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  2. Oh come on, everybody’s heard about the bird.
  3. Oh yeah, that's what I meant for anyone who wanted to start from the beginning. Think the other guy lasts 10-15 episodes which are more focused on Ron's dad and the Fuller's popping towns
  4. https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/3-from-hell-2019 Well damn. I really didn't expect THIS reaction to it.
  5. How is that possible? It's the best thing happening on wwe tv happening right now...
  6. Today
  7. the worst part about this is the US Championship is so asymmetrical, it's quite easy to tell which way is up and which way is down. I could actually understand making this mistake with the tag belts
  8. I wouldn't give up while you're sick. Catching up on wrestling is perfect for sick days. I'm getting caught up on the most recent New Japan shows and I need to watch MLW War Chamber. I'm usually so spent after work I don't feel like watching much besides the Yankees and Seinfeld.
  9. So, um, something random. I recently started replaying Mass Effect 1 again, after completing Andromeda a few weeks ago. And I’ve somehow found going back this time a lot easier then previous times, so that’s great. And it just hit me today I never got to actually play any of the DLC for Mass Effect 1 as I didn’t have internet at the time, and I had problems with the install the last two times I tried. Well it worked today. So.... technically I will be playing some Mass Effect for the first time ever today. Also technically this will be my first real “complete” run.
  10. What was Cesaro wearing btw? Those shoes were worse than Charlotte's heels. I have no idea why you would wear heels to do a run-in, too; she's lucky she didn't break an ankle on the ramp. Seeing Rusev again and hearing about Luke Harper honestly has me disappointed. I was ready for both of those guys to be AEW shoe-ins and sure enough they get dragged back.
  11. I did as well. Those four are four of my favorites right now. Everything they do looks so smooth. Robbie is so much better suited as a face. I'd like to see him float between Jr. and heavyweight like Ospreay to possibly get the Birds of Prey vs. GoD. There's nobody I'd rather see win the tag titles. Ishimori and ELP are so good together. I liked their nod to the Hart Foundation with Taiji holding Robbie in the backbreaker position and ELP connecting with the point of the elbow off the second rope. ELP is a much better fit for BC than Eagles. Robbie just seems like too much of a nice guy while ELP just oozes slimeball, albeit a cool slimeball.
  12. He doesn't cover his poop and he walks on me when I sleep but I still love this dumbass
  13. I quite enjoyed Birds of Prey vs. Phantasmo/Ishimori.
  14. Sick as hell this week, worn out, don't feel like doing much of anything. Probably due for some downtime after running myself ragged this past week. Went out and got the nuclear option (NyQuil) to help me sleep. P.S. I want to be a wrestling fan, but I may NEED to give it up. For my own sanity.
  15. Gable/Corbin worked really well together, Gable elevated the in-ring bits while Corbin kept the crowd engaged. Rusev is so lean now. Maybe Cesaro should just not be given a mic.
  16. Finally got around to catching this. I was mostly here for KayLee/Toni but decided to just watch the whole thing and it was all pretty great. Had heard of but never seen Dragunov before, looked good here. Cesaro came off like a proper star for a change, similar to Finn last time around. This was Cesaro as he should be booked on the regular, come across like a killer. The tag title match was spectacular. I wasn't super familiar with everyone involved but thought the match was awesome, great stuff all around. Coffey/Mastiff was pretty good, dug the rope break spot as unique. I've liked Coffey from what Ive seen of UK. Kay Lee Ray v. Toni Storm was the match that got me here. Thought the pre-match video package was excellent in covering the buildup but was a little disappointed in the match being rather short. Felt like they were busting out finishers early and as others mentioned gave it a rushed feel. Still good, but could've been better. Was surprised to hear that KLR won the title as it seemed sudden/out of nowhere compared to Toni's rise but i'm a big fan of her so I dig it. Thought she shined in the first MYC and looked excellent overall here. I hadn't watched an episode in between the two Takeovers but this at least has convinced me to continue on with the next episode. KLR vs Tegan Nox sounds intriguing. Main event was in fucking sane, as everyone has already covered. I knew going in that it had gotten rave reviews and was gonna be great. Figured it'd go around 30 but was blown away by the over 40 minutes of action. Incredible stuff and so much better done than what was going on other NXT last I saw. A real epic.
  17. God damn kid, stop exposing the busin..... oh she was talking about her shoes.
  18. Lots of stuff going on with this show. Corbin-Gable was fantastic. Corbin winning was the better outcome. The gimmick is built for a heel and Corbin is a great sleaze when given room. The gender reveal party was trainwreck TV elevated by everyone's performance. From Street Profits' animated responses to Titus' "His life is about to CHANGE!" to Slater and Hawkins' facial expressions--it all worked. Ricochet trying to talk reasonably to Bennett only to make things worse was also good. Graves calling Bennett a beta cuck was wild. I still have issues with the Maria/Mike story, but the segment was good. Authors of Pain get a great reintroduction. And someone finally realized letting charismatic people express that charisma in their native language in pre-taped interviews is the way to go! Women's tag match was fun. Lacey-Dana was short but good with both displaying solid offense. Kane's "I still got it!" chant to himself was perfect, as was him coming to save Rollins (nice callback on their history) only to get Clawed by The Fiend. My one big concern is how much they used The Fiend. They have to use him in small doses. Everything is working now because they leave us wanting more. If they go to the well too often, we know it's all downhill. Can't say it was a boring episode.
  19. I'm more baffled that you think Jodie Foster is in Alien.
  20. Owens coming out to destroy Corbin because he feels like he got screwed over (which he did) a la Lawler and Bret would be an acceptable outcome.
  21. Corbin/Gable was great. nothing else was. If I wasn't already sick of Bray, they sure went out of their way to drive the firefly funhouse into the ground tonight.
  22. Watch them make Corbin surrender the crown to Shane tomorrow night lol
  23. With the keeper behind the wheel, ffs. So money!
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