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  2. suit Jericho and list Jericho are tied as my favorite Jericho's. The less said about undisputed Jericho the better.
  3. You know listening to the commentary on the Joey Styles era of RAW has made me rethink the pairing of Styles & King. I remember thinking they had no chemistry, but on rewatches it’s more obvious that they did. Styles was still smarmy, but when he was playing straight man he sounded very natural, and King did the heavy lifting of the shitty one liners. I would say this was King at his most tolerable when working with Styles. I think if JR didn’t comeback, and the ECW angle didn’t happen they would’ve blossomed together into a an all-time pairing. Or the shitty booking would’ve swallowed them whole.
  4. I agree. Page is AEW’s future star. The guy is incredibly talented and connects with the fans on a level you don’t see that often. But Page shouldn’t be pushed so quickly. He definitely can take losses and should have taken the loss vs PAC. I don’t think this can be about 1 match. It’s either a work or PAC has told AEW he can’t take any losses for 2019 because of his position in his promotion.
  5. Kenny's 35 and has had considerable amounts of time off in between matches to recuperate and rehabilitate injuries. I see no reason other than him wanting to do his own vanity projects in the gaming industry why he wouldn't be the ace for another decade. And given AEW's current schedule, he gets plenty of time to do both now anyway. Jericho is 48. Page can take a L here and be fine. I honestly don't see Page as a top guy, he's years away. Trigger too early and you have a Jay White situation on your hands.
  6. The Slap Jack wasn't a Pedigree. He lifts the opponent up by the arms, similar to a Tiger Driver '91 but not lifting as highly, and actually appears to drive their head down into the mat. Triple H just jumps and falls to his knees. The Slap Jack looks way more hurty. I'm sure it has a lot to do with who's taking it, but this one looks better than almost any Pedigree I've ever seen. There are at least two workers in the NWO B-Team alone that are worse.
  7. All I can say about John Wick 3 is... more please! James
  8. I would’ve gone with Vicious Delicious Rotunda. Bet you Bray is reading this, and pissed he didn’t come up with that.
  9. Elgin vs. Swann was fantastic. Really enjoyed that match. I love how Elgin keeps hitting dudes like he's still in Japan. His clotheslines in particular look brutal.
  10. My dog’s name is Freya. I am neither a Nazi nor am I a Norse culture LARP person. Previous dogs had names such as Argus. Cool names are cool names and we like the mythological names and the stories (English major here). I mean Argus (or Argos) is my favorite part of the Odyssey and shows the bond with dogs has spanned thousands of years. Freya is a cool name and she had a chariot that was pulled by cats. Of course I named her Freya. I’ll post a picture to the pet thread sometime, but I mostly post via phone now and doing the image thing from here seems a daunting task. Crazy world we live in where insane people may look askance if I yell for my dog to fetch at the park because they are political weirdos. Fuck ‘em, I got bigger things to worry about.
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  12. Semi-related , but the mystery guy against Juice, it's not going to be Chris Brookes, DDT put out a parody video.
  13. Most people who come out of a nine hour operation, with eight broken bones in their face and head, wouldn't feel 'Blessed'. Sage Northcutt is a man unlike other men.
  14. He's going to be player-manager at RSC Anderlecht, so his career's gone full circle as that's where he got started. See you later, Captain Fantastic. Don't be a stranger.
  15. Page is vital to AEW's long-term success. He's their future ace when Kenny gets too old, and Kenny's already 37. In 4 years he'll be Tana's age and probably almost as broken down. The Khan's don't want a 3-4 year vanity promotion, they want something that can last. AEW's initial survival is going to depend on Kenny, but long-term they're going to have to build new talent, and Page is that talent. PAC isn't going to move the needle much long term, despite being awesome. That doesn't mean Page can't take losses, but they have to build him and smartly, as well as other young stars.
  16. Man, that was a doozy. Also, does he have a one eye pug?!
  17. So sorry. Pets are family who give such love and companionship to you. Animals rock for that and locality too. Best wishes, @Ace.
  18. Finn Balor vs. Andrade for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  19. Need another reason to say "fuck this company" and "fuck Vince McMahon"?
  20. There's a reason why every pro Wrestling show is Card Subject to Change.
  21. Does that mean we can all call you "Gramps"? Congratulations. Before he died, my dad said one of the biggest thrills of his life was just getting to be a grandpa.
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