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  2. Wow. From the amount of talk I heard about his arduous journey, you'd have thought he Greta Thunberged it from the other side of the Atlantic with all his worldly possessions.
  3. According to Meltzer, he spent a lot of time in catering. So maybe the craft services people noticed him.
  4. To be fair, he never sold his home in Wyoming. WWE moved him into a furnished apartment or at least let him pick the furniture for the apartment in Stamford. They didn't have to take a whole lot with them. Hell, he even said he had to get a whole new wardrobe when he got out to CT. IF he was indeed let go, the worst of it will probably be the sting from getting let go. Other than that, there isn't much else tying him to CT.
  5. Maybe they pixelated a wardrobe malfunction? Only thing I can think of.
  6. Maybe Bisch is doing liaison work for Fox/WWE. Vince replacing Bisch with the ultimate prowres yes-man just says it all. The inner workings of the company couldn't be more transparent.
  7. If I relocated my family for this, I'd be beyond pissed.
  8. The only thing I can see is a board of directors role where he appears from time to time, but honestly any numbnut can do that job in the back. That’s a charisma less character to have.
  9. If Bischoff is doing commentating he needs his old AWA hair back
  10. HEY GUYS, SO BASKETBALL, RIGHT? Gerald Green broke his foot and there's concern he might miss the season.
  11. Yeah, but that was years ago and even then, the flak they got was petty bad. No way they do it in 2019.
  12. If “the network” is gonna hire an on-air authority figure, you’d think they’d hire Cyrus instead of Bischoff.
  13. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing him in the Marvez interviewer role, but I'm really struggling to think of much he can offer AEW. They have TV, they have a top heel stable already, they recognize on air authority figures are passe (so far). Maybe from a production point of view there could be something, but I've already been pretty impressed with both TVs so far
  14. You know what? Since they are going to fall back on the same old shit, then they might as well bring back on-air authority figures. Just fucking do it already, Vince.
  15. Wonder if all of Bischoff’s enemies from the 90s have left Turner by now. Bischoff in MLW as a color commentator once Schiavone makes the full jump into AEW?
  16. Christ I hope not. I'm guessing they just find something else for Eric to do since they moved his ass out to CT.
  17. I CALLED IT!!! Also, since it got brought up so many times with Bischoff... Bischoff’s ability to kiss a TV executives ass isn’t exactly a unique gift. There are a number of shitty underlings who can do that, and they aren’t asking for much to start.
  18. “Bruce, Smackdown’s rating dropped in week 2, what do you think went wrong” Bruce sees an opening to get the Smackdown job.
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