1.
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