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  2. I've finished the sidearm kills for Buzzard so now I'm just left with points where I'm currently in the 80s percent wise. Basically I should be done next strike or two. The symmetry is a nice scout rifle though the catalyst quest another ridiculously long one like Eriana's Vow. It might actually be worse in terms of how much progress it gives. I got the same thing. No idea if its a glitch or not. Why do they hate Hunters? Wee seem to be the only class with a non-lethal melee. We were the only class with no one shot melee until this season and even that thing has to get a damn headshot to work. Its just such bs. Like I'm not sure how they can pretend its fair in the slightest.
  3. All he really has left are people like QT Marshall, or someone like Darby who, while a babyface, still has his own motives to helping and teaming with Cody. Sounds like the perfect reason for Cody needing a villain. Errrr, I mean, a long forgotten friend.
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  5. are they coming up on milestones? i am very pro-legacy nimbering, but it's usually a stunt brought on by a hundredth issue....
  6. Yeah. Dustin and the Bucks are embroiled in a blood feud with the Inner Circle, Kenny has lost himself, Page stepped out of The Elite, Brandi is doing... Whatever the fuck that is with Kong, etc. So Cody is all alone
  7. Honestly I feel it's kinda over for San Jose. They are still okay but they aren't championship threat level anymore. The Pacific division is a very strange place right now.
  8. CMLL is doing new years show (1/1), main event of it will be Kawato/Dulce Gardenia in hair vs hair match. Kawato is getting shaved 100%, but this will likely be his career highlight in CMLL so you might want to check out how he does in that spot.
  9. Schiavone responding in kind with the Jericho imitation after JR said "somebody" yelled at them was great.
  10. One more thing I love about AEW is continuity. Jerocho is out there rekindling his feud with Skeevone some 25 years after the fact. I absolutely love it.
  11. I hope they protected Anarchy Rulz for a reboot of the awesome Playstation ECW game.
  12. I'm hearing rumors that they let their trademark on The Blu Brothers lapse. Bad move in my opinion.
  13. That street fight was fucking bananas dude plunder all over the place.
  14. I think the Cody has no friends stuff comes from his promo from a couple or few weeks ago where he talked about how he has friends, but they're all embroiled in their own battles and aren't available to help him.
  15. Loved the Cody/QT tag. Felt like a starmaking performance for QT the way the crowd was getting into it, I hope it makes him more than just a job guy going forward now. Butcher & Blade made a great heel team and looked impressive throughout. I don't quite get "Cody said he has no friends in AEW" part though... Dustin, the Bucks, Kenny, DDP, etc? this was the best I've seen Aerial Monroe look, good match w/ Sakura. Omega & Hangman make a fun team. Luchasaurus rules, solid match with Sammy, and Jericho was great on commentary. Main event was awesome with so many killer spots.
  16. Ok Jericho talks about him a lot in his first book if Lenny St Clair is a member of Brandi’s stable then good for him he made it to be big time.
  17. Baltimore Seattle New England Tampa Bay Chicago Kansas City Miami Tennessee Philadelphia Arizona Oakland Minnesota Dallas San Francisco Buffalo New Orleans Tiebreaker 1 - 47 Tiebreaker 2 - 274 Tiebreaker 3 - 4
  18. The next one to go is probably MadBum, then Hyun-Jin Ryu or Keuchel.
  19. Aw man, if we get Dr. Luther licking glass... EDIT: That's an old DVDVR reference. Somebody reviewed I believe an ECCW tape where Luther was obsessed with Britney Spears and licked glass (?). Regrettably I've never seen this.
  20. I don't really blame you for benign cynical. Even when they go the generally right direction on the main roster they tend to screw things up on the way there. I so hope that doesn't happen.
  21. People on Twitter are saying it was Dr. Luther from FMW - an old friend of Jericho's. He was at last weeks TV taping.
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