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September 2022 Wrestling Pics and GIFs

The Natural

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When we were on a school trip to Paris, one of my mates got blessed by a random Nun. He was wearing a Testament T-Shirt at the time. We never could work out if she didn't know it was a band and just thought he was a super religious guy, or if she did know it was a band, assumed he was a Satanist and was trying to save him.

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On 9/8/2022 at 2:30 AM, Wee Bey said:


Considering the time frame, I assume it was shot at the Japanese exhibit/area at Disney World. Sonny Onoo filmed stuff there with the NJPW guys in 95.

Basketball (and maybe volleyball) has to be one of the few sports where a coach/manager can be taller than most of the team and it's not too odd looking, right?

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