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  2. Maybe the Red Sox should panic. Giving up Grand Slams to Brett Gardner... yeesh
  3. Crucible was fucking brutal as I kept getting put up against 5 and 6 mans But I had some bounties with timers so I wasn't being picky. I have three pieces of Revelry armor now and I think 5 triumphs so far. I did get my first full completion done so that was nice. Would have had an even better night if I didn't keep getting Babooned
  4. Dream-Murphy was what kept me from taking an NXT break due to Gargano Fatigue, and it didn't disappoint. I think Bourne and Aliyah are doing shockingly well with their push when you consider how unremarkable Aliyah has been for her whole run.
  5. I know the feeling is that Fast Five was like the Saints Row movie, but holy shit, they went and made a Saints Row movie.
  6. Unfriended 2: Dark Web is now on heavy rotation on Cinemax and should be available on MAX On Demand. I will try to check it out once shit at work settles down and I get this new slug of IAVAs and functional software updates done. You don't know how close I am to being an active shooter today. Fucking co-workers are really grinding every shred of patience I have left in my cranium because they think this shit works like magic and have no concept of software load time or configuration prep.
  7. I kinda hate the whole Conjure-verse thing, actually. I don't mind name dropping The Conjuring as a way to drum up ticket sales, but La Llorona could be kept as it's own entity rather than mixing everything into the Conjure-verse with the fucking Warrens and associated supporting characters in the role of The Ghostbusters.
  8. So there way WB/New Line/Atomic Monster all keep wanting to have their cake and eat it with regards to La Llondra and The Conjuring universe is just weird. On one hand, it's using at least one character from The Nun, and they are marketing it as being "from the creators of The Conjuring" but on the other, they say it's not a Conjuring universe movie because it's but from the con files of the con artists the other movies are. Which, ironically, would make me feel better about supporting it, because, seriously, fuck the Warnens.
  9. In the new WON - Meltzer wrote
  10. I realize that Becky shouldn't be saying "I have a lot of respect for my opponent" or anything, but going in on the Lacey-as-Charlotte-clone talking point is an absolute burial. It definitely doesn't make anyone want to see them wrestle. It also gives ammunition to the "Vince only pushes blondez!!!!11" idiots around here, and nobody needs that.
  11. This is the blurb from the new WON which is basically what Dave said on the radio in print form but I am gonna post it anyway
  12. Man, Bàlor/Devitt in BC was the most cocky, hatable motherfucker. The Good Brothers... They're fine. Anderson is a pretty good wrestler, Luke is serviceable. They aren't going to put on a bunch of match of the year candidates. But they are great muscle for a leader, and it's no coincidence they looked their best in WWE backing up AJ or during that one month they got to pal around with Bàlor.
  13. Mahabali Shera is returning to IMPACT as he got stealth cut by the WWE
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  15. Harden's first half last night was incredible. If he shoots like that in round 2 I think they can do it. This is a pretty unprecedented chemistry situation in Golden State. You are a dynasty and everyone knows the best player is leaving this off season. Weird.
  16. Indeed. He responded right out of the gate. He's just a completely different player when he is attacking the basket. Embiid also looked better without the knee brace although he clearly can't jump. Such a bummer considering how great his year was. Curious to see how many Philly fans are in the building tonight in Brooklyn.
  17. If Harper was in Rowan's current role, I am 9000% sure people would still be complaining about it not being a good enough role. Rowan's biggest hurdle with the IWC crowd has always been Not Being Harper. You can praise Harper's work without shitting all over Rowan for what amounts to no reason.
  18. I am one triumph shy of getting the Arbalest. I have over 500 Revelry Essences in my inventory, so I have enough to buy it. Getting the Orb of Light kills in Strikes / Raids and in Gambit / Crucible is as grindy as I expected it to be. I have a full set of Revelry Armor, so two or three good runs should do it for killing Verdant Forrest bosses while wearing that gear. I hate that there are only five Revelry bounties per day, but the PvP ones can take one or two Gambit / Crucible matches to complete so knocking all of them out for the day can get pretty time consuming. I'm glad I have until May 7th to get all of this shit done. I finished the Thorn lore book last night, but I didn't really have a chance to read it yet. Just as I was about to toss Thorn in the vault, I checked my EDZ triumphs and noticed that I now have the Mark of the Devourer triumph available so now I have to get some Crucible and Gambit Prime kills with Thorn in order to unlock it.
  19. Since Joey Janela is in AEW, maybe they can sponsor next years Spring Break event and go all out!
  20. I can only imagine what tokusatsu you pulled out of mothballs to review for this project. Or maybe it's Grappler Baki or Fist of the North Star? Hmmm.
  21. I refuse to look at that last post so someone else's arm is getting punched.
  22. Yes, it was traumatic, and absolutely none of it measures up to a child seeing his mother murdered. Nora is Barry's daughter, but its not like he actually raised her. She is an adult form the future who hides much of herself from him. A reveal like this makes her all the more foreign to him. Beyond that I think you are missing the point. Learning from Thawne was understandable to a degree. It was that she kept going back to him even after she learned the truth while still refusing to tell Barry and the others. There was massive betrayal of trust there that is undeniable. Honestly, I'm more disappointed to hear he is supposed to be a big villain for next season. We don't need another big speedster villain.
  23. I don't recall Finn being a great heel in what I saw of him in Bullet Club. I remember those who watched more NJPW than me at the time not being impressed either. I also don't recall hearing great things of Gallows and Anderson as a team either. I was never super impressed with them during their run in WWE. You can say they didn't give them a fair shake, but when you come in and deliver mediocre performances with the Usos, there is a legit question of whether or not they should do much with you.
  24. Apparently they come in for tv, but get sent back home so they don't work the live events. It's a shame they never got a real fair shake in the WWE. Balor Club could have been something really fun if they actually went with it. Personally I hope Finn turns heel at some point. Happy and smiling Finn is just so bland. Same matches over and over.
  25. Uh, that's his daughter, not some random schmuck on the team like Ralph. Who was she supposed to turn to for help in beating Godspeed (and for training) when she discovered her powers? Presumably the only speedsters are Thawne and Godspeed in her future. She didn't even know her dad was The Flash for fucks sake. Barry left her a message in the time vaulet in the Flash Museum/STAR Labs, something that she'd only discover by talking to Thawne in the first place anyway (not to mention an AI told her who her father was). Iris dampened Nora's powers when she was a child, and lied to her about Barry. I'd say all of that was pretty traumatic for Nora, actually. And Godspeed is one of the main villains for Season 6 apparently, so... yeah, underwhelming as fuck. But I guess it gives him a reason to come back after Nora, or whatever. Plus you don't cast BD Wong for just one throwaway episode towards the end of a season.
  26. My only regret is that Ciampa wasn't there to talk about being a lawyer who got tombstoned.
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