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16 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

They also changed announcers so NO MORE STRIKER. That is way more important to me.

That's great!  Last dumb question...I search for it on Sling and I see Thursdays at 8 and 11.  Is it the actual first airing?  And is it really 3 hours long?

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9 hours ago, Technico Support said:

That's great!  Last dumb question...I search for it on Sling and I see Thursdays at 8 and 11.  Is it the actual first airing?  And is it really 3 hours long?

Thursday at 8 is the first airing and then it replays at 11. For the past year or so they had been doing BTI (Before the Impact) at 7,  Impact at 8, followed by Impact in 60 which is a 1 hour highlight show of classic footage, then the replay of Impact. so regular Impact is 2 hrs.

As of this past week with New Japan returning to AXS, BTI got moved to being an internet exclusive while Impact in 60 comes on before Impact now and then 1 hour of NJPW followed by the Impact replay. 

They also air an old Impact PPV during the early afternoon on Thursdays

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On 1/16/2022 at 10:02 PM, BEN! said:

Young Boy Tom is a good get.  I forgot he was even available.

I'm so far behind, I'm working through shows where fans are just returning.  I'm surprised by how many women and children are in the crowd.  This Edwards/Morrissey match at Homecoming has one side of the crowd filled with kids losing their minds for Edwards.  I've never seen little kids reach through the guardrails to try to pick their guy up off the floor before.  I swear they called an audible and changed the finish because of the way these kids were reacting.  Eddie Edwards is for the kids.

I don't know who the intergender stuff is for.  It's not over at all.

I once heard Kenny Omega's promos described as if an alien were mimicking human communication.  That was a generous description.

IMPACT's been a real generous partner with the forbidden door stuff.  A little too generous, really.

I got no use for babyface Cardona and sober Chelsea Green.  Get 'em both sloshed, already.

They should bring in Johnny Curtis and put him with Swinger and have him do the original gimmick they brought Swinger in to do.  Especially, since they can probably pay it off now.

The Influence should call themselves the Interim Knockouts Tag Team Champions.  They should bring in The Allure and have a 3-way mean girl tag team feud.

I jumped ahead to 1984 and Throwback Throwdown II.  Nowhere near as good as the first.  I don't feel good about this company's chances of stopping Junior's expansion.  I can't believe they did this live and thought 3 hours was a good idea.  Way too much Sex Ferguson and the Talk'n Shop crew.  The Talk'n Shop stuff has a real short shelf-life.  S.T.O.M.P. In Paradise doesn't make any sense without the action figure context and doesn't work when they've got 90s water guns in 1984.  This needed more wacky eighties music videos and backstage promos.  Morrissey should've been Bill Ding, Jr.  He could've worn his regular gear.

Some of these guys should maybe just stick with these gimmicks.  Larry D as Badlands Bart.  Rohit Raju as Quincy Cosmos looked like a star.  Ladybird running her opponent into her love tunnel and mouthing off at the crowd is more fun than Havok in Decay.  Scovelli, Sr.'s a hell of a promo.  I wish he were running IMPACT.

I suspected from a side glance that those throwback shows might have some elements that would work better on the main show.

Ha, Omega promos do seem to divide.  I can’t speak specifically to any one impact promo, but between the post game NJPW press conferences (peak material) and the aew heel run I love Kenny on the mic.  Alien, sure, but in a lives in his own world necessary (or great for a) wrestling heel conceit sorta way.  

The Impact v aew feud was certainly and expectedly always going to be more of a showcase for star Omega.  The shortcomings on the Impact side were their own inability to appeal to the new viewers.  Which along with the initial buzz their greatest benefit.  There’s just too many poor booking or moreso poor presentation decisions...

Yeah, I too wonder who this intergender bullshit serves?  I like to daydream what Impact wrestling might look like minus intergender, badly acted vignettes, and needless ‘authority figure(s).  Outside of that this company looks a lot more appealing to what I assume would be a much larger run off from the aedub audience.  Tho, clearly they seem more intent on the elderly wwe runoff.

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9 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Okay is there a way to watch Impact if you don’t get AXS but without signing up for a streaming service?

As far as I know, it's just AXS and Impact Plus for the full episodes. But they do put a lot of stuff on youtube.

For instance from this past week's Impact (Jan 27), every match/segment has been uploaded to youtube except for Jonah squashing Johnny Swinger

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Anthem Announces Impact Wrestling And Fight Network For YouTube TV

Anthem Sports & Entertainment has announced a new YouTube TV deal for Impact Wrestling and the Fight Network.

The new deal will make Impact Wrestling and the Fight Network available on YouTube TV as part of the Sports Plus add-on package.

The YouTube TV Sports Plus package is just $10.99 per month, and also offers access to football, poker, motorsports and other programming. Anthem touted how YouTube TV viewers will now have 24/7 international combat sports coverage from Fight Network, along with more than 4,000 hours of new & classic content from Impact.


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I'm happy to know, at the very least, there's some audience for this D'Amore related stuff.  To me it feels like these commissioner segments squander possible opportunities for much preferred straight forward promos.  Promos with challenges for a foe to accept as opposed to a commissioner always being needlessly involved in the on screen matchmaking.  On paper I like the as described overworked manager character, but in reality D'Amore is on screen far too frequently.  At best he offers questionable mic ability (that voice is best suited for rallying a heel charge) and lacks the charisma or drawing ability such a constant on screen presence would require for success.  Obviously I'm not into this character, but I'm not sure how many guys/gals I even like that I'd want to see in so many needless segments.  Further, are there enough ppl that care about D'Amore and Josh Alexander's relationship that it needs to be presented as some sort of lead story?  I hope to be wrong, but I don't see any payoff worth this nonsense.  Too much bad 'drama class' on this show in general.  What if that Thursday segment had just featured Alexander prepared to wrestle and working the debuting Big Kon for the duration of that segment rather than that mindless squash that killed Kon and produced a Josh Alexander segment I wanted to skip.  It shouldn't even be possible that I want to skip the number 1 person I want to see on this show.   

Having peaked in on this company over the past couple years, since around when AEW started, it's frustrating to see them constantly flush with such a terrific roster of talent (kudos to D'Amore there) while also constantly presenting tired creative shit that has seemingly never worked for them.  I suppose it's incredibly difficult for all of us to break bad habits.

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